Descendre, month of the first snowfalls. But the inhabitants of the World of Twelve are not ready to freeze just yet! Get your most beautiful decorations ready and your warmest Boowolf fur boots, for Kwismas is about to begin!


In addition to the traditional gift-hunting, it is customary on Kwismas eve to decorate the nation’s Kwismas Itzting. An activity that every citizen can take part in, while sipping spiced apple juice (a Pandawas’ favorite!).

It’s at the nation’s Headquarters that, after so many efforts, citizens get together on the 24 Descendre to share a stuffed Dragoturkey in good company. Children who behaved nicely will find a lot of presents under the Kwismas tree: Father Kwismas costume, interior decorations, magical sweets that transform you into a white Bow Meow…