Take a look at the (almost) complete list of changes that will be applied to the game on May 2nd, with the new WAKFU content update!




You have been calling him for loud and long, armed with his bombs and dressed with his scarf, here is the Rogue!

The Rogues are WAKFU’s most feared bandits, and for good reason: they’re so versatile. Pistols, bombs, blades and gadgets are the main components of their devastating arsenal, and they won’t hesitate to use each and every one of them to achieve their nefarious goals!

We’ve kept their unique system of bombs, but their gameplay has changed, and their class spells have been overhauled.

Each elemental branch has its own theme, and we’ve tried to make them more coherent.

You can view all the details of this new class, branch by branch in this DevBlog.


  • Still Life and state Living-Dead: from now on, the damage inflicted to characters with the state “Living-Dead” through heals are reduced by Water attacks.
  • Lethargy Flask: the damages in case of critical hit are multiplied by 1,5.
  • Invigorating Word: heals are now applied correctly.
  • Hammle Mark: now, it transfers MP along with transferring AP.
  • Rebirth Mark: its cost and damage are pushed down. The resurrected character’s damage is modified (penalty from level 1 and bonus at level 100).
  • Regeneration: its cost is now 4AP and percentages are reduced. For the remaining time of the turn, it turns all the Eniripsa’s Fire spells into healing spells.
  • Constitution: the percentage of gained health is based on Eniripsa’s health instead of being based on each allied character’s health.
  • Coney Mark: it becomes Refund Mark. It restores the cost of the spell used to kill its target (50% of AP at level 1 and 100% of AP/MP/WP at level 100).
  • Super Coney: it becomes a full part spell: “Coney” which summons an uncontrollable Coney same level as the caster. Its cost is now in WP.


Thanks to your feedback, the Cra is rebalanced as follows:

  • Retreat Arrow: the damages in case of critical hit are multiplied by 1,5 instead of 2.
  • Storm Arrow: now deals 45 damages at level 100; the damages in case of critical hit are multiplied by 1,5; only the target cell inflicts the whole damage: the wind inflicts only 50% of the damage; Cost is now 3AP and 2MP.
  • Lashing Arrow: can only be used once per target; damages in case of critical hit are multiplied by 1,5.
  • Piercing Arrow: this spell can now be cast in any direction (not only in line), but if not cast in line, its damages are divided by 2.
  • Beacon Sneaking’: the Cra teleports on the beacon instead of teleporting nearby and destroys it in passing. Its AP cost is tapering from 5 to 2, instead of 5 to 1 and its range is not modifiable anymore.
  • Riddling: The chance of launching it at the beginning of the target’s turn is of 1% by level of the state, instead of 3%.
  • Seismic Beacon: is now triggered correctly by the spell Piercing Arrow.
  • Beacons: damages now take elemental mastery of the Cra into account. Furthermore, their damages have been decreased.


  • Frostbite: was increased: at level 100, damages are now 35.
  • Clock: damages in case of critical hit are now multiplied by 1,5; damages on adjoining cells are increased (50% of the base damages); AP loss now on enemies and allies.
  • Xelor Punishment: can either be cast on a time cell or an adjoining one; damages are decreased, at level 100 damages are now 70.
  • Hydrand: no longer removes Initiative; damages are increased, at level 100 damages are now 68; cannot be placed anymore on a blocking position (bridges for example) if placed on the dial.
  • Master of Time: evolves from 1 to 20 and no longer from 2 to 21.
  • Temporal Armor: the possibility to gain 1 AP now evolves from 1 to 20 instead of 10 to 20.
  • Temporal Burn: Only allows spending up to 10 AP maximum.
  • Timekeeper: Can now be cast 3 times a turn, instead of 6.


