Discover the new high level content of WAKFU, and defeat hordes of quirky clerics!

Monk Island… This little piece of dirt isolated from the world. What on earth do these religious do away from civilization?

What’s going on there?! After long dithering and debating, ship captains decided to start transporting adventurers on this mystical and mysterious island.

If spiritual singing and organ recitals leave you cold, you can journey to this dark place from April 10th… at your own risk! Some even say that a Dungeon can be found there, the door of which only opens to those who can fulfill specific conditions…
Two courageous adventurers already traveled there before anyone and brought back some never-seen-before pictures… They risked their skin (and many other body parts) but came back alive thanks to a miracle that none can explain… Here is what they saw on the Monk Island!

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