Fleaster Wodents, Eggs hunt, Chocolate Snappers… These are some of the delights you will enjoy from April 6th to April 9th.

Those with a sweet tooth probably anticipate April as the most important month of the year. And the most feared by their livers. Why that? Because it’s Fleaster!

The banquet will start on April 6th, 2pm GMT until April 9th, 9:59pm GMT. In the menu you will find:

  • A gift for your arrival:so no Fleaster egg hunter really loses, each character logging in during the event will receive two Bouquet of Cawwots (that will leave a trail of fleaster eggs behind you) and a Fleaster Wodent Hat (Lvl 15, +15 Ini, +17 HP).
  • Fleaster eggs hunt:Chocolate eggs will appear all around the world and provide gifts once opened. You can win stuffed Tofu and Fleaster Wodents (Haven-Bag decorations) or a Bouquet of Cawwots!
  • Special monsters:Fleaster Wodents assault all nations! They will drop pieces of the Fleaster set (Lvl 15). Show no mercy and hunt down these chocolate creatures; after all, they came to taunt this diet you were on after Kwismas!
  • Chocolate, more chocolate:all monsters level 15 and higher will loot chocolate consumable such as Chocolate Snapper (increases chance), Chocolate Tofu (increases agility), Chocolate Scara (increases intelligence), and Chocolate Gobbly (increases Strength). Beware of caries!
  • "Wabbit Hunter" Title:can be obtained by completing the achievement asking you to kill 20 Fleaster Woodents and open 5 eggs.

Of course a special Fleaster mood will be implemented for the event. Additionally to eggs and monsters you will find Fleaster candlesticks dripping with delicious chocolate in Villages of all nations!

From 2pm GMT on April 6th, your Community Manager will hide for an hour in the World of Twelve, dressed in the Fleaster Woodent set. If you find him, who knows what he’ll give you?
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gekkensukkels 06 April 2012 10:48
Omygosh <3 So happy I got those haven gems yesterday. Gonna fill my haven bag with little Wodents!
#[Troyle] 06 April 2012 15:51
I enlisted the talkative Sebheksiss to embody a Fleaster Wodent with me.

Do you know what this means? Twice more chances to find us, twice more rewards!
namisiaaa 06 April 2012 16:20
Tell in what nation are you! tongue 
norakoo 06 April 2012 16:36
where are these fleaster wodents? i cant find them anywhere...
Suslik 06 April 2012 16:38
Oi. On behalf of all Brakmarians - Please remove those eggs! It's over 9000 of them in the cities. Players can't move properly.
Rarz 06 April 2012 16:44
namisiaaa 06 April 2012 16:45
Why you close the server? I don't find U Troyle yetsad 
Suslik 06 April 2012 16:46
namisiaaa|2012-04-06 16:45:30Why you close the server? I don't find U Troyle yetsad
Most of players are lagging due to infinite eggs respawn.
#[Troyle] 06 April 2012 16:50
We're taking the server down to remove the eggs, before it gets out of hands...
namisiaaa 06 April 2012 16:53
Oh ok, so waiting for server back and have fun againbiggrin