Rejoice and celebrate, the Monster Mash is coming to WAKFU! Vote for the family of monsters you’d like to fight, and ready your weapons for a night of fun and slaughter!


Monster Mash, what is this?

The Monster Mash is an old tradition coming from our beloved International Dofus CCM, Izmar that we just decided to adapt to WAKFU.

The idea is for you to vote for one family of monster from the four we selected (one from each nation).

The winning family will then be spawned on Astrub, waiting for you to share your civilized welcome.

XP and loots are all yours.

For this first edition, we give you the choice between:
  • Amakna's Field Plants
  • Bonta's Bliblis
  • Brakmar's Bellaphones
  • Sufokia's Crabs


How to participate?

All you need to do is vote for the monster family you wish to fight. You have until Monday, July 16th 10am GMT to vote!

On Thursday, July 19th from 5pm GMT we will spawn the monsters from the family that received the most votes, in Astrub!

Where to vote?

You can vote on our website, by clicking on this link.

If this event brings as much fun as we hope, we might reproduce it with new families in the future!