From October 15th to 29th, the mechanized Clawbot pet will grab onto your subscription! The beast has claws full of Stasis and iron all around, making it a formidable ally. Based on the Foggernauts technology, it can accompany any adventurer, no matter his class, and provide up to +15% damage and +15% Resist to all elements (at max level). Get it before it’s too late!

More loyal than an organic pet, the Clawbot will follow you anywhere you go. It doesn’t let go easily and will surely never let your opponent run away. Stasis being an inexhaustible source of power, this little piece of technology might stick around for a while

Almost no maintenance is required, except maybe with its favorite candies, like Kibibbles, Edible Stasili, Copper Ore, and even the Kibibble of Fortune!

To earn its healthy food, your Clawbot will give you a bonus of +15% Damage and +15% resists to all elements (at max level).

If you’re already hooked, just visit our subscription page! And get your own Clawbot!