Third part of our Rebalancing week, today we reveal the changes for Iops, Pandawas, Rogues and Srams.



Judgment: 4>70 (instead of 3>54)
Cost changes from 4AP to 4AP+1MP
Iop's Wrath: 8>90 (instead of 8>100)
The modification to Judgment should give new opportunities to Fire Iops. We also had to slightly reduce the Iop’s Wrath as it didn’t match our balance scale (due to the Explosion).


Impact: 2>26 (instead of 2>28)
Devastate: 7>75 (instead of 8>80)
Cost changes from 6AP+1MP to 5AP+1MP
We wanted to give more value to Devastate with a cost change: should give more builds variety.


Jabs: 2>32 (instead of 2>30)
Flurry: 1>14 (instead of 1>12)
Gutting Gust: 1>20 (instead of 2>40)
Cost changes from 2MP to 1MP; 2/target
Since this branch is limited due to a lack of area spells or range spelsl, we thought it would make sense to slightly exceed our balance scale, with a small boost of Jabs and Flurry.



Bubble Trouble: On target: 3>40 (instead of 3>34)
On the barrel: 4>45 (instead of 4>40)
Cost changes from 3AP to 1AP+2MP; 2/turn
Milk Wave: On target: 6>85 (instead of 5>73)
On the barrel: 7>95 (instead of 6>80)
Cost changes from 6AP to 6AP+1WP


Flaming Burp: 3>38 (instead of 3>35)
Light My Fire: 3>37 (instead of 2>18)
Cost changes from 2AP to 1AP+2MP; 1/target
This slight improvement of the Earth and Fire branches was reached thanks to damage and cost changes. The current overall damage output of the Pandawa was matching our balance scale; therefore we didn’t want to make more changes than necessary.


Bash Barrel: now limited to 2/turn
Blisskrieg: The pandawa now teleports until the 4th cell in line (not modifiable), and deals damages in line to the cells he passed through 
The Earth tree changes are mainly here to limit some abuses we could see in game.



Piercing Shot: 5>65 (instead of 5>52)
Reduces the targets resists of 10%>100%
Range changes from 1-4 to 2-4
Cross Fire: 3>47 (instead of 3>42)
Blam: 5>68 (instead of 4>52)
Cost changes from 4AP to 4AP+1MP
Pulsar: 1/AP-MP>12/AP-MP (instead of 1>9)
We significantly improved the earth tree with changes of damage and cost. However we decided to limit the effect of Piercing Shot to avoid abuses on Boss with high resists.


Slap Shot: 2>28 (instead of 2>30)
Boomerang Dagger: 4>51 (instead of 5>62)
CH: 6+2>76+12 (instead of 8+4>90+15)
Range can no longer be modified
Longsword: 6>80 (instead of 6>85)
The Air tree was lowered. Since the Air Rogue can easily access his opponent’s back, can reach very high air damage thanks to his Air Master passive, and has good CH effects, it could deal too high damages. We had to change that.


Barbed Fire: 2>21 (instead of 2>18)
Becomes the first spell of the tree
Burning Bomb: 6>65 (instead 4>40)
It is no longer possible to target someone directly with a bomb
Becomes the 2nd spell of the tree
Blaze: 4>48 (instead of 3>34)
Cost changes from 3AP to 3AP+1MP
Blinding Bomb: 4>50 (instead of 3>30)
It is no longer possible to target someone directly with a bomb
Flaming Claw: 7>91 (instead of 6>65)
Cost changes from 6AP to 5AP+1WP; 1/target
For the Fire branch, we decided to remove the possibility to cast bombs directly on a target since it was in opposition with one of the main interest to cast them on the ground. However, we improved the damages of bombs, and other spells. This should make the branch more interesting.


Air Master: changes from 40% to 30% of the initiative at lvl 20
Runaway: Changes from 40 to 30% at lvl 20
Only applies to melee attacks and moves of 1-2 cells (instead of 1-3)



Hemorrhage: now takes the fire elementary damage of the Sram and the fire resists of the target into account.
Damage: 1 fire dmg for 2 of hemorrhage, instead of 1 dmg for 3
Cold Blood: 3>39 (instead of 3>37)
First Blood: 2>25 (instead of 2>23)
If the target is untouched: 4>40 (instead of 3>36)
Torment: Damages don't change
Damage bonus based on the HP % now works properly (no longer takes the resist)
This spell is of Sr'ambush type
Bled Dry: 4>53 (instead of 4>50)
Execution: 7>95 (instead of 6>80)
This spell is of Sr'ambush type
We improved this branch by slightly increasing spell damages and changing Hemorrhage that should take the Fire damage into account.


Petty Theft: on a CH, the second AP/MP is stolen with 50% chance, instead of 100%
This spell is of Sr'ambush type
Sramshackle: on a CH, the second AP/MP is stolen with 50% chance, instead of 100%
This spell is of Sr'ambush type


Fear: 2>25 (instead of 3>20)
Tricky Blow: 4>55 (instead of 4>45)
Forceful Blow: 3>40 (instead of 3>35)
+10% damage when hitting on the back at lvl 0; +30% at lvl 100 (instead of 30% everytime)
Guile: -25% damage during each turn (instead of -50%)
Trauma: This spell is of Sr'ambush type
We improved a few spells of the branch like Guile that should now reduce damages of 25% instead of 50%. This should offer more alternatives to Diversion and Look Around You in order to reach the target’s back.


