You can’t take your mind off these arenas? The spirit of competition inhabits you? Or you simply want to stay informed about the best gladiators on your server? This new section is made for you!

The WAKFU home page celebrates its new section: the Arena leaderboards!

Coming with the new season of the Mobile Arenas, we will now publish their leaderboards directly on the WAKFU website.

With just a few clicks you can stay informed about the current leaders of each Mobile Arenas in the World of Twelve. And that’s not it; you will also see the complete composition of each team and details about their score… And that, for each server!

Information will be updated in real time, allowing you to stay up to date and make sure you stay number one, or learn the name of your competitors… Without need to log into the game!

If you didn’t see it yet, you can already find the list of our first Champions of the Arena, published on the forums last week!

See the leaderboards now.