Who hasn’t dreamed of a Bow Meow or a Gobball happily running at their feet? The pets are coming to the WAKFU universe!
Discover the adorable companions of our future adventures!

Dear beta testers, you have been waiting for them and they will be there on time for the game release.
The pets can be obtained in different ways: as a reward from the achievements, as a rare drop or even as part of the subscription packages.

The pet features

Don't worry, as soon as everything in the game is translated, your pet will also speak English! :p

The pet starts its life with a vitality of 20 Health Points. It will lose 1 Health point if:

  • Fed too little, or too often;
  • Fed with a non suitable food, that isn’t part of his diet,
  • When its carrier loose a fight.

In case of abuse, the owner of the pet will be able to give his pet some Health Points back by using Osamoda Powder (up to 20 maximum). Although, if the vitality of the pet goes to 0, it will then become “Weakened” and will no longer give any bonus to its carrier until its vitality improves.

When first obtained, your pet is at level 0, but with proper care, it may soon reach its maximum level of 50. To do this, simply feed it properly (with proper food and suitable frequency), or win battles with having your pet equipped.

Each pet brings a bonus to its carrier. This bonus is determined by the pet itself, its level, and the type of food that you have given to your pet.

All the pets can also be customized. Either via a consumable item that can change the color of the pet; or via a customization item that can be worn by the pet (only 1 item to be equipped at a time).

And what about our friend the Gemlin?

The Gemlin remains present, and will still be found in Incarnam where you must save it from the terrible Bow Meow in your first fight. It will in fact be the first pet of your adventure.

And if you are unable to let go of it before leaving Incarnam, we feel that the possibility to have something other than a gelatinous creature by your side might rejoice more than one. Although if you do take good care of it, the Gemlin may still give you a bonus up to 50 additional Health Points.