Invisibility: At lvl 9 the spell costs 3AP+1WP (instead of 3AP+2WP)
Perception:+300 Perception on the first turn (at all levels)
Lvl0= +100; lvl9=+200 Perception the following turns
Loss of 6 Perception for each AP used, instead of 2
Loss of 20 Perception at the beginning of each turn, instead of 10
When invisible damages are divided by 2 except for Sr'ambush spells
Sr'ambush spells inflict normal damage but reveal the Sram, even with the Shadow Master passive
The Invisibility mechanic was too much of an advantage, and had to be changed. Now an invisible Sram will have reduced damage, except for some spells (called “Sr’ambush”) but these will reveal him directly. To summarize, the Sram will have the choice between stay invisible and harass the opponent with low damage, or deal high damage while visible. Furthermore, invisibility will last less time since we increased the Perception loss at each turn. To compensate all of that we decided to reduce the cost of Invisibility at level 9 to 1WP (instead of 2WP).
Double: Now has a fixed amount of AP, WP and MP (6AP, 4MP and 3WP).
The damage penalty doesn’t change (50% at level 0 and 100% at level 9)
We decided to give a fixed amount of AP/MP to the double. We thought it was too imbalanced to be able to have a summon with the same stats as its caster for a cost of 4AP+1WP, doubling the efficiency of the Sram’s gains in AP and MP (with stats and equipment) compared to other classes. With these changes, we tried to find the most adapted solution possible.
Diversion: Now has 40% chances to make the target look away at lvl 0 and 60% at lvl 100 (instead of 100%)
No longer triggers the Stabber state
No longer applies the Hemorrhage state

Here again, let us know what you think, and see you tomorrow with the Feca, Eniripsa and Xelor!
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gmatahari 25 July 2012 16:06
good for fire sram..
BentKidz 25 July 2012 16:07
Honestly NOT looking forward to tomorrow's news sad 
Istola 25 July 2012 16:09
Good work! biggrin
gmatahari 25 July 2012 16:13
MendoimVerde 25 July 2012 16:25
Perfect biggrin
Karakedi 25 July 2012 16:30
Not looking forward to tomorrow's news either, for both my eni and xelor sad
Keijoxxxx 25 July 2012 16:30
lol "Bubble Trouble: On target: 0>40 (instead of 3>34)"
Is it first spell i see that hits 0?! x)
gregobb - Member - 25 July 2012 16:34
Indirect buff to fire/earth iops via gutting gust. Now as an Earth iop I can deal 1 more attack which means more power stacks yay

But earth still seems the weaker branch in the iop spells...
JesuisOMG 25 July 2012 16:40
I didn't get it.

Piercing shot chance now will level up according to the spell level?

And that nerf on Air Rogue was way too huge.

And for god sake... WHY NERF RUNAWAY? The 40% chance triggers already works as if it's 20% chance. And it's random 1-3 cells! 30% chance of run away and only random 1-2 cells?

There's no reason to level up that spell now.
Hauhio 25 July 2012 16:51
After reading the sram changes... instant T_T

Let's start up with the positive point of view...

Fire got buffed, and for a reason since it was the weakest elemental tree among all.

I don't know why air got buffed as it was the strongest elemental tree because invisibility was used by all air srams, but as invis will be taken off the table I think that the little buff was in order.

Guile buff was well done, since the currently it's just being used as an escape tool.

and all the negative...

Still I'd rather waste 1wp to use lvl 9 scram to get behind the target since being invisible is just waste of time. Because main damage spells will always make you lose invis, damage is reduced by 50% and it was not viable option for any other than air srams to begin with. They reduced the cost to 1 wp but who'd use a spell that's not worth using it if it cost no wp? I'd rather have a good invis with 6wp cost. So I'll have all my wp for using it. So why use guile to get behind and lose 25% damage?

To water and fire trees invisibility has never been in option and so shall it stay.
Invisibility is now imo worthless in pve and would consider using it hard in pvp too.

Nerf to the double. I'm not even going to say much about this since I'll just rage and couldn't give much creative feedback. But basically they reduced sram damage around 30% with that. Srams damage has never been the issue in the class, we are ASSASSINS. We are supposed to be the class that deal the most damage. With this nerf, we'll be even less wanted to groups and our damage is now among worst in the game. Positive thing here is that you will always have 3 wp on double so you can use scram even if you use it with your last wp. Still ridiculous nerf...

Then there's the diversion nerf. For fire srams, it will be even worse as hemo buff was nice when you needed some burst damage and to build up some stacks. It's good for other trees as it will no longer remove backstab stacks. When you think it like this: You have 40% just to waste 1ap. Even if you success with your 60%, you'll still lose 1 ap, which will ruin your combo anyway, meaning still less damage delt. Getting that extra +1 ap from gear / stats for this is just plain stupid. I see NO reason for this change apart from "No longer triggers the Stabber state" part.

Last but not least water tree backstab ap/mp steal nerf. Has it ever been a problem so why nerf it? Srams who build around crit to steal more, will have even less damage than ones using their points in elemental stats. I understand that stealing 4ap / turn with double is too much, but I sure have not seen no sram with 100% crit yet.

Please give me a smiling face above my post if you agree with me and if you don't feel free to share your view about the changes. I still think that sram is one of the least played classes as it's barely viable so...

and little something fun for the end smile

Hey I just met you
and this is crazy
but here's my sram
so do not nerf me!

and all the other classes will rape me
but here's my sram
so do not nerf me!