Rejoice and celebrate, the Monster Mash is coming to WAKFU! Vote for the family of monsters you’d like to fight, and ready your weapons for a night of fun and slaughter!


Monster Mash, what is this?

The Monster Mash is an old tradition coming from our beloved International Dofus CCM, Izmar that we just decided to adapt to WAKFU.

The idea is for you to vote for one family of monster from the four we selected (one from each nation).

The winning family will then be spawned on Astrub, waiting for you to share your civilized welcome.

XP and loots are all yours.

For this first edition, we give you the choice between:
  • Amakna's Field Plants
  • Bonta's Bliblis
  • Brakmar's Bellaphones
  • Sufokia's Crabs


How to participate?

All you need to do is vote for the monster family you wish to fight. You have until Monday, July 16th 10am GMT to vote!

On Thursday, July 19th from 5pm GMT we will spawn the monsters from the family that received the most votes, in Astrub!

Where to vote?

You can vote on our website, by clicking on this link.

If this event brings as much fun as we hope, we might reproduce it with new families in the future!
Comments (27) Comment on the forum...
muhdimran 04 July 2012 17:00
wooot amakna and sufokia still alive xD
-RedNuht- 04 July 2012 17:04
Bellaphones! They're cool and fun to fight + good drops and experience.
-Joker 04 July 2012 18:12
That's nice for low levels/f2p players but would be good if you do events for high levels too or at least launch new family of monsters and islands e_e
Vishvamitra - Member - 04 July 2012 18:13
sorry, but since Dofus I could never get the point of this event...
what's the fun in taking a walk to astrub just to fight monsters that you can fight regularly in other areas for the same xp and loot?

another attempt of ankama to distract it's customers from it's own mistakes and lack of content during the development of the game...

please start releasing real content instead of posts about what "will" come, or boutique releases, bug fixing or empty events like this one.

we are fans of ankama's productions, I myself have been consuming games, mags and goodies for already 3 years.
but we are not dumb and by the down population on the servers, I guess you already lost enough customers.
Sargent-Wiggest - Member - 04 July 2012 18:53
I've been hit with Ankama sarcasm before, but I will repeat again.

Community wants balanced classes, new content, new insignias.
Don't lose your time with things that, we paying costumers , don't necessarily want.
Why do you keep putting these things out if it's no use?
There are prioritys!
aeroniel 04 July 2012 18:54
I think this event is for non-subscribers. This people are staying only in Asturb and the mobs that they have are piwis, bow meows and trouble, destiny, respite mobs. So this is for them.
microundeas 04 July 2012 18:57
Don't be like that guys!! this cost nothing to do an at least we will have something different to do...! And you are saying that you don't have nothing to do then at 16 of July go there and kill the mobs for the lol! stop f***ing complaining it's getting annoying really >.>
Resonate 04 July 2012 19:00
Some people just can't realize that this could be part of a marketing campaign to motivate non-subscribers.
Chrolo 04 July 2012 19:15
and its not like it takes alot of coding to get it ingame.

This doesn't delay anything. It's just an addition to the stuff we get. See it as an Event rather than being Content
Istola 04 July 2012 20:52
I find the bellaphones weak and slow.
I choose field plants for their binding abilitys and that they seem to fit in the astrub area!