You always had a passion for street naming, but you haven't been able to impose your style in Brakmar and Sufokia? Don't worry, there are still streets, avenues, squares and dead ends to rename : Make Amakna your own!



Each nation defends, by the name of its streets, the image that it wants to give for itself. The highest autorities of the world of twelwe decided that Amakna too had to give its citizens the chance to choose the name of its streets.

Three Clan Members for three merchant bridges

Georgiana Marni dominates theTraff Algar Square, the ideal place to equip yourself with armors, jewelery and other clothings. Always at the cutting edge of fashion, this leather worker swears by the beauty, and specially her own !


The obcession of Bakander, it is his sword ! From Swords Crossing, that he expects to maintain for 236 years (and it is starting to get long). With his imposing shoulders and his bare torso, do not talk with him to get dressed ! The slap in return might be painful...


The idol of the oat grains, the star of the roundbread, that's Shosanne ! Sworn enemy of Xav the Baker, she controls her slaves at Crusty Road. The celebrity of her loaves (of bread) and her young appearance hide a strong character.


How does the contest work?

The principle is simple: from the reputation of the CMs and of Amakna, you can make us propositions of names for the streets and avenues that comprise the three merchant bridges of Amakna.

  • Only one participation per person is allowed.
  • Each participation can only have one proposition per bridge (being three total propositions)
  • Each participation must sent by e-mail to the address mascha-chan(at)ankama(dot)com before December 12th 11:59 PM GMT.
  • The e-mail must contain: one to three proposals for street names (as well as the bridge they are related to) and the Nickname of your Ankama account (the nickname that appears on the forums, and not the login name you use to connect, which you MUST keep secret)


What can you win?

At the end of the contest, the winners will see their names of street integrated in the game and will receive a special ingame title to make known to everyone their mastery of words and puns.

We wish all participants good luck!