  • Smasher:can be used only once a turn.
  • Bloodthirsty Fury:has been rebalanced. It costs 1AP and 1 MP, is limited to 1 use a turn and a target. Its damage is 2 – 40 on an enemy (1 – 3.5 on the Sacrier) and its effect gives +10-20% damage on the next Fire spell.
  • Motion Sickness: can be used once a turn per target.
  • Light Speed: can be used once a turn.
  • Punishment: can be used once a turn; damages received by the Sacrier are now 18. Base damages (when the enemy has less HP than and at level 100) are 147.
  • Blood Rush: damages received by the Sacrier are now 4 (level 100). Base damages (level 100) are now 52.
  • Burning Blood: damages received by the Sacrier are now 12 (lvl 1-100). Base damages (level 100) are now 77.
  • Bloodthirsty Fury: Costs now 1AP and 1MP; can be used once per target; damages received by the Sacrier are now 1-3,5 (lvl 1-100). Damages dealt to enemies are 2-40. Its effects is now “+10-20% damages with the next Fire spell”.
  • Damages in case of critical hits with spells with MP and WP cost are now multiplied by 1,5.


Damages in case of critical hit with these spells have been reduced and are now multiplied by 1,5:
  • Execution,
  • Guile,
  • Trauma.


Damages in case of critical hit with these spells have been reduced and are now multiplied by 1,5:
  • Woodland Stench,
  • K’mir,
  • Gust.


  • Ecaflip Precision: damages bonuses announced by this passive spell are now correctly applied.


  • Drheller Digging: chances to discover a new deposit are correctly applied.
  • Treasure Tracker: following the changes in Prospecting, we added a prospection bonus on this spell. It now adds 30 prospecting at maximum level.


  • For balance purpose, the following summons can no longer summon other creatures: Crobeak, Big Mushd, Elite Chafer and Spear Shark.


  • Fecastopheles: base damages are now 95 at level 100 (142 in case of critical hit).


It is not possible anymore to evolve Prospecting and Wisdom with abilities points.We choose to remove them from the improvable abilities and to restrict them to the equipment.

Following these rebalances and, to allow players to reconsider their characters’ builds, on the occasion of this update you will be able to redistribute your abilities and specialties points.


WAKFU welcomed its first levels 100. As soon as they arrived to the top, they were already asking news about level 101! We decided to do better than that… from the next update, you will be able to progress until level 105… But you will have to use the best strategies you’ve learnt from the launch of the game and you will need patience!


Vampyro makes a major comeback in a new adventure island: Forfut!Haaa Forfut, its village, its castle…

Two new monster families are waiting for you, the Ghouls and the Borbats, and a new dungeon: the Forfut Castle. Vampyro will show you how he receives his guests! Of course, new challenges and new quests will also be there.

Enough to make levels from 75 to 90 tremble with fear…


After the high level content that has been made available in the previous updates, we add 2 new low level dungeons:
  • The Bow Meow Dungeonwill be located in downtown Astrub. This three-room dungeon is planned for level 10 players. You access it with the “Bow Meow Key”. It is ideal to practice between new incarnates!
  • The TofuDungeon will be located in each Nation’s Village area. This double three-room dungeon is planned for players from level 15 to 20. You access it with the “Tofuhouse Key”. It is perfect to learn the spells without coming off unscathed!

The Celestial Gobball Dungeon has been rebalanced to adapt the difficulty of the first rooms to the difficulty of the boss:
  • Dungeon Gobballs have been replaced by higher level Cloudy Gobballs
  • The Celestial Gobball has been pushed down.
The Undieworld Dungeons’s battles have been changed:
  • Now, the state “Sacred Silence” is placed on players at the beginning of the battle. Each time they use a Wakfu Point, they receive strong damage.
  • A new hint was placed in game to ease players access to the Undieworld.


From now, there will be 2 Ogrest’s Chaos a week, instead of 1.


We added a new mechanic to increase the strength of monsters depending on the amount of opponents.

So far this mechanic will only be applied to a few monster families that will see their abilities evolve with the amount of players in the fight. These bonuses will differ depending on the type of monster.

The families impacted are:
  • Wild Gobballs
  • Ghouls and Bats (Forfut)
  • Monks
  • Rats (monk island)


Monks family: the resistances and HP have been pushed up.

Brakmar Stalagmotes: the cost in AP of his spell Stalaspittle has been pushed up.

Miliboowerewolf: is now level 66 instead of 45.

Adult Drheller: their respawn rate has been increased.

Trool was rebalanced to better fit the rest of the wildlife.

Optimization of Black Crow: he now destroys all area of effects with his Flurry and no longer takes damages if his Flurry touches a Sadida Totem. Furthermore, he can now crast his Crobak Shower twice a turn, but only once per target.

