When you see the energy they spend in smashing their opponents, Foggernauts will surely break a lot of spirits, and bodies also! For your own safety, better become one of them already… See for yourself!

Foggernauts are once again showing off their incredible strength and powers: they’re about to pile up victories!

To those who are already completely convinced about the superiority of this class, please keep in mind that the owners of the WAKFU Mag #2 will get an early access to the Foggernauts!
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Resonate 11 September 2012 10:51
Copy paste of my own post from a similar thread:

The first part of the video clip is probably about special abilities from which I can see:
- A slider which is created by connecting 2 "bases"
- A robot minion which is very similar to Rogue's boombot, which will fire when it is fired upon by the Foggernaut and also has the ability to attract the Foggernaut (possibly other things also) towards it.
- A machine gun turret which looks like it can slide on the slider, is mounted by the Foggernaut and shoot something like the 4th fire spell of Foggernaut

For some strange reason, after sliding on the slider, the foggernaut becomes a Fogginator, which is granted some extra +2 AP, +3 range and +3 MP.

The later parts are about each tree of the Foggernaut:

The order in which I'm listing out spells are based on the order of their animations, not the order of spell icons at the beginning of each branch.

Fire Tree: Flame Thrower
- 1st fire spell: costs 2 AP. It looks like the first fire spell of Pandawa, which hits 3 cells on a line (range = 1).
- 2nd fire spell: costs 3 AP. It doesn't look like it has any longer range either, possibly only hits 2 cells on a line... but who knows its range might be extendable and hit enemies with invisible "heat".
- 3rd fire spell: costs 4 AP 1 MP. We all have seen this spell used by other invading Foggernauts. I think its range should be greater than 1 despite its animation in the video. Description: Going through enemy (like Pandawa's Blisskrieg) causing fire damage, and leave flaming trail on empty cells.
- 4th fire spell: costs 5 AP, range = 5+. This spell looks like it might not require line of sight. The explosion looks small so it might not be an AOE spell.
- 5th fire spell: costs 6 AP, a cone AOE spell.

Aside from possibly very high damage per AP, possible extra burning effects with some not so surprising AOE properties, this branch isn't something new, just another damage dealer.

Earth Tree: Hammer/Blade
- 1st earth spell: costs 2 MP, a total copy-paste from Iop's Gust.
- 2nd earth spell: costs 5 AP, hits an enemy and push it back, and the Foggernaut will also jump back, a small alteration of Rogue's Longsword, not sure about the possible line AOE.
- 3rd earth spell: costs 3 AP, 1 MP, simply a melee, single target spell. This is probably Bombardment, with %chance to be casted again. I won't be surprised if this spell has a condition like: ending the Foggernaut's turn.
- 4th earth spell: costs 4 AP, again, a melee, single target spell.
- 5th earth spell: costs 6 AP 1 WP, using 2 blades hitting all adjacent enemies, expect this to be either a box (8 cells) AOE (like Iop's Devastate) or a cross AOE spell (like Iop's celestial Blade).

I think, aside Bombardment, other spells probably will have some special effects too because for now this tree is nothing more than a different type of Iop (possibly with no +%HP and + very little %Damage... again)

Statis Tree: Statis Energy Gun
All spells are probably ranged, the maximum range is unknown but I think it will be very similar to Rogue's earth tree (basic range = 1-4 with some spells requiring minimum range = 2)
- 1st statis spell: costs 1 AP 1 MP, single target
- 2nd statis spell: costs 3 AP, single target
- 3rd statis spell: costs 5 AP, concentrates energy and blast forward... I don't know if it has any AOE.
- 4th statis spell: ...looks exactly the same as the 3rd one. They probably took the wrong sample. But wait! Look back at the beginning of the Statis tree part of the video, look at the 4th icon, do you see that? Isn't it familiar? That's right, it looks exactly the same as Rogue's Barbecued Ribs in Air Tree... wanna bet that they are the same too? :3
- 5th statis spell: costs 6 AP 1 WP, a box (8 cells) AOE.

All spells will cause the effect which grants the chance to steal WP from an opponent at the beginning of their turns.


Foggernaut's spells are a bunch of copy-paste of other classes' with some small alterations here and there, only a few are genuinely made from scratch. A lot of spell icons are copied-pasted from other spells/states too.

General formula: 5 spells: 1 of which costs MP, 1 of which is a huge AOE spell, costing 6 AP 1 WP, 1 is the basic 3 AP spell, let's throw one in the middle with 5 AP cost, melee will have a mobility spell, and range will not. Still obviously, the use of these rules and combination with other elements has to make a different mix from other classes.

New and interesting stuffs: Foggernaut's special abilities. They seem very interesting, but, 1 inherent problem!:
- Will they be exclusive for the Statis branch or not? (like how most Rogue's abilities are Bomb based)

The robot minion will attack when hit by the Foggernaut. The Foggernaut's turret on Dofus will attack anyone in its zone for every turn after it has been activated by a spell. Will this be the case or will it be exactly like earth Rogue and its boombot?

The base used to create a slider (as well as other things) doesn't seem to cost anything at all (AP, MP, WP) which is very strange. I have a theory like this: There are 2 abilities:
- The 1st one summoning a base. If another base is summoned linear with the 1st one, a slider will be created. The Foggernaut will slide from one base to another when stepped on a base (not sure what will happen when he steps on the rail, or if anyone steps on the rail, or if the rail is an object that can be stepped on at all).
- The 2nd ability, if casted on a stand alone base, will summon a robot minion, else, if it is casted on a slider (2 bases connecting with each other), it will summon a machine gun turret.
- Or the 2nd abilities might be broken into 2 different abilities to fill up the required 5 active abilities.

As a frequent design, they probably have a charge count of something (Statis energy for example). In Dofus, Foggernaut has 3 types of turrets for 3 different purposes: Healing, Pushing/Attracting, and Attacking. They are activated using different spells and will not differ enemies/allies. Therefore, in Dofus, turrets has no charge count and are very cheap & flexible with summoning/re-summoning.

I really hope that all of these bases, slider, bot and turret don't cost WP at all, leave that WP costs for something like upgrading turrets for example. I also hope that each branch of Foggernaut can make a special use of the "base". Remember we still have a mechanic cost too :S
krishsakti - Member - 11 September 2012 10:53
when the official spell list of the fogger come out huh 
unreveal-truth - Member - 11 September 2012 11:06
mmm..just Foggernaut to be released earlier than Masqueraider? just more curious about Masqueraider rather than Foggernaut
Darthan 11 September 2012 11:26
Air ftw!
krishsakti - Member - 11 September 2012 11:43
Darthan|2012-09-11 11:26:38Air ftw!
Stasis isnt an Air element its brand nu element rolleyes 
naiaru 11 September 2012 14:16
hey there not gonna be a girl fogger lust put some eyelashes on it and some purple glowing hair

and its a girl fogger
Domesday 11 September 2012 14:55
Foggernauts in wakfu are mechas someone they seem a bit humanoid a bit
Bwoha 11 September 2012 15:25
Y U NO girl-foggernaut, Ankama?
Butterflyx 11 September 2012 15:43
Weak character concept. ^^'
Sargent-Wiggest - Member - 11 September 2012 17:31
It's always cool to see a new class comming, or any other feature. The fact is we should be able to test it before it releases oficially. It would be nice to have a test server like in Dofus, so we could teste the new features comming before it came out in-game oficially.

Seems nice the class Foggernaut. I'm still wondering how will the stasis element will work . smile