If you’ve always dreamt of paying Ogrest a visit and giving him a good hiding, then you’re in for a treat! The Gods are smiling down on you, brave adventurers, for an incredible challenge awaits!


Mount Zinit… there’s a name guaranteed to set the hearts of daring adventurers racing!

Zinit is the highest point in the World of Twelve, and at the very top of this rocky peak, Ogrest lies in wait…



Wakfu and Stasis mix together in great quantities on Mount Zinit, making it an area unlike any other in the World of Twelve, and the repercussions of any action that takes place here are amplified enormously. In WAKFU the MMORPG, it’s where you’re given the chance to change the course of history…

But back to the origins of the mountain...

In primitive times, Mount Zinit was a sacred place, respected by all. Shrouded in mystery, and hiding plenty of secrets, the Eliatrope Council could meet discreetly at the foot of this enigmatic mountain, certain that they would not be disturbed.



Legend has it that Chibi, the Eliatrope patriarch, heard the voice of the Goddess while climbing to the summit of Mount Zinit. It is also said that it was here that he carried out his experiments with Stasis – away from suspicious, prying eyes – before the arrival of Orgonax and the resulting destruction of the Eliatrope colony.

Let’s jump forward in time now, bringing us closer to the present day…



At the end of the Dofus Age, Ogrest, mad with grief at losing his beloved, climbed to the top of the mountain and began to cry. His grief was such that his tears became a flood, submerging the World and marking the beginning of the Wakfu Era.


Bossowl And Ullu, CHOOSE YOUR PATH

Rubbing shoulders with Wodents, understanding the ecosystem, taking up your first weapon and learning to fight – life’s a breeze in Incarnam!

Once you’ve travelled the length and breadth of the floating prairies, Sokay will offer you the chance to prove yourself in the World of Twelve.  So, after completing a few quests and choosing the nation you wish to belong to, you’ll find yourself in Astrub!

You’ll be invited to make your way to the main square, where you’ll meet the chief of the Owls, Master Bossowl, and (finally!) become a citizen of the World of Twelve.

Your business with Master Hiboss complete, you’ll be standing alone in the centre of Astrub with the whole World at your feet. Except you’re not alone – for standing beside you is the mysterious character known as Ullu! 



While Bossowl will show you everything you need to become a good citizen; travelling the 4 nations, looking after the ecosystem, taking part in elections and rampaging through dungeons, Ullu has an even more mouth-watering offer in store…

He suggests you head off the beaten track to see what’s cracking off on Mount Zinit, and maybe even change the course of history by challenging the mighty Ogrest! Everyone agrees that this terrible creature has been wreaking havoc across the lands of Wakfu for long enough, and it’s about time someone gave him a long-overdue beating…

Ullu will show you the location of the pier where the Hullcatz ship is waiting to take you to the foot of the legendary mountain… but only if you agree to feed the hungry sailors first! Mind you, that’s another story altogether!



So, what will you do? Try your luck against Ogrest, or make your way straight to Incarnam? Or perhaps you’ll heed Master Bossowl’s advice and head to the World of Twelve to prepare yourself, ready to return to Mount Zinit a while later?

Choose your fate wisely!


A unique gaming experience

Mount Zinit is a unique gaming experience in its own right. It’s the game’s main quest, and will show you WAKFU from a completely different angle!

Your objective: dethrone Ogrest and write your name in the pages of history!

But the path will be long, and fraught with pitfalls. There are dozens of quests to complete, numerous enemies to defeat and vast wildernesses to cross!



Whether on your own or in a group, you’ll discover more about the game’s rich story, and there are plenty of plot-twists and surprises in store!

Exclusive quests, rare monsters and unique areas abound in a place where there’s danger and challenge at every turn!



Because you can make your way back to Astrub from Mount Zinit at any time, you can return to your life as a citizen whenever the mood takes you. The vast plains, the politics, the dungeons, the professions and everything else – it can all be yours!

The choice is yours: the nations, Mount Zinit… or both!