Do you think you’ve got what it takes to bring down an Ultimate Boss? Prove it! Be the first to take one of them out, and fortune and glory will be yours!

Ultimate Bosses are just setting foot on the World of Twelve, and heroes are setting on their trails to hunt them down!
A bounty has been placed on each of these monsters. Be the first to take one down, and fame will be yours!

Show no mercy! Only one group will be rewarded for each boss!

Here are your targets:
  • Excarnus
  • Black Crow
  • Moowolf
  • Gobbalrog
Each member of the first group to bring down one of these Ultimate Bosses will receive the following:
  • A complete Milimoowolf set
  • The Ultimate Slayer title ingame
  • Public recognition on the Wakfu main page

Now a word from Zeorus, the evil mind behind these Forces of Nature:
“Be prepared the face a thousand deaths, only the best among the bests shall survive… Enjoy!”


  • Aestus - Undertakers
  • Hasyah - Undertakers
  • Lady Gaga - Undertakers
  • Naftalina - Undertakers
  • Ninfeta - Undertakers
  • Joselbt - La Guild

Black Crow


  • Mieling - One For All
  • Pyrelina - One For All
  • Tada - One For All
  • Starry - One For All
  • Feo - Outcast
  • Ynnael - Outcast