In Content Update 0.315, ascend Mount Zinit in hopes of putting an end to Ogrest’s Chaos. But that’s not all, the luck of the Ecaflip has returned!
With only one week left of Beta, discover everything that version 0.315 has to offer in: The Ogre's Coercion.


End of Beta Notice

As we march ever closer to launch at the end of this month, we must realize that at some point Open Beta must draw to a close, and that time is upon us.

WAKFU will conclude is Beta testing on Wednesday, February 22nd.

In one week, all game servers will go down in order to make final preparations and adjustments for launch on February 29th. As it won't be an idle time for anyone, including the community, we look forward to having you with us for the final stretch.

Thank you for your support and loyalty.


Character Classes


  • Enutrof’s Blessing has been balanced.
  • Mine zones have been reviewed.
  • Pouch and Big Bag have been balanced and have had their drop rate increased.



  • Merriment has been reviewed and the bonuses and loses have been modified.
  • Specialties have been balanced and modified accordingly.
  • Water spells can now be used with or without a barrel.
  • Earth and Fire spell effects have been modified.



  • Dermarok specialty has been added.
  • Rocky Skin specialty has been added.
  • Life Transfer specialty has been added.
  • Angrr has been reviewed.
  • Motion Sickness has been moved to the Air branch.
  • Fire spells now reflect 30% of the damage dealt to the Sacrier.
  • Earth spells now apply the “Dermarok” state.
  • The last spell of each branch now asks for a specified amount of Angrr.


  • Temporal Dust has been reviewed and increased.
  • Hydrand has been reviewed and increased.
  • Temporal Distortion can now evolve and its cast conditions and limitations have been modified.



  • Earth Beacons have been balanced, modified and increased.
  • Fire Beacons have been balanced, modified and increased.



  • Flatten now cost 4 Action Points and 1 Movement Point at the last level.
  • Overall minor balancing has been carried out.



  • After being entirely revamped, the class has been re-integrated.


  • Glyphs have been reviewed and modified accordingly.
  • Armor has been reviewed and modified accordingly.



  • Guile can now only be used twice per turn.
  • Death Sentence has been modified; the damage has been decreased and the effects increased.
  • Kleptosram has been modified and now steals the Critical Hit rate rather than Perception and now costs 4 Action Points along with a reduction in damage. 
  • Water spells have had their unlock order modified.
  • Tricky Blow has been balanced.
  • Overall minor balancing has been carried out.



  • Overall damage has been reviewed and increased.



  • Bonuses given by characteristics have been modified accordingly:
  • Health Points utilize a 1:1 return ratio now, costing 1 Point for 1 point of Health across all levels.
  • Initiative now costs 2 Points for 1 point of Initiative.
  • Lock now costs 2 points instead of 1.
  • Dodge now costs 2 points instead of 1.
  • Wisdom now costs 3 points instead of 5.
  • Lock, Dodge, Wisdom, Prospecting, Health Points, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Luck, Initiative and Block have had their descriptions updated.



  • Ogrest's Chaos has begun anew! Random world events will begin to affect the territories, affecting the local ecosystem. It’s up to you to fight off this blight and defend our homes!
  • The hidden path to Mt. Zinit has been discovered! As the main storyline to WAKFU, trek to this ancient and holy land in hopes of putting an end to the wrath of Ogrest and his guardians.
  • All Ecosystems and Clan Members have been reset.



  • The Gemlin is now received at the conclusion of the Bow Meow fight and is automatically equipped. He cannot be unequipped while in Incarnam.
  • Wolfram, Master Kano, the beaters and Sokay’s dialogues have been modified.
  • Sokay now only offers one destination (Astrub).



  • New drops can now be found.
  • New challenges have been added.
  • Astrub is now considered a nation and is allied with all four other nations.
  • Territory rules apply to Astrub just like for an allied nation.
  • Outposts are now territories of their respected nation.


Conquerable Islands

  • Calamar Island, Maya Bay and Bilbiza have been graphically reviewed in order to be closer to the visual style of Sufokia.
  • Maya Bay and Bilbiza are currently being revised and will not be available for the game’s release.



  • Kokoko and Chafer dungeons have been added.
  • Blibli, Plant, Scara, Snapper and Bandit (4 nations and Elite) have been improved.
  • Rush dungeons are currently being revised and will not be available for the game’s release.



