If there is one subject that has been highly expected these days, it has got to be class rebalancing! During the next days we will provide you with information on this topic. Each day we will unveil an additional part of the changes applied to the 13 classes of WAKFU.

Before making a final decision on these changes, the Game Design team took your feedback into account, and discussed with the Circle of Heralds.  Some of these changes were expected, others might surprise… Balancing, as you know, is a recurring theme in MMOs and even if perfection is really hard to reach, we hope these changes will match your expectations.

First good news: This rebalancing will be deployed with the next update
Second good news: It will come with a complete restat (spells and specialties/abilities points). This should allow you to consider these changes without worrying too much about their impact on your current build.
Third good news: We will conclude this week with a little surprise…

Discover now our first batch of changes starting with the Ecaflip, the Enutrof and the Osamodas! We also added comments from the Game Designer Freyrr that should explain the choices the team had to make, class by class.

Note: changes should be read as follows
“new dmg lvl0”>”new dmg lvl max” (instead of “previous dmg lvl0”>”previous dmg lvl max”)



Rough Tongue: 2>28 (instead of 2>30)
Fleabag: steal2>steal22 (instead of 2>17)
Fleahopper: steal1>steal17 (instead of 1>15)
Fleeches: steal2>steal37 (instead of 2>34)
Love Flea: steal2>steal23 (instead of 2>20)

We wanted to give more value to the water tree with an increase of the HP stealing, and reducing slightly the damage of Rough Tongue.


Loaded Dice: 3>44 (instead of 3>38)
Craps: 2/6>21/63 (instead of 2/6>18/54)
Cost changes from 2AP to 1AP+1MP; 2/target
Die Alright: 8>110 (instead of 6>76)
Cost changes from 6AP to 6AP+1WP
Dice Roulette: 10hp/1heal>120hp/10heal (instead of 5/1>55/10)
Same damage in case of Critical Hit (but then hits all cells surrounding the Eca)
This tree needed a lot of care, especially the spells Dice Roulette and Die Alright. We also thought that Fire Ecas should have more combo possibilities, which is why we changed the cost of Craps.


Heads or Tails: As Ecaflip God: deal damages x1.5 instead of damage x2
3/6-1/3heal>25/52-3/9heal (instead of 3/6-1/3>22/44-3/9)
All In: 1>11 (instead of 1>13)
Battle: 6/1heal>86/10heal (instead of 3/1>40/6)
Cost changes from 3AP to 4AP+1MP
As Ecaflip god heals 50% instead of 100%
All or Nothing: 2>25 (instead of 2>30)
Three Cards: 5>80 (instead of 4>74)
Our main intention was to offer more build possibilities to the earth players, instead of the usual All In Eca.


Double or Quits: now limited to 2/turn (instead of 3/turn)
lvl0 = -25% damage; lvl9 = +25% (instead of +0%>+50%)
Roll Again: now limited to 1/turn
Paws Off: chances to apply lvl 1 = 2%; lvl 20 = 30% (same as before, but they progress more linearly)
Now limited to 1/turn and per opponent
Concerning Roll again we thought that the Ecaflip tarot should keep a good random aspect. However, with Roll again unlimited, the Ecaflip could too easily get the Ecaflip God card. We wanted to rebalance this.



Cutting: 3>45 (instead of 3>40)
Rascalry: 4>43 (instead of 4>35)
Limited to 2/target
Chances to apply Broke: 5%>40% (instead of 5>35)
Purge: 2>28 (instead of 2>20)


Fusion: 4>56 (instead of 4>48)
Burning: +0lvl>+50lvl (instead of 0>100)
The chances to apply Burning don’t change
Meteor: 2>31 (instead of 3>26)
Ember: Cost changes from 3AP to 2AP+1MP; limited to 2/turn
Burning becomes Explosion, if on a mine > explosion triggers with 100% chance
Explosion: 2>27
Hot Magma: 8>110 (instead of 8>102)
Cost changes from 6AP+1MP to 6AP+1WP


Smacker: 3>49 (instead of 3>46)
Shady Shovel: 4>69 (instead of 4>66)
50% chance to steal a second MP
Shovel Shaker: 5>70 (instead of 5>60)
We tried to give more value to all three trees, and a few tweaking of the tree spells (particularly on the states applied), and an additional WP cost on Hot Magma to give it a slight damage boost.


Treasure Tracker: 2% pf the PP turned in damage bonus at level 1; 50% at level 20 (instead of 2%>40%)
This slight boost to Treasure Tracker should help the elementary damages of the Enutrof!



