We have great news for you all: the highly anticipated Sram’s Shadow character class is set to debut within the next WAKFU Content Update! Arriving January 4th, have a peek at what these master assassins have in store for the World of Twelve.


Being mirror images of their god, Sram, these disciples have a nasty habit of hiding in the shadows, playing tricks, and even going as far as stabbing their friends in the back (literally!)

The Invisibility Mechanic

Invisibility plays a large role for the Sram. Lacking any real long-range attack, the assassin relies heavily upon stealth in order to get up close and personal – preferably from the rear where one gains the greatest advantage – while taking on minimal damage.

Staying hidden until revealed to the enemy, the Sram will stay among the shadows until either landing on a locked cell or by carrying out an attack, whether or not he is successful. However, due to his uncanny speed, the act of pushing an enemy to-or-fro won’t reveal the Sram, unless of course the enemy of course takes damage – such as by being pressed against the combat boundaries.

At the start of a turn belonging to an adversary of a Sram, a “Perception” roll is carried out. Being a new characteristic, it will be an additional stat made available within the coming Content Update to all classes; and just like Initiative, it will also start at a value of 100.

This roll of Perception has two basic parameters to consider:

  • Perception of the two fighters: the difference between these two values becomes the chance percentage of the Sram staying invisible.
  • The distance between the Sram and his enemy: -10% chance for the Sram to be spotted per cell.


The longer the Sram stays invisible, the more “Shadowy Cloak” they accumulate. At each successful Perception roll, or upon the use of certain spells, the state gains an additional level. And when a Sram finally reveals himself, the Shadowy Cloak gives a bonus based on the accumulated level. It’s almost like adrenaline!

The  Stabber Mechanic

The “Stabber” state is a particular aspect available to all Srams without leveling up a specialty. It appears when the Sram attacks from behind, and accumulates for each consecutive attack, no matter the Elemental Spell used. Increasing damage done by 1% per state level, the state will eventually vanish if the assassin ends a turn without dealing Backstab damage.

The passive specialty, “Master Stabber”, considerably increases the effects of this state and allow the Sram to be more effective.

The Fire Branch

The Fire branch taps into the sinister-side of the Sram, focusing on pain and suffering, particularly through the “Hemorrhage” state. Inflicting Health Point loss equal to its level (non-reducible and non-boostable) at the beginning of the opponent’s turn, the state will disappear if the Sram does not reapply it (or, re-open the wound).

  • Cold Blood: The Sram attacks violently, applying the Hemorrhage state to his victim.
  • First Blood: First Blood is particularly effective on targets with full health. This spell inflicts even more damage on them, as well as giving them 1 level of the Hemorrhage state.
  • No Mercy: The more the enemy is hurt, the more No Mercy has chances to inflict serious damage.
  • Bled Dry: If the target has less than 15% of Health Points, the Sram can use Bled Dry to inflict massive damage. In addition, this spell increases the hemorrhage level of the target.
  • Execution: The Sram activates Hemorrhage on his opponent, inflicting tremendous damage! This spell consumes the Hemorrhage state.

The Water Branch

For the Sram, the Water branch corresponds to his ability to pilfer from his enemies. If he isn’t stealing physical items, he can take his enemies’ capabilities, as long as he manages to hit them from behind!

  • Kleptosram: The Sram is able to steal “Perception” from his target by attacking from behind.
  • Swindlesram: Ever the swindler, the Sram has a chance of stealing Lock from his target when attacking from behind.
  • Bloody Ripoff: The Sram can recover some Health Points inflicted by his spell by attacking from behind.
  • Sramshackle: Allows the Sram to steal 1 MP from his target by attacking from the back.
  • Petty Theft: The Sram steals 1 AP from his enemy if he can attack from behind.

The Air Branch

The Air branch is very linked to the Sram invisibility. It offers bonuses if the Sram hit his enemy while being invisible. It also allows the Sram to move his enemies or to get out of difficult situations by pushing them back. Each air spells has a scalable probability to not cancel the invisibility based on the cost of the spell.

  • Fear: The Sram traumatizes his opponent, pushing it back 1 cell. He gains 1 level of Shadowy Cloak if he is not revealed.
  • Tricky Blow: The Sram pushes his target back 2 cells and gains 4 levels of Shadowy Cloak state if he is not revealed.
  • Cruel Blow: With Cruel Blow, the Sram can considerably increase the damage he does when attacking from behind. If he is not revealed, he will gain 3 levels of Shadowy Cloak.
  • Best Foot Forward: The Sram gives a kick to the chest of his enemy resulting in pushing the enemy back 1 cell.
  • Death Blow: The Sram uses the Shadowy Cloak state, which enables him to inflict extra damage and push his enemy backwards. The Shadowy Cloak state is consumed.

Sram Specialties

Active Specialties

  • Invisibility: The Sram becomes invisible to other fighters, as long as he doesn’t produce nor suffer from damage. The further away the Sram is positioned, the greater his disguise is effective.
  • Shadow Trap: The Sram places an invisible Shadow on the ground, and if he steps on it, his Perception increases. If an enemy steps on it, however, he will be trapped and will suffer damage based on the Sram's Perception.
  • Scram: The Sram is quick on his feet! Scram increases his MP and level of Shadowy Cloak. The Shadowy Cloak bonus only applies if the Sram is invisible.
  • Double: The Sram invokes a Double, an identical and controllable doppelganger of himself; however the Double will die in an explosion if the victim of an attack.
  • Diversion: The Sram can throw a rock at a target, distracting and causing confusion. Diversion won’t reveal the Sram.


The specialties “Shadow Trap” and “Double” have an additional specificity allowing the Sram to cast them while being invisible and remaining undetected – these are the Shadow Spells.

Bei den Spezialitäten "Schattenfalle" und "Spiegelbild" handelt es sich um sogenannte Schattenzauber. Daher können sie im unsichtbaren Zustand gewirkt werden, ohne dass der Sram dabei sichtbar wird.


Passive Specialties

  • Sram to the Bone: Allows the Sram to increase Mechanics, Dodge and Perception.
  • Sram Reflex: If an enemy casts a spell while being in direct contact with the Sram, the Sram will have chances to automatically back up one cell and gain 1 MP to maintain control of the situation.
  • Master Stabber: Allows the Sram to give more damage by attacking from behind while gaining Stabber state levels.
  • Look Around You: Thanks to this spell, the Sram has a chance to turn his enemy around, no matter what the attack is.
  • Shadow Master: Shadow Master gives the Sram a chance of staying invisible after attacking a target, although it only works if he attacks from behind.