If you want to know everything about the next update, deployed on October 2nd, here is a first part of the changelog that will tell you about the new content that will be implemented.

Today we unveil the first part of our changelog listing the new content that will be implemented on October 2nd.
The second part will list further improvements and bug fixing, and will follow in the next days.
Happy reading!

Whispering Island

The Adventure Whispering Island is here!

This new content should satisfy those of you who are already high level and have been waiting for new challenges.

Developed for characters level 95 and higher you will meet a new type of monsters, the Whisperers. These little creatures originating from Amakna were driven out of their land and had to cross the sea to find a new home. Only problem, it was already populated with Cracklers! But whisperers are pugnacious unstoppable creatures: they just decided to settle on the Cracklers. That’s right, ON the Cracklers

If you want to know more about the history of the Whisperers, you can read this devblog, dedicated to them.

Before you set to discover this new area, here are some numbers:
  • 4 exclusive dungeons to explore, the Whisper Crisper, the Crackapult Range, The Rock and the Hushquarters,
  • 7 new monsters to beat, such as the Infantry and Crossbow Whisperers, or the Whispered Crackrock.
  • 12 quests to discover,
  • 8 achievements to complete, like “Murmurasa” that will ask you to find Stone of Murmurs on the island,
  • 4 new special emotes relating to the Whisperers,
  • 55 new items to collect, including the new Fortified Set,
  • 3 titles to earn, such as “Hoarse Whisperer”,
  • And countless numbers of Whisperers to smash!

Word of advice: don’t judge them on their size!


Monsters families renewed!

Monsters groups in the Fertile Prairie of Amakna, the Cania Plains of Bonta, the Mourning Wood of Brakmar and the Terrana Dune of Sufokia will be changed!

You’ll find the same families but the groups will be slightly changed, for a better game experience.

Rebalancing of the Mobile Arenas experience

We listened to your feedback concerning the Mobile Arenas and the benefits they could bring.

This is why we decided to implement a global rebalancing in order to increase the experience gain with Mobile Arenas.

Prepare your Bronze Tokens!

Krosmaster Rooms and Haven-Worlds locations

Form October 2nd, the Krosmaster rooms will be open in all gambling joints of the nations!

Even though the expansion Krosmaster will not be released on this date, these rooms will already be available for you to prepare yourselves! Before the big day, you will be able to visit these rooms and accustom to the table, the chairs, and the decoration before the frenzy of the competition seizes you…

Salle Krosmaster


Also, you will also be able to discover the locations of the Haven-Worlds! These will start appearing and be available for you to see in game on the market bridges of the nations. They’re not for sale yet! But this should help you get ready and decide the location you’ll try to acquire… You will have more information on the Haven-Worlds soon with a complete devblog!


New Gazette

A new Gazette will be published, including information about the Whispering Island!

New service: Character renaming!

Don’t like your name anymore? Wish to erase a youthful mistake? The Foggernaut invasion inspired you to start anew? From October 2nd, the Boutique will offer you a character renaming service, allowing you to get a new identity for a few Ogrines!

Bug Fixing and Improvements


Cra :
  • Storm Arrow: will no longer have its damage reduced in aoe, but will be limited 2/turn.
  • Explosive Arrow: will inflict -68HP (lvl 100) and 36% chance of Explosion (instead of -72 and 48%).

  • Kittikaze: will deal its damage correctly.
  • Double or Quits: will trigger correctly on the spell Battle when under the effect of the card Ecaflip God.
  • Double or Quits: will work correctly after a critical hit with Loaded Dice.
  • Double or Quits: it will no longer be possible to cast it if you didn’t deal damage in the turn.

  • Mine: If an Enutrof walks on a Mine that is located in the area of effect of a Feather Tornado, he will be pushed back and loose his bonuses linked to the Mines and the effects associated.
  • Refinement: Damages linked to destroyed items will apply correctly.

  • Crashing Wave: will now work correctly.
  • Intimidation Aura: will no longer be stackable on enemies.

  • Flurry: the animation was shortened to improve the visual in case of repeated use.

  • Phoenix Spirit: if an Osamodas his KO’d with a summon in game and this one is under Phoenix Spirit, it will no longer play its death animation twice. For more coherency, it will die with the summoner without benefit from Phoenix Spirit.

  • Karchamrak: to avoid AP loss with Karchamrak attempts on items or summons that cannot be carried (Scara eggs for example) it will only be possible to carry your barrel or a character.
  • Aggressive Barrel & Milky Instinct: the barrel will rebound the damage correctly.

Pandawa & Eniripsa
  • Karchamrak & Regeneration: if an Eniripsa under Regeneration is carried, Regeneration will apply to the carrying Pandawa.

  • Blinding Bomb: chances of applying Blindness change to 5% (lvl 0) and 15% (lvl 100), 10% and 30% with a critical hit (instead of 5% to 30%, and 10% to 70% with a critical hit).

  • Vaporize: a Greedy summoned with Vaporize will be under the “Controlled” state.
  • Invisibility: the damage penalty inflicted by Invisibility is reduced by -10% per enemy as soon as the fight contains more than 1 enemy. This means that an invisible Sram fighting 3 enemies will no longer have a -50% penalty to his damage by -30%.
  • Torment: will inflict -4 HP (lvl 0) and -60 HP (lvl 100), +1% damage per level of Hemorrhage (instead of -5 and -70).

