The update on the 2nd of May sees big changes for guilds, and this article will tell you more about them!

Chest, shop, leaderboard… and much more besides! This article will tell you all about the changes we’ve made to the Guild system.

Guild levels

Each Guild will now be able to gain levels, and in doing so, unlock different bonuses.

A Guild’s overall level is determined by the average of its combat and crafting levels. In order for the Guild’s crafting and combat levels to increase, its members must designate a percentage of the personal experience that they will “sacrifice” to the Guild in the respective areas.

Note that the player does not receive any of the experience given to the Guild.

As it gains experience, the Guild will also gain levels, allowing it to unlock bonuses. Note that some of these bonuses can only be unlocked once the guild has reached a certain level of crafting or combat!


Guild bonuses

Here are a few examples of the bonuses you’ll be able to unlock as your Guild’s level increases:

·         The Guild chest,a place where all Guild members can store their items,
·         The Guild shop,where you can obtain exclusive items,
·         The Guild Insignia, which will make you stand out in-game, and also identify yourself to other Guild members!

Unlocked bonuses, and bonuses yet to be unlocked, can be viewed in the Guild bank, which can be found in each Nation.

Guild chest and shop

Let’s spend a moment talking about two of your biggest requests: the Guild Chest, and the Guild Shop.

The Guild Chest is an area where all Guild members can store their items, according to their rank. It can be viewed in the Guild Bank, which can be found in each nation. If you belong to a Guild, a marker will show you where this bank is on the map. The chest has several tabs which are unlocked as the level of your Guild increases, giving you more and more space to store items. All members can view the chest, and store items in it, but only certain members will be able to withdraw items from it. Note that Kamas cannot be stored in the Guild Chest.

The GuildShop will work in the same way as the Token Machines. You’ll be able to obtain items for free which will be unlocked according to the level of the Guild, its combat level and its crafting level.


Guild interface redesign

With all these new changes, we had to improve the Guild interface.

It is now made up of 3 tabs: General, Rank Management and Calendar (Calendar will follow in a future update).

On the General tab you’ll find:

  • The name of your Guild,
  • Its levels (global, combat, crafting),
  • Its emblem,
  • A list of members (including their class, nickname, rank, level, nation and description),
  • The names of logged-in members,
  • Its description and message (with the ability to change them),
  • Its bonuses (unlocked and to be unlocked).

On the Rank Management tab you’ll find:

  • Create/remove a rank,
  • Change the name of a rank,
  • Change a rank’s permissions.

The information given about different guild members is also now more substantial: personalised avatar, experience given to the Guild through combat and crafting etc.

Ranks and customisation

Previously, a Guild had 4 available ranks: Guild Leader, Officer, Recruiter and Member.

Now, you’ll be able to create your own ranks, give them a name and customise their permissions.

The available permissions include, amongst others, “Recruit/remove a member”, “Change a member’s rank”, “Remove an item from the chest”, “Change the Guild description” and “Change the Guild message”.

Message and guild description

If you belong to a Guild, when you log in, your Guild message will appear in the Guild channel of the chat window.

The message can be changed by certain Guild members, directly from the Guild interface.

It’s the perfect way to let everyone know the latest news, or to organise a meet-up!

What’s more, you’ll be able to add a description to your Guild, which will be available for all players to read on the Guild Leaderboard!

The guild leaderboard

The Guild Leaderboard is an attempt to establish a ranking of the best 50 Guilds by overall level, combat and crafting.

Anyone can consult the leaderboard, which will be available in the Bank of each nation. It will display the following:

  • The name of the guild,
  • Its place on the leaderboard,
  • Its description,
  • The name of its leader,
  • Its emblem.


New haven bag permission

One of the things you asked for was to be able to have a Guild Haven Bag. This will be possible through a new Haven Bag permission called “Guild”.

It will allow you to make a Haven Bag available to your guildwhere you will be able to meet up, store your loot, plant resources, and lots of other things as well!

So, now you know. Guilds are changing completely. Not only will you be able to better organise yourselves and share your resources, but you’ll also be able to compare your Guild to other Guilds in the World of Twelve… who knows, maybe a legendary rivalry will be born!