  • Achievements have been added for Mt. Zinit.
  • Wild Achievements have been added. These will be unlocked through item drops and will give access to exclusive “mini-goals” which provide a reward upon completion.



  • New challenges have been added to Astrub.



  • Several new creatures have made themselves known with the arrival of Ogrest’s Chaos: the Cult of Ogrest, four different Chaos Trools, and Ogrest himself.
  • The following creatures can be found at Mt. Zinit: Zinit Surimi, Crabs, Tornados, Tornado Chiefs, Blops, Royal Blops, and Aguabrial.
  • The following families have been rebalanced: Bliblis, Googoos, Plants, Snappers, Scaras,  Kokokos, and Chafers have been balanced.
  • The item drop list of all creatures has been reviewed.
  • Experience gained when fighting a group of creatures has been increased.



  • Petscan now be found in the World of Twelve and can be obtained through Premium Membership packages or through normal gameplay (such as the Black Bow Meow).  View the Dev Blog for more details.
  • The Gemlin is now considered a pet and will therefore be your first.
  • Characters from before the patch will see their Gemlin disappear. A new Gemlin is available for them in the gift interface.



  • New resources have been added, resulting in balancing of the existing resources accordingly, as well.
  • Resource levels have been modified and range from 5 by 5 in order to better synch with profession progression.
  • Nation ecosystems have been reviewed in order to offer a feeling of nature progression and evolution due the overall balancing and implementation of the new resources.



  • New recipes have been added (especially for the Kynder and Drunkard sets).
  • All profession recipes have been balanced.



  • The Gemlin can now be customized with new accessories.
  • New quest-giver items can now be found. These items can be dropped by creatures and once used will give issue an exclusive achievement to complete for very beneficial rewards.
  • Nation books, given by the owls upon choosing a nation, will now have more information.
  • The Adventurer set now drops from the following creatures: Rats, Twiggies and Albatrocious.
  • Watch, False Shadow and Dirty Look equipment pieces have been added.
  • Dodge and Lock bonus/penalty items have been balanced.
  • Destiny,Respite andTrouble sets have been balanced in addition to receiving a new element.


Haven Bag

  • Everyone now automatically receives the Haven Bag upon arriving at their nation’s outpost.
  • It is now possible to enter and exit the Haven Bag through a dedicated UI button.


  • The characteristic interface has been improved and simplified to make it more accessible and customizable. Each characteristic can now be selected and be either displayed or hidden.
  • A pet management window has been added.



  • Added sound effects for the Sadida’s dolls.
  • Amakna and Bonta have had their music revised.
  • Added atmospheric and combat music for Mount Zinit.
  • Added atmospheric sound effects and music for the Kokoko and Chafer dungeons.
  • Added music for Ogrest’s Chaos.
  • Most of class spells have had their sound effects revised.
  • Added sound effects for the new emotes.


Bug fixes

  • Xelor’ Sandglass now offers a random Action Point to the closest ally, and not always the same target.
  • Damage done by the Feca’s Explosive Glyph, upon disappearing, is clearly displayed in the chat window.
  • Damage done by the Feca’s Peace Armor, once destroyed, is clearly displayed in the chat window.
  • The Eniripsa’s Aquaheal effect now has one icon.
  • Sram’s Tricky Blow now pushes away the spell caster one cell from the targeted cell.
  • Iop’s Authority no longer put enemies back to back.
  • The “Sadida Tree” state’s description has been revised.
  • Sadida Drain can no longer drain more Health Points than the amount the target has.
  • The Fire combat bubbles now cause 1 Wakfu Point loss per turn.
  • The Haven Bag’s chest and ecosystems have been fixed and now correctly save upon logging out.
  • Magic Kwismas Tree Seeds can now be deleted from the inventory.
  • The moving animation is now shown correctly after being stabilized by a creature.
  • Clan members of Destiny, Respite and Trouble no longer carry Piwi sets.
  • It is once again possible to open up the management interface of Captain Calamari’s territory more than once.
  • Players are no longer forced to endure an extremely long Dragoturkey ride from a trip from Sufokia Village to Turfo Canyon.
  • The translation key has been modified for the Turfo Canyon Drago-Express.
  • Some recepticles have been fixed and are interactive again.
  • The Astrub Tavern interior now displays properly.
  • Pandawa’s Blisskrieg no longer overshadows the effects of the Sadida Tree.
  • Biblisnow attack as intended after healing themselves.