Second part of our Rebalancing week, we now focus on the Sacrier, the Sadida and the Cra.




Blood Rush: 4>49 (instead of 4>52)
Damage inflicted to the Sacrier don’t change
Bloodthirsty Fury: 2>35 (instead of 2>40)
Damage inflicted to the Sacrier don’t change
Now gives +20% elementary damage on the next fire spell (instead of +20% pure dmg)
Burning Blood: 5>68 (instead of 5>77)
Punishment: 6/8>85/142 (instead of 6/8>80/147)


Sacrier's Fist: 4>38 (instead of 4>34)
now limited 2/target
Assault: now turns the opponent to face the Sacrier
Motion Sickness: Motion Sickness lvl 1 = -1/cell; lvl 20 = -10/cell (instead of -1>-12)
We decided to make the FIRE and AIR tree a bit less powerful since they had damages much higher than our balancing scale whereas Sacriers also receive high surviving chances and good mobility. Modifications on Assault and Transposition (see below) follow this logic: the Sacrier could reach his opponent’s back too easily, reaching then very high damage.


Rocky Foot: 2>32 (instead of 2>30)
Crackrock Blow: 3>43 (instead of 3>45)
Lethal Slingshot: 3>33 (instead of 3>30)
Smasher: 6>92 (instead of 7>105)
Cost changes from 6AP+1WP to 6AP+1MP
Modifications of the Sanguine Armor (see below) shouldn’t make it more powerful, but make it exclusive to the earth tree, since this one has lower damage than the other ones. It just made sense that it should be the only one to benefit from this support. Concerning balancing we made it so Earth Sacrier would reach around 60% of the damage output of the other trees, compensated by a damage reduction around 40% for an opponent of a similar level. These calculations taking Sanguine Armor WP cost into account, we decided to remove the WP cost of Smasher (coming with a logical damage decrease).


Transposition: The minimum range changes from 1 to 2
Sacrifice: Now limited to 1/turn
Cost changed to 2 to 3 AP (instead of 3 to 0 AP), no more WP cost
Now gives up to 5 charges (instead of 11 charges at max lvl)
Range changes from 9 to 7 at lvl 9
Life Transfer: Now heals the target of the same amount of life as what the sacrier lost.
Lvl0=1% of the max hp, lvl9= 10%
Sanguine Armor:
No longer depends on Angrrr
From lvl 0-8 multiplies the sacrier's coagulation by 1.5
At lvl 9 multiplies the sacrier's coagulation by 2
No longer affected by Tattooed Blood
Cost change:
Lvl 1-4 > 2AP+1WP
Lvl 5-7 > 1AP+1WP
Lvl 8-9 > 1WP
No longer gives +0.7% elementary damage for each 1 of Angrrr
No longer gives the Multi-Arm effect
Angrrr maximum changes to 100 (instead of 70max with Angrrr lvl 0)
Angrrr now gives +0/0.5/1/1.5/2…/10% damages bonus per 10 of Angrrr (therefore +100% damages with 100 Angrrr when the passive is lvl 20)
When the Sacrier has less than 40% HP > Multi-Arm 1>20
When the Sacrier has less than 20% HP > Multi-Arm 2>40
When the Sacrier has 1 HP > Multi-Arm 4>80
1 lvl of Multi-Arm gives +1% damage and 1 lock
Clinging to Life: no longer applies at the end of the turn of the player who killed the sacrier, but one turn later. The sacrier be under the Stun effect on the turn during which he waits for his Clinging to Life to activate. The Stun effect will not be removable.
Under Clinging to Life the Sacrier will also have the effect “cannot be teleported”, also not removable.
We decided to remove the WP of Sacrifice to allow Sacriers a better protection of his allies over time (compensated by a decrease of the charges and an AP cost). The big issue with the Earth Sacrier was his high WP consuming compared to the other trees. Knowing that we plan on extending fights duration in PvP, it couldn’t have kept up over time.



Vaporize: 2>18 (instead of 2>15)
Sadida’s Tear: 5>63 (instead of 5>47)
Range becomes not modifiable
Mudoll: 3>30 (instead of 3>25)
Rust: +3AP is removed
lvl 0 = +10% dmg to dolls > lvl 100 = +100% dmg to dolls
Drain: 5>63 (instead of 3>32)
Cost changes from 4AP to 4AP1MP


Woodland Stench: Becomes limited to 2/turn
Poisoned Wind: 2>15 (instead of 3>23)
Wounded now takes the air damages of the Sadida into account
Wounded 1>8 (instead of 1>16)
Sudden Chill: Penalty to resist is now limited to -100%/target
K'mir: 5>60 (instead of 4>40)
Gust: 5>50 (instead of 4>38)
Range becomes not modifiable


Fertilizer: 5>56 (instead of 5>52)
Wild Grass: 3>32 (instead of 3>28)
Earthquake: 5>70 (instead of 4>64)
Cost changes from 2AP to 2MP


Tree: becomes limited to 1/fight
No longer leads to HP loss (at max level)
Always gives Nettled
Voodoll: Bonus to redirected damage is now a penalty.
Penatly to redirected damage -20%>-0%
Doll: now limited to 2/turn (instead of 1/turn)
We changed the Sadida damage output of all three trees by tweaking the damage and the cost. In the same time, we tried to limit some mechanics that could be abused (Tree, penalty accumulation with Sudden Chill). The change of Poisoned Wind should make it more interesting: although base damage was lowered, the fact that Wounded now takes Air damage into account should give it more value. Similarly the cost change of Earthquake should be a nice plus, since it only costs MP. It should then be used more regularly when the Sadida spent all his APs. Finally, Sadidas should be better with the fact that they can use two dolls per turn (instead of one).



