After Amakna, Sufokia and Brakmar, you thought there wouldn't have any more chance to participate in the street naming of the World of Twelve? You did not count on Bonta!


Each nation defends, by the name of its streets, the image that it wants to give to itself. Authorize the citizens of Brakmar the privilege to give the names of their streets without doing the same for its great rival, Bonta, would have been a great injustice! That is why today we appeal to all the imagination of Bontarians to give the white and blue pavements of the archipelago the names they deserve.

Three Clan Members for three merchant bridges

Macrobio leaves the sweet smells of bread and sawdust at the Pancake Bridge, where lives the best handymen and cooks of the archipelago. Always on the lookout for the latest culinary discovery, some say he loves purple liquid marshmallows!

From his throne, Clout reigns supreme on Arms Way, where he likes to say that the “cream of masters of weapons” does business. And do not dare contradict him, his humor is as sharp as the finest blade!

“The fashion is me!” This is the phrase that Nina Richa will tell those willing to listen. At the 5th Bond Avenue, its she who makes the law. Class and good taste are the key words and shall ensure that each trade only offers the top luxury!

How does the contest work?

The principle is simple: from the reputation of the CMs and of Bonta, you can make us propositions of names for the streets and avenues that comprise the three merchant bridges of Bonta.

  • Only one participation per person is allowed.
  • Each participation can only have one proposition per bridge (being three total propositions)
  • Each participation must sent by e-mail to the address mascha-chan(at)ankama(dot)com before February 8th 11:59 PM GMT.
  • The e-mail must contain: one to three proposals for street names (as well as the bridge they are related to) and the Nickname of your Ankama account (the nickname that appears on the forums, and not the login name you use to connect, which you MUST keep secret)

What can you win?

At the end of the contest, the winners will see their names of street integrated in the game and will receive a special ingame title to make known to everyone their mastery of words and puns.

We wish all participants good luck!