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Fataline Sigisbul is a direct descendant of the famous Lethaline Sigisbul. Born just before the Great Flood, Fataline was a prespic breeder. After Ogrest's Chaos nearly rendered them extinct, Fataline single-handedly repopulated prespics in Bonta, despite being only 15. At 30, she left her prespics in the hands of her children, and set out to find other endangered monsters. She was last heard of in Brakmar, trying to breed a scaraleaf that could cope with the changed environment. She appears to have been successful, as the scaraleaves that live there now are not very similar to the old ones, and have no trouble surviving. Last reported sightings of Fataline were over 100 years ago, so she is presumed dead of old age. However, with a Sigisbul, you can't be sure...



Once upon a time, a young Xelorette set out on a journey in order the find her twin sister who went missing years ago.
Due her ability to manipulate time, she could put up quite the fight even with the most ferocious beings in order to defend herself, although whenever something disturbed her path, she just teleported away avoiding contact with others as much as possible. Despite the fact that she was related to time itself, Millennia never understood the meaning and purpose of it.

One day at dusk, Millennia was passing by a small village somewhere in the fields of Bonta. Millennia went to the local inn in order to stay for the night. As soon as she fell asleep, something unexpected happened; a sudden earthquake awoke her. As she peaked out of her rooms window, Millennia saw people gathered in the village center forming a circle like crowd around a crack in the earth. A hollow red light was emitting from the crack which made it suspicious. Suddenly a big hand broke out of the ground and a giant figure emerged. The villagers were socked into silence when one of them pointed at the big creature and shouted: “Shu- … shu- … SHUSHU!!!”

The villagers started to panic and run. The shushu slammed his hands together and caused a wave that paralyzed the whole village, as if stopping time. The Shushu laughed and said:

 “I’m back again … but this time I need more … much more!!

Don’t worry mortals, your sacrifice won’t go to waste, It’ll make me live on for ever!!

I will absorb your life force and replenish my TIME !!”

Millennia was able to crack the paralysis and because she was no match for the demon, she decided to flee and teleport away. Just as she as about to vanish, the Shushu muttered: “Era… you worms are nothing compared to my last feast”.

Era, the name of the long lost sister, the word that made Millennia’s mind go blank. In that moment, Millennia was overwhelmed by emotions she never felt before. She approached the Shushu, staring at it and trembling. The demon noticed her, turned to her and said: “You… hahah, you are just like her, this must be my lucky day…

What’s your name little one?”

Millennia just stood there silent, lifted her arms and said: “Accursed demon, I will never forgive you for taking my sister away”.

The Shushu laughed it off and said: “Ahahaha… sisters? I see, you are her sister, no wonder your life energy resembles hers so much. Hahaha… your life will prolong my TIME for years to come, it’s time for you to die.”

As the Shushu reached out to grab her, a huge amount of power bursted  from Millennia as she stopped time itself. Stopping time is not something an everyday Xelor can do. She used up all her life energy to freeze time around the Shushu for eternity.

The trapped Shushu remained in the village as a statue as a momento. As for Millennia, short after her battle, her body slowly faded away leaving behind nothing but a memory.



Shadow is a hero from a legend, his name comes from what he made for the peace of the world ... He came to world of twelve 100 years ago, when the shushu almost reached our world through the portal betwen our world and world of shushu's ... Shadow protected the portal from them, but they were coming and coming, and there were thousands of them! In desperate move, he run into the portal and beaten the king of all shushu's using the wakfu that he felt inside the shushu's world, he used techniques that no one ever did, no one even know ... the techniques of darkness, after that he dissapeared. From that day Shadow was treated like a legend, like a fairly tail ... till a mysterious traveller saved a kid from the angry gobbal warchief. That man, with a black, grisly, smoke coming from his dark cape leaved the city without a word, he just passed throught the city and people looking at secret wanderer ... nobody has doubts about who it was ...

Shadow looks about 15, but he's got at least 100 years, he's got short, golden, straight hair covering his right eye. His eyes looks like wolf's, which are blatantly cyan.



First a bit of history. Kelba, though today it isn't the commercial center of Amakna, in the past it has been very rich and important. It was there that the tradesmen who wanted to be Kamillionaires went. Kelba has also already been very populated, but in fact most of those that lived there were tradesmen. Well then, there are three relevant things in Kelba in that time that I need to present now for the story to start: First, a hundred of bandits of the renowned Magic Riktus clan. Second, some dozens of kids that came for venture around Kelba. And third, a homeless Ecaflip that became the laughing stock of the village after losing everything in a Poker game. Oh, forgive me, almost forgot to cite the name of this famous beggar. Yes, he is an important character in this story, and his name was Zetcorvit.