  • Stasis spells: the damage curve has been reviewed for a better balance of the progression and the strength of this class. Here’s an example with Heart of Steam:
    • Before: lvl 5 = -5 HP, lvl 25 = -7 HP, lvl 50 = -26, lvl 75 = -76, lvl 100 = -174.
    • After: lvl 5 = -5 HP, lvl 25 = -15, lvl 50 = -47, lvl 75 = -100, lvl 100 = -175.
  • Specialties: their sound has been improved
  • Stasified: will no longer disappear when a WP is taken from the enemy.
  • Motherfogger: using this spell in a PvE fight will no longer prevent the other players from receiving experience.
  • Fire and Oil: puddles of oil will no longer be targetable.
  • Microbot: the description of the spell was changed to make it more understandable, and will now state “size of the rails between Microbots: X”.



  • If a players is attacked while his Almanax interface is open, it will no longer prevent him from casting spells.
  • If a player in a fight invites another one to join his group and this one accepts, his HP will no longer increase. This bug was only a display bug: the HP weren’t really recovered.
  • Sounds coming from players in a fight will now be correctly lowered for the players in the area and who are not in the fight or in spectator mode.
  • The chat command /time will now work properly during a fight.

Mobile Arenas


  • Rebalancing of the experience gain provided by Mobile Arenas. Here are the numbers per level range.
    • Lvl 0-20 = +150% XP
    • Lvl 21-30 = +142% XP
    • Lvl 31-40 = +130% XP
    • Lvl 41-50 = +120% XP
    • Lvl 51-60 = +109% XP
    • Lvl 61-70 = +93% XP
    • Lvl 71-80 = +78% XP
    • Lvl 81-90 = +61% XP
    • Lvl 91-105 = +14% XP



  • The Nun will only summon 3 times instead of 4.

Lunar Altar

  • The bonus of Hairy Moon will no longer be granted to the whole team when the Osamodas casts Symbiosa after killing a Lunar Priestess.



  • Monster groups from the following areas have been rebalanced to improve your gaming experience. They will contain the same families as before, but composed differently:
    • Amakna: Fertile Prairie (Dandy Lions, Dandelions, Evil Dandelions, Sunflowers, Demonic Roses, Darkover Roses, Scarecrows, Gobblies, Gobballs, Gobbettes).
    • Bonta: Cania Plains (Scaraflies, Scaramels, Scaraladies, Scarabosses, Bellaphones, Mooflies, Prespics, Moogrrs, Moogrroons, Tofus).
    • Brakmar: Mourning Wood (Scaraflies, Scaramels, Scaraladies, Scarabosses, Bellaphones, Gobballs).
    • Sufokia: Terrana Dune (Bernardos, Albatrocious, Don Puffnandos, Zordfishes, Sergeants Izungry, Gobballs).

  • The Parry ability of monsters will now be correctly taken into account. They will now be able to parry, which wasn’t the case before.

Borbats & Ghouls
  • Damages they inflict from side and back will now receive the intended bonus.

Tibia Thrasher
  • Its movement will now be correctly animated.

  • They will correctly play their animation when hit even though they didn’t take off their costume.

Ultimate Bosses

  • For better balance, all Ultimate Bosses will now be immune to rebound and counter effects.


Restate of Emergency
  • Will no longer trigger on new characters.

Super Kano Smash Boulz
  • Will complete correctly.

Mount Zinit

Chapter 1
  • The quest Zinit for speed will correctly appear and validate in the Quest Book.

The Wicker Basket
  • You will now be able to complete this quest, even if you already gave the basket to Mooze before accepting the quest.


  • From October 2nd all new Almanax quests will provide an additional reward: 10.000 experience points. Please note that this will not be retroactive!
  • It will no longer be possible to bring offerings to a Meridia if it’s not its celebration date.
Al Howin
  • The Al Howin achievements will be displayed in the Al Howin dungeon in game. Please note however that this content will only be activated on Monday, October 29th!
  • Brumaire, Raval and Maimane Insignias will now appear in the Almanax rewards as one unisex version, and now longer with a male/female version.

Temple Teleporter
  • It will be sold by quantities of 10 for a cost of 1 Almoken (and no longer 1 by 1).

Adventure Islands

  • Adding the Whispering Island. See more details above and in this devblog. You can go there by boat.


  • Haven-Worlds are not yet activated but their locations can already be seen on the trade bridges of each nation. There will not be any interaction possible yet.

Ogrest Chaos

Contruction Containers
  • Workshops (and other containers) under reconstruction should no longer see their repairs reset after a maintenance.


  • It will be possible to unmerge even if the level exceeds the level of the character.

  • Shoulders of the Farmer and Empress Insignias will display correctly.

Twixler Candies
  • They can no longer be traded.

Excarnus Hooves
  • They will now display correctly when the player wearing them moves.

Brick Bread
  • They can now be stacked by 9.999 and not only 999.


  • Krosmaster is not yet activated, but the playing Rooms are already available in the gambling joints of each nation. There will not be any interaction possible yet.


  • Publication of a new edition of the Gazette.


  • When hovering the pointer on an interactive element, it will correctly turn into a mouse with a blinking right button.
  • When leaving Incarnam after the fight with Ogrest, the character will have his normal stance instead of a fighting stance.