Rebalancing of the Nun:
  • Its Initiative and HP have been increased
  • Its resistance bonus provided by the Monks is increased by 50%.
  • Its graves now have more HP.

Rebalancing of the Wild Gobballs:
  • Groups will be less populated
  • Respawn rate has been increased
The spawning system of Worldbosses changed: they will now appear based on a time window instead of a fixed time.


Some crafting recipes will create several items (of the same kind) in one craft. The recipes notice the number of item a recipe can create. This is the case for several Baker’s recipes, in particular for some breads that can be created in “packs”.
Some recipe requiring a lot of resources (such as craft “packs”) will give more experience than simplest recipe.

FARLE BREAD PACK (lvl 5) : 15 Water Bucket + 5 Wheat Flour = 5 FARLE BREAD and 500 profession XP.

This brought us to a global revamp of the Baker and Chef professions, with re-value of recipes(decreasing the need of ingredients) and an increase of the bonus applied by the items.

More fish resources will be available on all achipelagos.


“Centuries ago, before the Ogrest’s Deluge hit our World, our ancestors were mastering the Smithmagic art.”

This update celebrates the arrival of the Smithmagic in WAKFU! For DOFUS’ regulars, you will quickly note that Smithmagic in WAKFU has a system of its own, more accessible and simplified!

The Smithmagic is not a profession to learn: everybody can do it using the Runic Recyclers. These workshops will allow you to shatter items to get runes.

The runes set on your equipments allow you to add bonuses improving your health points, your critical hit rate, your damage etc. The personalization of your items will be unlimited!

You didn’t know what to do with these bulky equipments in your inventory and you didn’t want to part with them without any profit? You can say goodbye to this dilemma!

All the details about Smithmagic are revealed in this Devblog.


Many improvements have been carried out in the Guilds system:
  • New evolution system: each guild can gain experience and levels by levying a percentage of its member’s experience. A guild has a battle and a crafting level and its overall level is the mean of these two levels. To level up the guild in battle and crafting, members have to offer a percentage of their personal experience (battle/crafting) they can work out (from 0 to 70%). This experience is lost for the player. The guild overall level allows unlocking bonuses for all the members (guild chest and chest improvement, guild shop and items, bonuses on the characteristics, etc.).
  • Changing a member’s rank:you can create/delete ranks, edit the names and select permissions.
  • Guilds Messages and Description,
  • Guild interface redesign:it will allow you to add a description visible from the Guilds Leaderboard.
  • Guilds Leaderboard: rank the 50 biggest guilds according to their overall, their battle and their crafting level. The players can find out there the ranking and the description of a guild, the identity of its leader and its coat of arms. Everybody can consult it at the Guild Bank, in every Nation.
  • “Guild” permission in the Haven Bag,
  • Guild chest: this common storage space is accessible at the “Guild Bank” in every Nation (shown by a marker on the map).
  • Guild shop: it works like the “Tokens Machines” with the same interface. There you can obtain unique items!

Non-subscribers will also be able to create their own guilds.

All the details will be revealed in a Devblog on April 30th.


All the challenges will be rewarded with tokens.This token can be exchanged with items in dedicated machines, available in the Tavern of the 4 Nations.

Most of the items in the challenge machines are exclusives. You can have:
  • Dungeon keys: they are not anymore available in the dungeon machines but only in the challenge machines (and by dropping them, of course),
  • Seeds from the adventure islands: Boowolf, Crobak, etc.,
  • Unique equipments: e.g. the Trool set,
  • Experience scrolls.

These changes lead to a global rebalancing (level and stats) of all items acquirable with Challenges tokens.


The quests system has been improved. Some challenge brings you experience and abilities points:
  • Castle Wagnarstein: 2 common ability points,
  • Army of Twofu: Dodging level scroll,
  • Cavern Story: Experience points and items.
About Mount Zinit:
  • A compass has been added for the Mount Zinit queststo show the way to the players,
  • To cast off to Mount Zinit for the first time, Hullcatz only ask you for Piwi Beaks.
  • The way to Mount Zinit has been simplified: you can access it directly from Astrub harbor and from the canoons on the trade bridges of each Nation.


