Discover the article that will provide you with information on the background of the Foggernauts, from the WAKFU Mag #2, available in the WAKFU Mag interface on September 14th!

Not only do they get the cover of the WAKFU Mag #2, and a complete article about them, the Foggernauts will also invite themselves on your account!
To make your mouth water even more, discover right now an article of the WAKFU Mag #2!

On the pre-publication date, alongside your access to the Foggernaut class, you will also have access to the first part of the Magazine, which will contain:
  • A complete article about the Foggernauts
  • The next issues of the Remington comic books
On September 18th, the complete content of the magazine will be unlocked, with the addition of:
  • A complete guide about Astrub and its hidden secrets
  • A guide about the Forfut island
  • Community pages about the Circle of Heralds
  • Fan arts
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Razzorb 08 September 2012 15:34
lol rofl the fisher in the background
VanillaRequiem 10 September 2012 00:22
I don't consider the picture in question offensive, but that's probably due to me being used to Japanimation.

I did recognize the nipple being placed anatomically incorrect though... how could they possibly ignore a horrible mistake of this caliber? What were they thinking? Hopefully they'll come up with some kind of explanation like "it's just a mole!" ...

I'm dead serious. Dead serious...