The Almanax is about to be the face of the World of Twelve. And to reveal a little more about the interest of this new functionality, the first two Meridia of the calendar decided to reveal their quest offering!

Oh no! Do not say: "The Me-what? "...

Unless you went on vacation too long in the Crimson Claw island, you have no excuse! The Meridias (Days Guardians) influence the World of Twelve during their dedicated day. This Meridia effect is reflected in WAKFU by offering Quests that are available to you for 24 hours. But what’s next?
What is the common point between the health of a convalescent Enutrof, crystal glass of Kabara and an Ecaflip havings anxiety attacks? If you've found the answer, well it might mean that you are either evil or a Guidys disciple. Anyway, try to not go anywhere on the 18th of Septangel if you want to preserve the horrible tea set given to you by your mother in law.

The Meridia of Septangel the 18th (the day when the Almanax will be revealed for all to see) is called Guidys. He is  the Meridia of fragility.  Anything can make him literally crack!
Due to his bones all sluggish, Guidys remains bedridden. All that he wishes for his day, is to see colorful explosions in the sky ...

You are blind, but that does not prevent you from ogling the wealth of others? You have sea legs despite your wooden leg? You are ugly, dirty and mean? No doubt you're a fan of Olvido! On the 19th of Septangel, hoist the black flag, and drill a barrel of Greedo Rhum to properly start the day!
The 19 of Septange is the pirates holliday, stand by to board!
That day, in the custody of Meridia Olvido is the only time of the year where you will be encouraged to behave like a pirate!
That is why the Quest offering of the day will allow you to learn more about the pirates and other buccaneers!

For more information, visit us on  Sept. the 18th for the Almanax beginning!