Now let’s go to the events (I'm looking to not make this story too long), first we start with the Magic Riktus bandits. A rule was known by all the residents of Kelba on that time, "Everything left is outside of home after 11 PM is property of Magic Riktus... as soon as it is found", and when they said "everything", it was really everything. Bow Meow pets, used toothbrush, diabolical kids, trash and rotten food doesn't matter, nothing was ignored by the Magic Riktus, and everything disappeared on the next day. Oh, and speaking of diabolical kids, it is with three of them that the story begins, more specifically when a little Cra more or less twelve years old, a young Enutrof nine years and half old, and an Osamodas only six years old decide to have a walk around the forest of Kelba during the night, with the intention to annoy some bandits.

The plan of the kids was very simple and was not stupid, at least not if we disregard the fact that three young children wouldn't have the slightest chance against a clan of bandits. They spread seven varied traps around the largest Riktus cave, which was near the sea and on a lower plane than the forest, and then hid behind a huge rock to watch the show. And it even was a funny show. The first bandit to get out was soon thrown out to the sea after falling into a classic trap of rope tied to a tree. The other two bandits were foolish enough to let themselves be caught by nets and a third for sure hated the fact that he had fallen into a hole with seven infuriated Drhellers, before fainted like a little girl of course.

Well, if you did the math right, three traps remained and the Magik Riktus would still send at least around 30 bandits for night patrol. Unlike what happens in the movies of Bontawood, the children were not invincible, and no doubt would be caught soon. Even if the traps were well spread, any Sram would agree that filling a field with traps requires besides strategic thinking, a bit of luck. Then came three lucky guys, a Bandit Archer, a Swashbuckling and a Sorcerer, bad luck for the children who had already been discovered.

The kids were now property of the Magik Riktus, and only a miracle would take them out of their hands on that moment. The Sorcerer bandit was laughing off from the frightened face of the three kids while the Archer was looking to disarm the other traps and the Swashbuckling seemed to be ready to strike at the slightest sign of attempt to escape. Well, from there, maybe only the God Xelor would be able to say how would be the future of the kids and I can bet that he would foresee a tragic destiny. But for the luck of the kids, Destiny is not just a Time artifact, it is also a Luck's toy and, being that way, God Ecaflip has the right to put a finger in this story, isn't that true?

Yes, this is the introduction of the third element. In case you paid attention, an Ecaflip is yet to enter this story. I really don't know what made Zetcorvit to walk alone that night after 11 PM, or why he was walking towards the main cave of the Magik Riktus and less why he carried with him some Gobbread, but I'm sure that if I asked him today if that walk in the end was a good idea or not, he would think a little before answering.

Then let’s go to the facts. Zet walked distracted eating some Gobbread, the Magik Riktus Archer had found two more traps, the Swashbuckling certainly could be sleeping under that mask, because he had not moved a muscle since the encounter with the kids, and the Sorcerer still amused himself watching the frightened faces of the little ones. Yes, still remains one trap, and it was right on this one that Zetcorvit fell in.

Maybe that was the most ingenious and the most ruthless of all the traps. It was the only one that was in the higher plane of the Riktus den and the trajectory of Zet definitely wasn't painful by chance. First one of Zet's feet got stuck in a small masked hole and a rope quickly broke off the hole and rose. I couldn't understand how the trap worked, and Zet didn't even have the chance to perceive it. Right after, two ropes on the horizontal came on the Ecaflip's way, one from the top pushing him back by the head, and the other from the bottom pushing him forwards by the leg which made his ankle break.

And for those who think it was painful enough (or fun, in case of sadomasochism) the trap didn't finish there. Zet was thrown forwards, fell spinning in the air after being hit by the ropes and rolled downhill close to where the kids were, between the entrance of the Riktus cave and the rock where the little ones hide. Six spins, many wounds and a new collection of broken bones, because when the Ecaflip fell, his landing spot was on top of a crow carcass forgotten on a corner with high grass.

