Always willing to push the boundaries in its games, Ankama is now adding a new unseen reproduction system in the game: creating an individual that will receive 50% of your character’s attributes and 50% of the partner, creating cross classes and skills 100% customizable! And you don’t even need to wait for 9 month for the result… Discover the new Project N.A.T.O.L.!

Pets, friends, guild, you’re already in good company in WAKFU… But what if your warrior could ensure his lineage and found a family? Maybe someday will you be the head of a clan as famous as the Smiss.

Project N.A.T.O.L.

Project N.A.T.O.L. (New Artificial Transgentic Offspring Line) is a new elaborated ingame breeding system allowing you the break all customization boundaries! In order to conceive a character, you’ll need to succeed in several important steps and commit as never before! But in the end, you’ll reach the highest ingame achievement and community experience, sharing this character with a chosen player

To summarize this revolution, here are the steps needed to conceive your own character:
  • Meet a character ingame, of the opposite sex, which you trust above all.
  • You and your partner will need to succeed in a compatibility test: schedule, point of view on sharing the child, amount of children wanted, etc.

This is a real commitment: during the first two month after birth, until the child turns into a teenager, one of you will have to behave as a “responsible” parent (it will be possible however to switch responsibility each week).

  • You will have to acquire the first emote involving two characters: Kiss.
  • You will then need to rent one of the eight Bungalows spread all over the World of Twelve. You can only be two using it (with the exception of the Bungalovalova that can host up to 27 players, but where you cannot be sure that the child will end up with daddy’s class), and its use will be limited to one time a month, and per character (except the Bungalovalova… ).

To conceive a child, you and your partner will have to get into the Bungalow. Your character will be locked in there for one hour. You will not be able to play with this character until he/she gets out.

Once this step is completed, the female character will be with N.A.T.O.L.! She will have to carry it for nine days before giving birth. Caution! If you’re the mother and eat raw meat, drink Brakmar beer or fight too often during this period, the result could be disastrous: limbs multiplication, hairs issue and worse have already been reported… If everything goes alright, the child will grow in several phases:

  • Baby – duration: a week
  • Child, size 1 – duration: four weeks
  • Child, size 2 – duration: a month

During this period, the child will be under the care of each one of his parents (the “responsible” parent, see above) and will constantly appear next to him/her, like a pet.

This individual will be a mix of both of his parents’ classes, giving birth to the firsts ever Iopamodas, Sramutrofs, Craniripsa, Pandacrier and Xeflip!

Progenitors will be able to play with this character by taking turns; one hour each (can be set from 30 to 240 minutes). However, one of the parents can leave the care of the child to the other one. To do so, he will have to meet Agoo Dattorney, conjugal relations specialist…

Project N.A.T.O.L. also leads us to exploring more ideas: pet reproduction, monster breeding, or even a revolutionary Character/Monster mixing feature… See you ingame in a few month to discover the first ever N.A.T.O.L.!