High end gaming experience, new territories and their monsters, overall drop system improvements, exclusive dungeons, class balance, and much more... Take a look at this first content update, following the release of WAKFU!


This update sees the additionof two new territories offering high level content: the Kelba Plains and theSadida Kingdom.These areas are no longer allied to Amakna and Bonta respectively, but have instead become island states in their own right.
The new islands will allow you to progress and experience new content.
They bring content for levels 60 to 100. Each island will have at least one exclusive monster family and associated content (mainly new items and sets)and its own exclusive dungeon.

The islands are neutral and cannot be conquered, but they do have a Clan Member who looks after a specific ecosystem.
So that you can gain as much XP as you like,the islands will be easy to access, you’ll just need to pay once for a boat trip. Any following trips will becompletely free!
Be careful  though, because the creatures that roam the islands are very powerful and you won’t be able to defeat them without your friends.
Get ready to hunt down some Crows and Boowolves!


Due to class balancing, and in order to allow the players to rethink the build of their characters. This update will allow you redistribute your ability and specialty points.


The damage caused by elemental spells has been amended and the effectiveness of support spells has been improved.
The states Merry, Dizzy andWorn Out now have100 levels.
Merry increases 10 levels every 10 levels and Worn Out decreases 20 levels every 20 levels.
The number of litres in a Barrel is now displayed next to your HP, like a Feca’s Plates.
The Happy Hour ability no longer attracts, but instead applies the Merry state to all allies, and Dizzy to all enemies within its area of effect.
Milk Fountain now attracts and makes targets Dizzy, but its heals have been reduced.
States applied by Fire spells to Dizzy targets have been amendedto make it easier to perform combos on the targets.
Fire Pandawas now have a new passive spell called “Incandescent Cocktail”.
This passive spell replaces Sherpa, and increases the damage caused by Fire spells, and applies the Incandescent state on Dizzy targets.
Flaming Burpnow provides critical hits, and Light my Fire burns its target.
Dairy Springernow applies Blindnessand Milking It now removes the Dizzy state to cause more damage.
The Earth Pandawa spell Triple Whammy can now be cast while carrying the barrel.
The spell Barrelhop will increase the Pandawa’s Merry state.
Ether now removes the Worn Out state more quickly.


The damage caused by Sacrier spells has been amended, and the passive spell Blood Pactnow gives 30% extra life instead of 20% at the spell’s maximum level.


Based on the same principle as the chances of dodging successfully being displayed, a Sram can now see the chances of them being detected before moving.

The drop system

The drop system has been improved:
· Drop rates have been balanced across the board.
· Sets and certain items are now harder to drop, particularly rare items.
· Following your feedback concerning the Haven Gems low drop rate, we decided to increase it.
· Bosses will now drop gems more easily, and these will also be obtained as global drop on all monsters.
· Resources are now easier to obtain when in a group, and lower quality resources such as Gobball Wool and Horns are much more common.
· Certain items now have a specific prospecting lock.
· The player in the group with the least amount of prospecting is not affected by the player who has the most prospecting.
· The number of players in a team increases the amount of items dropped. However, the number of players doesn’t affect the maximum amount of items available.
. From now on, players’ prospecting (base and bonus) is added together so that the prospecting lock of certain items can be met.
Basically, the more of you there are, the more items you’ll get, which wasn’t the case with the old system. We wanted to change the drop system to better control the number of items received playing solo and in a group.

Of course, you higher your own PP, the more chance you have of dropping an item, and each monster has a specific maximum number of items it can drop.

We haven’t changed the system having assumed that you’d need an Enutrof or full PP character to drop decent items, but rather so that groups drop more items than solo players.

Miscellaneous improvements


Icons have been added to NPC dialogue boxes to improve their readability.
The speed bonus icons have been amended to make them easier to see.
The World Map has been improved.

The quest system is now independent of the achievement system, and they each now have their own specific book.

A quest item inventory has been added, with an unlimited number of slots.


Pets have been changed: they can now be fed a minimum of every 6 hours and a maximum of every 72 hours, and will only lose a maximum of 3HP between each consecutive login.