Plaguing Arrow: 4>49 (instead of 4>45)
Retreat Arrow: 6>58 (instead of 6>69)
Storm Arrow: 5>52 (instead of 4>45)
For the Earth branch we wanted to give more value to Storm Arrow and Plaguing Arrow, while limiting the damage of Retreat Arrow to which we wanted to give back its main role, placement.


Blazing Arrow: 4>55 (instead of 3>38)
Cost changes from 3AP to 3AP+1MP
Blinding Arrow: 4>45 (instead of 5>60)
Now has a minimum range of 3 instead of 2
Cost changes from 5AP to 4AP
Blindness: lvl0 = 2%/crit 5% > lvl100 = 15%/crit 30% (instead of 2/5>25/50)
For the Fire branch we wanted to grant Cras the possibility to spend his MP with Blazing Arrow, this allowed us to increase the damage output. Adding the cost change to 4AP of Blinding Arrow, it should give it more combo opportunities.


Arrow Blow: 3>44 (instead of 3>40)
Seismic Beacon: can only bounce once
Piercing Arrow: can now bounce on an opponent if a beacon is targeted with the spell
Riddling Arrow: 4>60 (instead of 4>54)
We wanted to give more value to the Earth tree thanks to the change in Piercing Arrow. You will now be able to have your Piercing Arrow bouncing on your opponents by targeting the beacon, which should lead to nice multi target combos.


Disengage: No longer gives +1MP bonus
The Cra steps back 1 cell from lvl 0 to 6 and 2 cells at lvl 7-9
Cost changes to 3AP+1MP and 2AP+1MP at lvl 9

Here again, let us know what you think, and see you tomorrow with the Iop, the Pandawa, the Rogue and the Sram!
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krutaismagisters - Member - 24 July 2012 16:17
Realy? Cra is stil overpowered.
RedValkyria - Member - 24 July 2012 16:21
The Sadi was supposed to be helped, this is only going to handicap them even more.

Also, you might want to correct a mistake, instead of Totem it should be Doll, or whatever it's called in English. The french version of this announcement says it's Poupee.
gregobb - Member - 24 July 2012 16:23
Was expecting some heal effect to allies in the water branch of sadidas.. guess enis will remain the most important class in groups..

(liked the sac's nerf)
ChocoboKnight 24 July 2012 16:36
Wow, fire cra still looking gd and even better. laugh

3 x blazing arrow = 55 x 3 = 165 dmg For 9ap 3mp cost. rolleyes

2 x blinding arrow = 45 x 2 = 90 dmg. But ap cost now is 8, instead of 10 happy

Why storm arrow back row dmg still halves angry

Seriously, i dun see this as a re balance, fire cra frm 1 AOE to 2 Blind, now to 3 blaze...
Keijoxxxx 24 July 2012 16:37
@RedValkyria "Finally, Sadidas should be better with the fact that they can use two dolls per turn (instead of one)." U mean that,right?
@gregobb Ye i hoped they will do sth with Drain so it could heal more and they made it almost 2 times stronger biggrin yay ^^ But still i dont think sadida is kinda meant to heal allies :/ since dolls r like it's allies biggrin
Btw why did they remove +3ap effect on Rust :/ how could we buff our dolls with ap now? Only by leveling Sic 'Em More i guess :S
pedrohvb 24 July 2012 16:37
I started playing this week with an air sacrier,why thi nerfs ? was he too overpowered ?
RedValkyria - Member - 24 July 2012 16:44
@Keijoxxxx I was reffering to the french post, I read that one before this one.
To be honest, it won't help them because their PW will limit them too much. As for Rust, it was overpowered and it didn't become more useful as you leveled it up. It's sad to see it go, but it is justified. (plus I play air tongue )
THe air branch, however, got waaaay too many limitations.
death-is-not-the-end 24 July 2012 16:50
is iop that much strong to get him nerf

lets see what will hapnd to iop
gekkensukkels 24 July 2012 16:56
Yay! Now the Totem build is useless too.
Kyusan 24 July 2012 16:59
Modifications of the Sanguine Armor (see below) shouldn’t make it more powerful, but make it exclusive to the earth tree, since this one has lower damage than the other ones. It just made sense that it should be the only one to benefit from this support.
Best change to Sacrier ever. Thank you so much.