The Bandits and the kids heard the weird noise, and looked to where it came. For two minutes and half nothing moved on that corner of high grass that was framed by the full moon. In the moment that the last of the Bandits decided to ignore the weird noise, something rose, however, nothing on that silhouette seemed like a cat. Yes, it was Zetcorvit that got up, but the destiny certainly tricked the poor feline again, and at least that moment he seemed more like a mix of cat with bird and Chafer, because a crow skull got stuck on his head, and in the space of the huge crow’s orbits, the Ecaflip’s ears passed. Also some bones of ribs got stuck between the arms of the Ecaflip, and left the upper limbs of the unfortunate more or less like a hair zigzagging the tooths of a hair comb.

Ok, you can imagine how that was painful, right? Have a broken ankle after being thrown and fall rolling over a mound of earth until stopping in a hard ground filled with bones of crows where your head gets stuck in a skull and your arms are crushed. If you survive something like that, probably there's just one thing that you need to do before you lose your conscience, scream in pain. And it was what Zet did, or rather, was what he tried to do. His scream would have been fearsome anyways, but no doubt those leftovers of choked Gobbread left the sound even more bizarre.

That was the time in which a cat managed to scream like a furious Trool that just woke up early with a terrible mood. And well, are you asking me what was the result of all that? In my opinion, was at least the unexpected. Maybe the silhouette of a humanoid being with pointy ears, a crow beak and bony wings howling fearsomely under the moonlight is more than enough to make kids scared to death before sleeping, but to scare malicious bandits dwellers of the deep Holey Forest caves is something that at least me could not imagine. Therefore, the cries of fright heard right after the apparition of the “creature” definitely wasn't of three kids, though the three bandits had left in retreat like three scared little girls.

Well, after the kids came back to their homes with a story good enough to get their parents out of the bed to tell what happened, but they preferred to wake up the entire Village even before they got into their own homes. And what they told everyone was that a magical creature protected them, scared away the Riktus bandits and that such creature was definitely an Owl. Now, if you are asking yourself “But why an Owl?” I sincerely cannot answer with sure, however, I guess it was just a matter of observation in the heat of the moment. After all, some owls seem or not like cats with wings?

About what happened with our colleague Zetcorvit after losing his consciousness and fainting in middle of the carcass, he woke up the next morning and went back to the center of Kelba. Yes, Zet got rid of the bones, the feathers and almost everything that left him sore in the last night, he didn't see the kids or the bandits that he had scared, but he didn’t take a long time to recognizing himself as the Owl when the gossipers of Kelba told the story brought by the sons of the tradesmen.

What Zet did? Well, he assumed his role of Super-Hero and while he recovered of the wounds in his shed, he created his own costume of Owl, made with feathers and remains of crows. But he didn't manage to be a big hero after that and he lived his 13 following years doing small actions, like helping old ladies to cross the Zaap, bathe stubborn Meows or hunt Snoofles accused of stealing 3 or 4 Kamas of some greedy Enutrof.

Well, and this is how it happened. Now going back to the historical studies, Zetcorvit didn't have the highest number or the most significant achievements, so many historians do not mention him as a part of the Amakna history and much less consider him a hero of the nation. But before you dear readers get your own conclusions, I would like to present some curiosities about the kids that Zet saved that day. First the little Cra, Arktic, that became an important soldier for the government of Amakna and usually acts in the surroundings of Kelba, then comes the young Enutrof, Nicolau, that by the age of 19 became the younger designated Ecologist in Amakna and maintained the post for 6 years straight always with good projects of protection of species, specially birds, and for last but not least, the Osamodas, Kabrok. I believe I don't need to say who is Kabrok, right? But maybe you prefer to call him of Black Crow. So, crows and owls, any similarity? True heroes are those who inspire justice and respect, and I believe that Zetcorvit achieved that, but in case that's not enough, about the Black Crow, if it isn't a hero who inspires the rise of a villain, what would it be then?



Zondemar was born in Amakna, in the village, which is located near the Holey Forest. Just like his father decided to become a pirate and travel the seas and oceans, to be free from the authorities and their laws. For years, plundered pirate ships and earned good reputation. In spite of his profession at heart a good man and willing to help those in need. Sometimes fighting with government troops, as well as among policy-makers have friends pirates, whom he robbed. Selling stolen goods to Kabrok & Miranda. Considered to be the king of all pirates. Once he managed to save the village from the invasion of sea monsters. A friend of Master Goultard. Was seen with Joris. Helped Amalia mother to find rare marine fungi, which cured the trees in Sadida forest.