The following monsters’ characteristics and damage have been amended:

  • Whirligig family
  • Stritch family
  • Stalagmote family
  • Albatrocious family
  • Mushdskito family
  • Crab family
  • Kralove family
  • Arachnee family
The Wild Gobball family has been reviewed:  their level and stats have been increased, and they now have a slightly more diverse set of spells.


The recipes of Rad Bool,  KenKO and Osamodas Powder have been simplified to be easier to craft.
Profession tools have been removed to make way for a cosmetic inventory slot. The Fire of Love will still be equipped in the same location, however.
Large quantities of iron have been added to the beginner areas of each Nation and to the -1 level of the Stoodeep Mines, and some of the Crumbly Rocks have been removed from the mines.

The commotion caused by the Bandits in the Holey Forest of Amakna has awoken the Cracklers!
Forced to flee this danger the Bandits have hidden themselves away in secluded corners of the four nations.


A new Token system has been introduced. At the end of each dungeon you’ll receive a token, to be exchanged for keys or pieces of equipment.

It is now possible to see the characteristics of items directly from the gift interface rather than having to collect them first.
How to play…” guides are now available for each class.

Bug Fixes



It is no longer possible to use items such as beacons or dials to block bridges or narrow passages in fights.


Players watching a fight in which a Sacrier casts Light Speed will no longer see the Sacrier disappear.
Burning Blood’s critical hit damage is now correct.
Tattooed Blood now works as it should.


The direction a character is facing no longer changes if they are thrown by a Pandawa.
A Pandawa carrying a barrel can now go 3 turns KO. If they are carrying a player, they will attempt to put them down on an adjacent cell. If a cell isn’t available, the carried character will take the Pandawa’s place.
Milky Instinct now correctly consumes litres when activated and correctly renders targets Dizzy.
The resistance gain from Pandawhack now lasts until the start of the Pandawa’s next turn.
An enemy affected by Motion Sickness correctly suffers damage if thrown by a Pandawa.
The Pandawa Barrel can no longer be Dizzy.


The Drhellzerker state is no longer unbewitchable.


Feca spells can now be used to destroy interactive items such as barrels.
Explosive Deglyphment now correctly shows a Wakfu Point as having been used.
The Fecammer armour now works correctly when cast on an ally.


The fact that Cat Tree stabilises the Ecaflip is now correctly display on the status bar.
Winning Streak is correctly removed when receiving damage or heals while on the Cat Tree.


The range of Bat’s Eye is now correct at levels 5, 7 and 9.
Piercing Arrow now applies the correct amount of Riddling.
Powerful Shooting is now activated correctly at all levels.
Beacons no longer trigger Cra Precision.
Beacon Sneakin’ can no longer be cast if the Cra is Stabilised.
Windy Beacon now shows the correct area-of-effect when moused-over.


Stabber is now applied correctly even when the target dies.
Air spells no longer make the Sram visible if it kills a target from behind.


The Rebirth Martk is now correctly activated when the Eniripsa is Transcendent, and no longer destroys Chafers that are KO.


The Darth Mussel buff “Sword of Damocles” is now removed correctly when the Darth Mussel dies.
Monsters now correctly attack interactive items such as barrels, beacons and dials.


It is no longer possible to obtain 2 Tasteless Seeds in the Field Dungeon.
Drheller Keys can no longer be obtained in-game.
Chests in the Gobball Dungeons now open correctly.


Scaraleaf Seeds can now be planted in Mourning Wood.
Bellaphone and Stritch Seeds can now be planted in the Pabong Fields.
Albatrocious Seeds can now be planted in the Terrana Dune.
Scarecrow Seeds can now be planted in the Fertile Prairie.
Barley now grows correctly.
The profession interfaces now display the correct resources.


Scaraleaf Seeds can now be planted in Mourning Wood.
Bellaphone and Stritch Seeds can now be planted in the Pabong Fields.
Albatrocious Seeds can now be planted in the Terrana Dune.
Scarecrow Seeds can now be planted in the Fertile Prairie.
Barley now grows correctly.
The profession interfaces now display the correct resources.