Have a look at what's coming with this month's update! Read the first part of our changelog for the new WAKFU update: Fair Arenas, released on July 10th!



The Trool Fair is now available in game! This island is a huge theme park with twenty mini-games. It is long enough to diversify your game experience as never before!
You can access the Trool Fair from the Fières Mongoles on three territories of each of the four Nations. Their location on the map is marked by a pawn. The travel and the return are free.
At the Fair, you can enjoy the attractions for few Bronze Tokens than you can win during a challenge or in the gambling joints of the Fair for few kamas!
By playing to the attractions, you can win Tokens but you can also win unique items and even a pet!
Among the available attractions, you can play to the Gold Rush (the more you pick, the more you can get a prize), to the Enutrof Game (find the treasure in less than a minute), to the Quaquack Pond (each cast of fishing lining gives you a chance to win a prize), you can go to the Zoo or you can try to defeat the terror of the Fair: the well-known Gladiatrool!
There are plenty more surprises there, don't wait too long to discover them!



The gigantic Mobiles Arenas' big tops are settling in the World of Twelve! Take up the gauntlet by meeting them up near the Fières Mongoles of the four Nations and in the Astrub centre!
Once in an Arena, alone or in a group, for one Bronze Token, your objective is to stay alive as long as possible against the waves of monsters that are assaulting you!
The longest you stay alive, the better chances you have to win the best prizes and to lead the ranking.
The best fighters will even have their statue near their Arena!
Non-subscribers: you too can access the Astrub Arena.
May the best player win!
A devblog fully dedicated to the Mobile Arenas is available here.


The Quaquack is the new pet released at the same time than the Trool Fair. It's normal because it is the only place of the whole World of Twelve where you can get it!

With the Prospecting bonus he can bring you, you will not be able to do a fight without it.... a fight or a bath!

Integrating the Ingame newspaper

As we told you two weeks ago, with this update we will implement an ingame newspaper that will provide you with all you need to know about the new content in WAKFU.
Each new edition will be reachable with a simple click in a dedicated interface!

Bug fixing and improvements


Due to several rebalancing and modifications in level design, resources have been reseted on the Bonta, Amakna, Sufokia and Brakmar archipelagos. Plantations made by players will no longer be visible.


  • Bat’s Eye: level 5, 7 and 9 of this spell's range are enhanced. The range will be 1-7, 1-8 and 1-9 (instead of 1-6, 1-7 and 1-8).
  • Beacons: don’t trigger Cra Precision anymore.

  • Transcendence: heal bonus is correctly applied during the activity of the spell.
  • Rebirth Mark: In case of multiple death on several turns/fights, the list of spells will correctly be recovered and the controlled creature will be playable

Eniripsa & Pandawa
  • Transcendence: a carried character can’t cast this spell anymore.

  • Drheller: Collection spell will no longer be greyed out when next to a Pouch

  • Volcanic Glyph: they will no longer trigger each other. They will now trigger like other Feca glyphs

  • Uppercut: can’t be cast on an empty cell.
  • Gutting Gust: can’t be cast on an empty cell.

  • Boohowl: damage bonus transfer will now be effective for the summon during its turn
  • Symbiosis: visual effects will display at the correct height when the Osamodas is under his dragon form

  • Magnetic Claw: the bomb count stays correctly displayed when the player carries a bomb with “Magnetic Claw”.
  • Slap Shot: its range can’t be modified anymore.
  • Boombot: spells will now have a description

  • Colonnades: Damage bonus when hitting on the back will now be taken into account

  • Voodoll: a Totem linked to a target displays correctly target’s HP and not caster’s as yet.
  • Voodoll: when a target linked to a Totem dies whereas the player has his mouse pointer on the Totem, the pointer showing the target vanishes correctly after the fight.

  • Forceful Blow: Damage bonus when hitting on the back will only be available until the end of the spell
  • Double: now receives the perception bonus given by Invisibility

  • Aging & Temporal Burn: using these two spells in a combo doesn’t allow a free Temporal Burn anymore and thus, raising its level very quickly. Temporal Burn will now always use its AP.


During a fight, a character having Willpower has on his characteristic page the necessary information about his resistance against AP/MP loss and his chances to trigger this loss on his opponent as well. With the update, this information will be displayed correctly.

Damage bonus when hitting on the back will now be applied correctly when the caster is on a relief.

Against Vampyro, a character trapped on the platform and then freed will be correctly considered as an obstacle if he stays in position. It will no longer be possible to pass through him.

The shield appearing over characters under the effect of a Feca armor during a fight will now display at the correct height for all flying characters (Eniripsa, Osamodas in Symbiosis, etc.).


The following boss’ AI have been improved:
  • Vampyro
  • The Nun
  • Black Crow
  • Moowolf
  • Gobbsage

This improvement prevents particularly a few seconds of inactivity before they start to play, or prevent them to miss a turn without any reason.

For a better fight’s balance, the boss became immune to Feca’s spell rebound.

