Get ready for the epic battle between two legendary heroes! On one side, Remington, the present leader of the game. On the other side the young and courageous challenger: Millennia! Who will win? It's up to you to decide!


International WAKFU players are callet to vote one final and last time to decide which name their future international WAKFU server shall have!

Take stand in this epic battle between Remington and Millennia! Who will manage to take the server and rule it for all eternity? It is up to you to decide!

Please vote until Monday, 19th of december at 8am GMT directly on the WAKFU website!

Don't forget to call your friends, invite your guild, share on Facebook, tweet all around the world and make sure, everyone votes in this last and final poll for the name of the international server!

Go to the poll and vote!

The drawing of Millenia that you see was entirely done for you by your communitie's ambassador Merien, solely for the purpose of this news! Don't forget that an Ankama artist will adapt the original sketch if Millennia wins the vote! :)



Some players experienced technical issues during the last poll. Here's how you make sure you can vote properly:

  • Empty your browser's cache and cookies
  • Go on the poll website, log off and log on again