Today, learn everything about all the wonderful contests running for the international community and about the upcoming WAKFU Update that includes the very feared character wipe!

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Hosts: William and Mascha


Joy to the world, The dofus hast droped!
Let us see its stats!;
Let every person prepare his ears!,
And Crocabulia and Dragon Pig sing,
And Crocabulia and Dragon Pig sing,
And Crocabulia, and Dragon Pig, and Dark Vlad sing.

Joy to the world the soverign rings!
let mopy their shorts deploy!;
While Wild canyons, Swamps, cracklers of Cania feilds and plains Repeat the sounds of joy, Repeat the sounds of joy, Repeat, repeat, the sounds of joy.

No more let Iops and Dopples Wrath,
Nor Brambles infest the ground;
Kwismas Minitoball comes to steal pressents and Throw.
As long as Kwismas is around,
As long as Kwismas is around,
As long as, as long as Kwismas is around.

~Kahlua (Shika)

Topics: After a special holiday greeting from Izmar, William takes you on a complete survey of all the contests that are currently running for the international community! That way you're sure you don't miss a thing! And seeing your great disappointment about the character wipe in the upcoming Update in WAKFU, Mascha will give you all the explanations you need about it.

Inside Ankama On Air is taking some vacations, we will be back on January 11th 2012! We wish you all a very happy new year!

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