Are you ready to catch them all? In Content Update 0.311, become an assassin for hire as a new Sram’s Shadow character class or explore new character builds as additional characteristics, such as Perception or Agility, are introduced! But that’s not all, folks —discover everything that version 0.311 has to offer in: “A Perceptive Shadow.”


  • Large changes on the characteristics:
  • Basic characteristics: HP, AP, MP, WP, Range.
  • Addition of Luck, Force, Agility and Intelligence in order to boost damages and elementary resistance.
  • Wisdom multiplies the experience gained at the end of a fight as well as Hyperaction (Temporal mastery: ability to inflict or to resist to AP loss).
  • Prospecting increases the chances of winning loot at the end of a fight as well as Hypermovement (ability to inflict or to resist to MP loss).
  • Willpower modifies the chances to apply or to resist to a state.
  • Secondary characteristics: Dodge, Lock, Initiative, CH, CF, Expert Mechanic, Leadership, Kit Skill.
  • Added secondary characteristics:
  • Perception: Increases chances to remain invisible and to detect invisibility.
  • Parade: Increases the chances to lower hits taken by 30%.
  • The overall characteristics costs have been revised.


Character classes

  • Changed experience progression for improved balancing:
  • Increased the experience progression. More experience will be needed per level.
  • It is now more interesting to fight a single monster than a group. Beating a level 80 monster will give more experience than 4 level 20 monsters.
  • The group experience has been increased in order to improve multiplayer experience.
  • The spells experience progression has been updated in order to be consistent with the combat experience.
  • All twelve classes have had their spells modified:  costs, range, percentage of state application and damage.
  • Global character wipe.
  • The Rogue and Ecaflip classes have been made temporarily unavailable.


  • The Sram’s Shadow class has been implemented. See the Dev Blog for more information.


  • Unbeaconcan now sometimes reissue its Wakfu point cost.
  • Long Distance Combat: decreased Critical Hit percentage per MP.
  • Bat’s Eye: Increased Range loss and Critical Fail gain.
  • TheDisturbing Arrow state can now be accumulated.



  • Traid Markand Rebirth Mark cannot be cast on an invocation.
  • Transcendenceheals a maximum of 10% Health Points instead of 25%.
  • Regenerationis triggered at the end of the target's turn and not at the start of it.
  • Eniraseris now castable on the Eniripsa; the spell also gives a temporary resistance to the application



  • Uppercutis limited to one use per target and per turn.
  • Flattennow costs Movement Points.
  • Bravery Standardstabilizes the Iop.



  • Fire spellsare no longer dependent on the barrel.
  • Karchamrakcosts 1 Action Point per cast but loses its line of sight at max level.  
  • Barrelhoploses its line of sight at max level.
  • Master of Merrimentnow boosts a maximum of 10% of health points instead of 20%.
  • Merry Stateno longer inflicts a Movement Point loss.



  • The Osamoda's invocations have been reviewed.
  • The Fire branch spell sequence has changed:
  • New: Magpie, Gurgling, Mooing, Croak, and Boohowl
  • The Crobak spell has had its Critical Failures reduced to 10% instead of 15% at max level.
  • Feather Tornado pushes back one cell. 
  • The Gobgob's level can no longer be higher than that of the Osamoda; 2 of its spells are then temporarily deactivated: Gobstric Reflux and Piercing Cry.
  • The Gobgob now has a spell to return closer to the Osamoda.
  • Gobupincreases the stats of the summoned creatures at max level.
  • Symbiosastats have been reviewed.
  • Gobgobstats have been reviewed. 
  • Additional creatures are now tamable:  Googoos, Rats, Larvae, Plants, Toads, Bliblis, Boos, Moskitos, Scaraleaves, Chafers, Snappers, Kokokos.



  • Fire attacksdamaging the Sacrier have been changed and now only damage the Sacrier 30% of the damage the Sacrier has inflicted onto its target.
  • Punishmentnow costs 2 Wakfu Points but damages the Sacrier.
  • Attractionno longer costs Movement Points and applies the “Awkward” state.



