For the next update, we're preparing a new system that will make quests clearer and - even better! - more varied for the players. Find out all the details in this devblog!

Currently, all the quests are visible via this interface in-game:

You can consult them whenever you like or monitor the ones that you're currently interested in:

Based on this same functionality, we're going to implement a brand-new system which will come into effect with the next update.
Please note that the challenge system will remain unchanged and will still be completely separate from the quest system.


This new quest system aims to:
  • Guide you through key moments of the game;
  • Enrich your experience by way of various new adventures of different lengths;
  • Incorporate elements from the Krosmoz story.

The system will in no way reduce the “sandbox” aspect of the WAKFU MMO, which we want to keep intact at all costs. Similarly, we will not be abandoning our pledge to avoid static NPCs who set dull quests. Both of these points are inherent to our vision of the game and have naturally been taken into account.

It's for this reason that the majority of the game's quests will be presented to you dynamically: it will be up to you to choose whether you want to take them on or not.


The new system will feature four distinct types of quest.
"Adventure" quests:
These are quests that will grant you access to the Ultimate Bosses, Mount Zinit, etc. upon completion. These quests will offer an adventure with a clearly defined objective, as well as help you discover something new about the game's universe. Generally speaking, you will not be able to repeat them.

For example, after you've killed a Boowolf out on the Wild Prairie, the "Stray Boowolf"* quest will be launched. You will be asked to search the area and find the entrance to the Boowolves' den. If you succeed, this quest will trigger another, "Gobball Among the Boowolves"*, and so on and so forth.
"Environmental" quests:
These quests are launched automatically when you are in (or as soon as you enter) an area linked to an event. When you leave the area, they will disappear from your list of available quests. All the players in an area will take part in the same quest, making it a community effort.

For example, Grambos have arrived in the area you just entered and are setting up little camps. Destroy their quarters by killing all the Grambos in the area.*
"Automatic" quests:
These quests are linked to the tutorial or to wild achievements (which they will be replacing). They will appear automatically as you advance through the game, depending on your level, citizenship points, and so on. 'Automatic' quests will provide isolated, short-term objectives.

For example, you kill a Gobball and trigger the "Gobball Massacre"* quest, which asks you to kill 20 Gobballs.
"Discovery" quests:
These quests will reward players as they travel around the World or discover important elements of the universe. You don't need to accept them, as they will be automatically completed when you discover a new zone or item, and you will receive the reward immediately. A notification will be displayed for a few seconds, informing you that you have completed a quest. That means that this type of quest will never appear in your Quest Book and you will not be able to repeat them.

Feature in development and not yet translated
For example, upon entering the Bonta Ruins for the first time, you will immediately complete a discovery quest and earn the associated reward.
*Quest names and objectives are subject to change.


The different quest types and the circumstances in which they will appear may vary, but the way they are triggered will almost always be the same.

Quests will be launched when all the launch conditions (unknown to the player) are met. Once a quest is triggered, an acceptance interface will open up and it will be up to you to accept or decline. Don't panic if you decline it; you might have another chance to accept it later on.

Feature in development and not yet translated
Completing a quest will earn you predefined rewards, just like before.

Please note that not all quests will open up this acceptance interface. The "environmental" quests, for example, come into play automatically when you enter the area they apply to. Similarly, the "discovery" quests are completed the moment they are launched.


Out of all the quests you have accepted, you can choose up to five to monitor.

Monitored quests will appear in a special interface on the left-hand side of your screen.

There is already an interface like this in-game, but it's much more limited. The new one will give more details on the quest steps to be completed and will be less intrusive visually. One feature will be the possibility to expand or minimise the interface to display or hide the steps left to validate for each current quest.

Feature in development and not yet translated
When a new quest appears and is accepted, it will automatically be put in first place on your list of monitored quests. The oldest quest will therefore disappear from the list, but don't worry - you'll still be able to find it in your Quest Book. It's down to you to decide which quests in your Quest Book you want to monitor. Get clicking!

Feature in development and not yet translated
This interface can be moved around your screen and placed wherever you like.

