As we announced a few days ago, the next expansion for our MMORPGs DOFUS and WAKFU is called Krosmaster Arena! To learn the rules of this tactical mini-game, we decided to make small videos that summarize all that you need to know to become a real champion of the Arenas!

Today we start with the basics: the cards!
Each figurine in Krosmaster Arena comes with a card describing its stats, spells and powers.
In this first video, Izmar and Troyle tell you all you need to know about the GG butt… These cards!

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Now if this doesn’t make you the best player of Krosmaster Arena, what will?!

If you want to know more, you can even find a dedicated page about the rules of the game, on the official page of the expansion.

We will see you soon with a new video, about another point of rules!