  • Rusthas been changed and can now be cast on a target linked to a totem. 
  • Poisoned Wind now inflicts basic damage in addition to the application of the “Wounded” State.
  • K’Mirhas been changed and now cost 4 AP instead of 5 AP, the target of the spell cannot lock.
  • The doll’s HP boost has been decreased.
  • Doll Sacrificeno longer triggers Explodoll and its marks.
  • Voodollcosts 1 Wakfu Point at max level in addition to redirecting 20% extra damage, instead of 10%. 
  • Sic’Em Morenow allows boosting of dolls.



  • New progression of the spell Prime of Life.
  • Treasure Trackerhas increased at max level and now goes from 20% of prospecting to 40%.
  • The proc rate of Enutrof’s Blessing has been slightly increased.



  • Sidimote Moors has been added to Brakmar. Managed by Moe Kneetorks, they also host the infamous Chafer family.
  • Added Rocky Beach, populated by Stalagmotes.
  • Added the Gnashville Brakmar territory. Learn to fish from Krustiblak, surrounded by Molluskies and Kraloves.
  • Added the Sufokia Jumpin' Jungle. Learn to be a forester with Kokogro, guardian of the local Kokokos.
  • Added the Steamulating Shore in Sufokia. Discover the joys of fishing with Fligh, Clan Member of the area.
  • Added the Sufokia Cradle and its Sharks.
  • For consistency reasons, some Clan Members have been renamed.
  • Astrub:
  • Creatures of each route have been changed.
  • Astrub clans have been improved.
  • Professions can be learned from the Howl Masters.
  • Harvestable resources on the roads have been added. 
  • Dragoturkeys can be rebuilt. 
  • Guards and nation-type Ghostofs have been added to the central area.
  • Emelka can now be accessed by default on Amakna without activation from the players. The Kelba territory will become the unlockable territory.
  • Unlockable territories (Kelba and the Sadida Kingdom) have been barricaded until after release.
  • The Not Mines (Bonta) and the Drhellery (Amakna) are now on the same level.


  • Added three dungeons in Astrub, linked with the local clans: the House of Destiny, the House of Respite and the House of Trouble.
  • Removed the Astrub Hoola Hoopiwi dungeon.
  • All existing dungeons have been modified: +20 wisdom for all players and +20% additional damage for creatures.
  • The Blibli, Fields, Snapper, and Scara dungeons have received further modifications.

Haven Bag

  • The individual chest is now available in the Haven Bags. It will allow the players to store a certain amount of items (without being unlimited). Each Haven Bag can only contain one chest, it can be found in the management room.
  • In order to tore more items, the chest can be improved by using Ikiakits (evolution kits), made by the Handymen.
  • Currently, accessing the chest it restricted to its owner.
  • Improved Haven Bag visuals: changed ground sprites for all the rooms and the management room has been made bigger.


  • Added 67 new items (related to the new monsters and areas), including 9 new sets.
  • All existing items have been re-balanced.
  • 5-roll craft itemsare now 4.


User Interfaces

  • The World Map has received an overhaul – additional zoom functions have been added.
  • Additional map tokens have been added: mines and tunnels + Astrub dungeons.
  • A level indicator has been added to dungeon map tokens.
  • An Achievement Tracking window has been integrated.



  • SFX for the new emotes and missing ones.
  • SFX for the Sram’s animations and APS.
  • Additions, improvements and optimization of the sounds used during the class spells.
  • SFX for the animations and APS of the new monsters: Chafers, Stalagmotes, Molluskies, Sharks, Kraloves, Kokoko.
  • Retake of the Albatrocious’ spell “Beak Tweak”
  • Added sounds for the crystals on the Wakfu and Stasis islands.
  • Sound FX for the new areas, dungeons, mines and Clan Members in Sufokia and Brakmar.
  • Debug of the Brakmar lava ambient sounds.