That’s right, the mechanized class is now available to everyone! With their will of iron, Foggernauts are known for getting on the nerves of their opponents, bringing their moral down to zero. If you’re programmed to win, your new mission is clear: play a Foggernaut!

Slowly settling, with a Stasis fist in an iron glove, until all lands are theirs! Patient, careful, Foggernauts wait for the best opportunity to strike… And dent metal!

That’s what makes them champions of survival and evolution. Over centuries, they never stopped evolving, intellectually as much as physically. If we were to summarize their methods in two words, it would be “performance” and “efficiency”.

You already ran into them in WAKFU without being able to create one… But now, you can start your own Foggernaut and share your civilized manners!