Learn more about what will come with our new update, released on June 12th!

June is coming, and more precisely June 12th!

Save the date, as you will get to experience our brand new Spell experience system in our new Update! If you did read it yet, you should have a look at the details we posted earlier this week.

Coming along this game changing feature, let us talk about the decision that was made concerning our new update.

Following your feedback after our last content updates, we decided to focus all our efforts in bug fixing.
Despite the excitement generated by the improvements and content addition, a negative aspect kept coming back over and over again: bugs! Those little annoying things that always harm your gaming experience have been kept alive for too long.
So, for next update, it has been decided, we’re going to fight back!
To do so, we established a real combat strategy.
First, we gathered the bugs that were the more often reported on the forums and to our Support. We forwarded them to our playtesters and generated a list of the most important bugs to fix.
This list has then been forwarded to the development team that already started working on it.
Our goal: fix as many of those bugs as possible for the next update, in June!
The overall objective is to start over on clean basis in order to have a safer look at the next content updates.
For transparency’s sake, we will unveil the ones that have already been fixed for the June update. We will have a close look at your feedback on this matter in order to address your questions the best way possible.
The reason why we don’t already implement these fixes is that they all impact the game in their own way. Therefore, we prefer to deploy all the fixes together in the June update and be sure to start on clean basis, instead of deploying many hotfixes that could harm the stability of the game.
Without further ado, here is the list of those that have already been fixed. Let them know that their days are now counted!
  1. Capes that were cut in fights will now display correctly
  2. Tofurby will no longer go under cells of some specific combat ground when casting his Roly-Poly spell
  3. The chest opening sound will only play once and no longer twice
  4. Striches will now leave a body after death
  5. “Heads or Tails” and “Feel Ill” emotes will now have a description
  6. When the Bernardo will be jumping, he will no longer receive damages if another monster is pushed against him
  7. Cracklers will now display their rolling animation correctly
  8. The bug allowing the Sadida to place a totem on a cell blocking the way but not the sight will be fixed
  9. Rogues will no longer be able to move with Runaway when KO’d
  10. The bug allowing targeting and spending APs while casting Pyrotechnics without the spell having any effect will be fixed
  11. It will no longer be possible to perform a trade while another action is underway (breaking runes, placing items in a guild chest, etc.)
  12. A rogue carrying a bomb will now play the animations correctly when hit
  13. Dodge scrolls will now have a description
  14. You will be able to place non tradable items in a chest
Issues with Sadida totems not being placed correctly is known and being fixed as we speak. We’re currently testing it to make sure that this bug will not reappear after the update.