Crobak: 2>28 (instead of 2>22)
Scaraleaf Wing: 2>31 (instead of 2>28)
Whip: 4>40 (instead of 4>35)
No longer double summons damage, bonus is now elementary damages.
A summon must now be targeted to apply the effect (20% of the whip damage), but all summons are buffed.
Lvl0= +6% elementary damages; lvl100= +80%
No longer gives Aerial under the Dragon form but a damage bonus instead: lvl 0= +2; lvl 100= +20
Bwork Trump: 2>17 (instead of 2>12)
Feather Tornado: 3>30 (instead of 4>42)
Cost changes from 5 to 4AP; range changes from 2-4 to 1-4
The spell cannot damage the Osa
Improving the damage of Whip under the Dragon form should give more interest to this specialty. Furthermore, the change of Feather Tornado’s minimum range should allow the Osamodas in Dragon form to get out of melee more easily.


General: Bonus applied are no longer transferred from the Osamodas to his summons. Fire spells now boost summons without leading to stats loss for the Osa
Magpie: 4>52 (instead of 4>44)
Gurgling: 2>19 (instead of 2>16)
Lvl0= +10 lock and dodge; lvl100= +50 (instead of 5>30)
Mooing: 5>70 (instead of 3>38)
Lvl0= +10% resist; lvl100= +100% (instead of 5>30)
Cost changes from 4AP to 4AP+2MP, now limited to 1/turn
Croak: 4>45 (instead of 4>40)
Lvl0= +1MP; lvl50= +2PM; lvl100= +3PM, inc 0.02
Boohowl: 6>80 (instead of 5>60)
Lvl0= +10% damage; lvl100= +120% (instead of 5>30)
For the FIRE tree we decided to allow Osamodas to boost their summons without loss for them, which should make it much more interesting.


Skedaddle: 3>32 (instead of 3>28)
Lvl0= +10 dodge; lvl100= +100 (instead of 0>50)
Collision: 4>52 (instead of 4>48)
Lvl0= +10 lock; lvl100= +100 (instead of 0>50)
Costs changes from 4AP to 2AP+2MP, 1/target
Savage Anger: 5>63 (instead of 5>52)
Lvl0= +8% damage; lvl100= +100% (instead of 0>50)
Instead of killing the creature, this one will just skip its next turn (applies stun at the end of the summon turn).
Still gives +3 AP
Curve: 5>54 (instead of 5>57)
Lvl0= +6% resist; lvl100= +80% (instead of 0>50)
Cost changes from 6AP to 4AP
Crackler Punch: Damages don’t change
Lvl0= -10% resist; lvl100= -50% (instead of -1>-30)
We wanted to make Savage Anger become a real interest and more useful by avoiding the loss of the summon. Overall we opted for a general damage boost, as well as a buff on summons. These changes should make the Osamodas much more interesting.

Let us know what you think, and see you tomorrow with the Sadida, the Sacrier and the Cra!
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BentKidz 23 July 2012 16:10
OM MY WORD !!!!!! Waiting for SAC ENI AND XELOR XD
monixion 23 July 2012 16:13
Finally, Osa's might actually be playable =D No loss of stats from Fire spells, no death from using savage anger! Looking good =D
-Animus 23 July 2012 16:14
Sakrisah - Member - 23 July 2012 16:18
Nice one!
Looking foarward to hearing from Sacrier tomorrow xD
Sargent-Wiggest - Member - 23 July 2012 16:20
How about GobGob changes?
Electricevelyn 23 July 2012 16:22
i don#t like that hot magma is gonna use 6ap 1 wp now, its a essntial move for fire enus sad, then i have to cast drhell too. will limit me to 5 use if not using mp spell.
dreniat - Member - 23 July 2012 16:22
WHAT! ENU's HOT MAGMA COSTS A WP NOW?! AWWWW sorry for the caps just felt like it was necessary . not the happiest change for me but ok. i'll deal with it. though if i could add, hot magma cost a wp now, could it maybe add another effect, maybe a chance of burning within the mine's aoe? just a thought.
Autumnfox 23 July 2012 16:34
Roll Again: now limited to 1/turn

so does that mean when when I get the crit failure card and my roll again attempt fail, I wont be able to roll again?
Electricevelyn 23 July 2012 16:44
I hope Sadi get's a Revamp they suck so much at this Moment, ankama please stop dissapointing me ok?
Kurochikun 23 July 2012 16:49
I like how "rebalancing" means "Make everyone weaker" rather than FINDING THE BALANCE. Guys this game is not meant for PVP balance, the balance can only be shown in team battles and don't tell me you are doing this for PVE balance because its extremely boring and slow to solo level at around 60 as it is.

A healer should not be as strong as a warrior.. If you find a balance for that you are doing it wrong. This game needs balance between elements not between classes!