Are you ready to catch them all? In Content Update 0.310, master the wilderness as an Osamodas Whip or experience the thrill of staring death in the eye! But that’s not all, folks —discover everything that version 0.310 has to offer: Every Gobgob Dies, But Not Every Gobgob Truly Lives.”


Following all the changes made by this update, all the Clan Members, interactive elements and ecosystems have been reset.


  • Tofu Canyon has been discovered! Overlooked by old temple ruins and divided by a flowing spring, this zone has been assigned to the Sufokian Herbalist, guitarist Wallace Larsenus. Furthermore, rumor has it that relic devices lay hidden here which allow travel to faraway places…
  • A Gobbowl stadium has been erected in Terrana Dune.

  • Sufokia jails no longer block players.
  • The Drago-Express route for Terrana Dune-Sufokia Village no longer ends in the void.
  • The grid linking Sufokiastrub to the center of Astrub can no longer be entered.
  • Sufokian Beaters have been added to Astrub.
  • Inflatable rings, allowing the “Swim Back” option, now functions for Sufokian citizens.
  • The Forgotten Armory of Sufokia now appears on Unna Bridge.


  • A Gobbowl stadium has been erected in Mourning Wood.
  • The Council Hall now allows proper exit and entry.
  • Due to budget cuts, Brakmar has reduced the amount of jailers and therefore it is now possible to escape.
  • A phoenix has been added to Pabong Fields.
  • The Citronana Tree can now be planted in the territory of the Brakmar Headquarters.



  • Dirty Trouffe Estate has been enhanced.
  • Did someone say secret rooms?
  • Added equipment drops and sets unique to this dungeon.
  • Is reachable the correct way once again.
  • Three Pistes Cave has been enhanced.
  • Did someone say secret rooms?
  • Added equipment drops and sets unique to this dungeon.
  • Kab-Cave has been enhanced.
  • Kamas stolen by Snouffles are issued to the player that slays it.
  • The global difficulty level has been lowered.
  • Creatures are now under a dungeon-related +10% damage bonus.
  • Crobak population has been increased.
  • Bibli Dungeon
  • The first room has been re-populated and is now open to exploration.
  • The Boarthroom
  • Has been reopened.
  • The Abandoned Scarapit
  • Has been reopened.
  • Shustuft Crust dungeons
  • The reward attribution bug has been resolved.



  • Each nation’s first two mines and caves now contain destructible stones.
  • Minerals have been added to Stoodeep Mines Level -1.
  • The Stoodeep Mines’ Zaap has had several bugs corrected.

  • The Stoodeep Mines no longer collapse at server maintenance.
  • Boats now take the direct canal to the Thicket of Yurbut.
  • The attacks on the territory of Gobbsage have now a cost.

Character Classes


  • Skill Points and Characteristic Points have been reset.
  • Beg and Confession emote animations have been corrected.
  • