The Almanax is the new feature in WAKFU that will give you a new quest each day! Yes… From tomorrow, each day will have its own quest available for 24h! Why? That’s the Meridia Effect, of course! And those who will complete 365 daily quests might even get an exclusive reward…

All information about the Guardians of the days, the Meridia, has been assembled in a book:  The Almanax. Real calendar of the World of Twelve, it will give you information about the quests that unlock every day for 24h. Accessible directly in game, but also on the Ankama websites, this feature will start tomorrow!

In other words, each day will have its own rewards for those who read the Almanax and complete the daily quest. And if you're diligent enough you may get the deluxe reward: an exclusive mount!

Yes, a creature that will carry you wherever you want! But to acquire it, you will have to show dedication… Only those who gathered 365 daily quests tokens will obtain it!

Note that this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to do all the quests every day! You will only have to cumulate 365 quests tokens, should it take you years to accomplish!
If you don't feel like waiting, you'll have many more items available for various Almoken costs:  consumables , high level weapons, books and even pets! 

You can find more information in our devblog article.

See you tomorrow!