Resources integration until level 90, some of them can only be obtained with Challenge tokens.
  • Lumberjack: addition of harvestable resources Citronana (lvl. 65), Pollard (lvl. 70), Pooplar (lvl. 75), Hornbeam (lvl. 80), Mahogany (lvl. 85) and Yew (lvl. 90).
  • Herbalist: addition of harvestable resources Volcanic Plant (lvl. 65), Puffball (lvl. 70), Edelweiss (lvl. 75), Cotton (lvl. 80), Gorsegoyle (lvl. 85) and Death Cap (lvl. 90).
  • Farmer: addition of harvestable resources Black Rice (lvl. 55), Sweat Jute (lvl. 60), Jollyflower (lvl. 65), Maïs (lvl. 70), Melon Seed (lvl. 75), Sunflower (lvl. 80), Watermelon (lvl. 85) and Twisted Rump Chilli (lvl. 90).
  • Miner: addition of harvestable resources Glitzy Quartz (lvl. 60), Luminous Lead (lvl. 65), Silver (lvl. 65), Royal Bauxite (lvl. 70), Sovereign Titanium (lvl. 75), Grievous Kroomium (lvl. 80), Amethyst (lvl. 85) and Double Carat Sapphire (lvl. 90).
Now, full sets can be merged into a single item in your inventory to save space. To do so, you just need to click on the button “Merge set” that was added next to the existing button “see the details of the set”. The set will automatically “unmerge” when you equip it.

A new “Set” category was added to the Marketplace filters.

All precious stones are now “Rare” quality. Therefore, they will be harder to get on monsters and bosses.

Bellaphone Dye and Singing Stone are now drops and no longer challenges rewards.

Wisdom scrolls now require you to be lower than level 100 to use.

The recipe for Lunar Breastplate was changed and no longer requires Hulfmouns.

Modifications announced last Friday about Makabra Rings will not be applied. They would just impact too many players. This is why we decided to leave these items just as they were when we put them on the Boutique.

The following sets have been rebalanced:
  • Royal Gobball Set, to bring it into line with the Royal Tofu Set
  • Cloudy Set, to match the rebalancing of the Celestial Gobball dungeon
  • Lil Challenger Set, replaces the Challenger Set and increases from level 35 (average) to level 40.

These challenge rewards now available in the machines had their level, rarity or effect changed:

  • The Oxster
  • Hard-Boiled Shield
  • The Sunbrero
  • Vegebelt
  • Truffelt
  • Truffly Helmet
  • Snapcap
  • Snapstrap
  • Badoul's Headgear
  • Whistle
  • Duke Bludgeon
  • Caniball Mask
  • Cloaklum
  • Hearty Wand
  • Domacion
  • Mudguard
  • Richie Amulet
  • Lucky Toadfoot
  • The Whirlihood
  • Trool Set
  • Trool Destroyer (no longer part of the Trool set)

The following items have been rebalanced:

  • Silimelle's Wedding Ring
  • Dragolyre
  • The Celestial Brooch
  • Tot' Belt
  • Nozokomial Ring

Rough Splinter Wand increases from level 13 to 72.


In this update, non-subscribers can join groups of subscribers!

A “Servers status” insert is present in the game main screen to inform you about maintenances.

In game, moderators have a special design:

Passport is now integrated to the game interface when clicking on the "character" icon.

The design and aesthetic of pop-up interfaces has been improved.

It will now be possible to distinguish group members: they will be shown ingame with a light effect.

New markers showing craft machines positions have been added to the world map.


Ancestral Crackler: it is now possible to get a Crackler Heart on its corpse; its summon, Crackler, had its HP, damages and level increased; its summon Larva had its levels decreased.

It is no longer possible to equip weapons in the Kanojedo.

State Bulgapik (damage mirror) of the Gobby Bulga can no longer be dispelled.

The Makabra Club now works correctly in critical hits: it no longer affext the complete combat area.

The drop rates of items in the Crobac dungeon have been fixed and now match those of other dungeons.

The following recipes are now correctly achievable:
  • The Harshey
  • Chocolate Shield
  • Woolly Amulet
  • Woolly Ring

Fixed the state Gangrene: it now has an effect that matches its description (loss of HP per AP used).

Aggressions are now possible again in Sufokia mines.

The damages accumulation flaw with the Sadida totem has been fixed.