Discover the membership offers available for the release of the game. And who says “launch offers” also means “Sale”! Those will be available until Mach 31st. If you missed the pre-subscriptions, there’s still time for a good deal…

Subscribe now and enjoy a complete, limitless gaming experience:

  • Battle against high-level monsters (and win some awesome XP at the same time!).
  • Fill your pouch by minting as many of your very own kamas as you like.
  • Take part in colossal PvP battles at times of war between Nations!
  • Practice the 16 professions available in game and learn how to make all the rarest equipment.
  • Vote in the elections for Governor or even run for office.
  • Climb to the top of Mount Zinit and try your hand at overthrowing Ogrest!
Plus, benefit from great subscription gifts!
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Why subscribe to WAKFU


Launch offers:


Payment methods:

SMS, Audiocode, credit card, Paypal, Wexpay, prepaid card, cheque and Ogrines.
Please note that the Payment method availability may vary according to your country of residence.




How can I get my gifts once in-game?

  • Elemental Set token
Each token randomly offers one piece of the 5 Elemental Sets: Water, Earth, Fire, Air or the multi-elements Avatar set.
Once retrieved from the in-game gifts interface, go to the Subadub Machine in the Astrub Inn where you can use your token(s) and get the parts for your set(s).
  • Candy Token
Go to the Astrub Inn to use the token on the Subadub Machine to randomly unlock a candy pack from: Wise Candy (+80 Wisdom), Cuddly Candy (+30 Wisdom), Prosperous Candy (+60 Prospection) and Lucky Candy (+20 Prospection).

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