Some monster types have had their AP amount rebalanced.

Black Crow
During the aerial phase, the Black Crow is not considered as an obstacle in fight anymore.

Lunar Dungeon
Moon Priestess can’t kill the Moon with Stafflash anymore.

Chafer Dungeon
Toxic mist vanishes correctly.

Vampyro Dungeon
Vampyro’s passive spell Wakfu Burner displays now correctly the WP loss inflicted. The players will stop thinking they have more WP than they really have.

When using Clinging to Life, Vampyro earns 3 MP instead of 5.

Trigger Clinging to Life destroy every summons in the battle’s area.

Nun Dungeon
Players can’t reach the three cells behind the nun anymore.

The Nun can no longer hit herself when her spell Spectral Charge hits a totem.

Drhellers missing in some mines have now been reintroduced in the Amakna Drhellery, Not Mines of Bonta, Sidimote Mines of Brakmar and the Cradle Mines of Sufokia.

A rooted Treechorn will now have a correct animation when dying.

It will now be possible to plant their seeds on the first part of the Monk Island (the path after exiting the boat).

A Moskito will no longer receive his entire HP when hitting a Blazing Beacon.


The two Guild’s insignias buyable at level 2 are now correctly ordered on the Guild Point.

An error was mixing the Kralove and Flower logos on guild capes and standards. This has now been fixed.
From now on, you will be able to give crafting experience to your guild with a profession level 100.


The comparison between two equipment's bonuses is correctly displayed for progressive roll equipment such as Makabra. Before, the system was comparing the level of the equipped weapon with the level of the item you were looking at and that was making the results false.

It is now possible to stack two items, even if it reaches the maximum stacking height of the two items, if this allows removing one of the items stack. For example, if you have two stacks of 1 weat and 998 weat in your inventory, you will be able to merge them into one stack of 999 weat without problems.

You can also unmerge a set if you have the enough empty slots in your inventory.

Little Round Token and Candy Token will now be correctly sorted under the Token category in the inventory.

Carnivore Epaulettes will now display correctly on the character.

Veh Cheese can no longer be used in combat.

Tokens from the Crobak Dungeon will now be dropped correctly.

The key to the Archmonster room in the Three Pistes' Cave will be acquirable again.

Fairyworks will correctly have light effect.


Pets will no longer gain experience passed their maximum level: level 50.


You don’t receive a message of full inventory anymore if you craft stackable items.

From now on, the following recipes don't require Jelly anymore:
  • Mechba Shovel Recipe: 10 Kokonuts replace the 3 Blue Jellies;
  • Barrier Recipe: it no longer requires 15 Blue Jellies;
  • Pospodrol Hammer Recipe: it no longer requires 2 Lemon Jellies;
  • Wheelbarrow of Cawwots Recipe: it no longer requires 7 Lemon Jellies;
  • Tailor’s Workshop Recipe: it no longer requires 10 Strawberry Jellies.

The billhook will display correctly when harvesting Crowned Thistle.


Characteristics are now correctly updated after embedding a rune onto an equipped item.

The crushing interface no longer accepts gift.

The Agility Rune level 10 give now +2 Agility and not +0 anymore.

The amount of traded/recycled items you are receiving is now correctly updated if you trade something during a smithmagical recycling.


Leaving the prison, the feedback chat displays now correctly the list of items you have been deprived of.

Mount Zinit

It is no longer possible to change to market mode in the Mount Zinit cave.

Chapter 1
  • In the Greedoblop’ s Den, after he was beaten, the option “Point the rod” will no longer be available.
  • When loosing half your HP during the fight versus Aguabrial, Ullu will appear correctly to give you your HP back.

Chapter 2
  • Barry can no longer be attacked. The fight against him and his fellows starts automatically at the end of his dialogue.
  • Barry’s sound effects have been improved.


The amount of earned rewards is now correctly displayed in the quest interface.


Chafer Burner: the step “Killing the boss first” is now possible.

Castle Wagnar: his awards are now correctly displayed.


Holey Forest: the challenge “Return of the Croaker” is no longer available in selling (as it is already available at the very beginning).

Holey Forest: the challenge “Starsky and Mushd” is now available.

Haven Bag

The colour of Merchant and Garden Haven-Gems are not inverted anymore.

All Haven Bag decoration items will now be usable in the decoration room.


Makabras with the maximum level don't consume any experience. It allows to distribute experience more fairly between the equipped Makabras that didn't reach their maximum level yet. As an example, if you are level 105, your level 80 Makabra Ring gains experience faster if your Makabra Sword is level 105 because the whole fight experience goes now to your ring instead of being divided between the two Makabras.


For players with several icons above the head (eg. a member of the government who belongs to a group), the icons are now displayed alternately instead of being overlaid.

Some benches in the World were not interactive. Now, they are.

It is no longer possible to start a trade with a character under the tomb form.

It is no longer possible to play an emote infinitely by changing a set piece.

The chat issue when using the emote “Be indecisive” was solved: the right character will now display in the chat interface.