The 4th of January 2012, the patch 0.311 will be deployed in WAKFU. While you wait for the announcement of the complete list of the updates and content, discover now the main changes planned for this update !


The main additions of contents of the patch 0.311 will be:

  • The Sram Class, its gameplay is detailed on the devblog.
  • The last territories of Brakmar, Sidimote Moor and Macheville
  • The last territories of Sufokia, Incarnated Jungle and Stimulating Shore
  • Improvements for Astrub
  • A tool for tracking achievements

In order to improve the game experience, other changes will take place:

  • A deletion of all characters will be made, in order to test on equal grounds all the changes on Astrub, the new curve of progression, the economy and all the changes of balancing. We acknowledge that this is saddenning for most of you, but this is a mandatory step to be done with such radical changes coming to the game, we need to test these changes in a pure environment before the game releases and the wipe is the only way to achieve such conditions. But this also means we're on the last steps to the final version of the game ! The Ankama team is relying on your constructive feedback, don't hesitate to give your opinion about the new content on the WAKFU-forums!
  • For a future overhaul, the Ecaflip class will be temporarily unavailable, but it will be back very soon...
  • The Rogue class will also be unavailable in order to have a complete overhaul. The Ankama team will focus its energy on balancing all the 12 main classes. The new version of the Rogue and the Masqueraiders will be available shortly after the final game release scheduled for Feburary 2012.

These are just a part of the coming changes, however ! There is a lot more content that will be added, and the complete detailed changelog will be available very soon !