Finally, there will be a special, extra spot within the quest monitoring interface reserved for displaying "environment" quests that are automatically accepted. This means that you'll be able to monitor more than five quests all at once.


The Quest Book interface is definitely the thing that will change the least. You will be able to access it the same way you do now.

The book will be split into three separate tabs. All the quests you accept will appear in one or other of these tabs, depending on their theme:
  • Mount Zinit: quests received on Mount Zinit.
  • World: quests received across the World
  • Ultimate Boss: quests linked to the Ultimate Bosses.

Other categories may be added at a later date.

You will also be able to access the details of a quest simply by clicking on it. The layout of the page has been modified somewhat and you will have access to some extra information, but overall we aimed to keep this interface relatively unchanged:

Feature in development and not yet translated


We've saved the best news till last. One of the biggest advantages of this system is that it will enable you to accomplish your quests in a group if you so wish!

If you are in a group when you're offered a quest, and you accept it, it will automatically be shared with the other members of the group, provided they fulfil the quest's conditions. That means that you'll be able to accomplish the different objectives together, so earning rewards will be more fun and accessible for everyone!

You will also be able to share quests with the members of your group whenever you like directly from your Quest Book.

Come and check out the new system in-game soon, and put yourself to the quest!
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leannia - Member - 19 July 2012 18:09
Generally speaking, you will not be able to repeat them.
Troyle, please, tell me, we wont be able to repeat Ultimate Boss quest???
#[Troyle] 19 July 2012 18:12
leannia|2012-07-19 18:09:28Troyle, please, tell me, we wont be able to repeat Ultimate Boss quest???

You will be able to start these once a week. smile 
leannia - Member - 19 July 2012 18:17
fail post, didnt saw this:
provided they fulfil the quest's conditions.
Ty for good news anyway ^^
#[Troyle] 19 July 2012 18:19
One of the UB quests condition is "not having completed this quest previously in the week".
Therefore, when your friends try to share it, you won't fulfil all the conditions.
PikkuNino 19 July 2012 18:44
Are there any chances of being able to cancel/reset a quest thanks to this update? I mean, not necessarily on your own, but after getting the 'ok' from devs, or maybe granted by the devs themselves?
leannia - Member - 19 July 2012 18:53
And last one question ^^
If there is will be able to make this UB quest alone, does it means that bosses will have system like Wild Gobbal family or Ghoul, when they get more hp and ap if there is more ppl in party or just smth like that? Will it be possible to kill it alone and get drop?
Or it will be 100% not for forever-alone ppl quest?
Chrolo 19 July 2012 19:16
The quest is just to get a key to access the Cave/Map where you can fight the UB.
At least thats what the UB devblog said that time. So i guess the UBs will be the same for everyone
val3386 19 July 2012 19:51

The new Quest will give good expereciente to reduce the actual excesive griding or will be just "cosmetical" to win "stuff" ?

The new quest will make eficience to lv UP in new places? (other that samaras/ polters/sadida islam/kelba)

Will make posible to solo lv up? ...
#[Troyle] 20 July 2012 09:53
Azael answered some questions from the FR community:

Hi there,

I’m coming here quickly to bring a few answers:

- Group quests will be completed by the group (contrary to the way it was before, where each member had to kill monsters).
- Environmental quests will be completed if you stay in the region at the end of the quest and if you participated.

Also, at first the quest system will mostly be applied to Incarnam and the Ultimate Bosses (which should make players lvl 105 happy).

There won’t be environmental quests directly; also the Grambos example is just a basic example. In game it will be much more complex than that, with several objectives.

However we plan on adding new quests along development, including many environmental quest and for all level ranges.



I didn’t say that there wouldn’t be NPCs, but we want to avoid static quest givers like “bring back 50 Gobball wool”. This is a priority and seems to match your expectations.

Also as I said, lvl 105 will be directly affected by quests since most of Ultimate Bosses are developed for this level range, and they are directly linked to adventure quests.


ScarredTime 20 July 2012 14:52
Awesome !!!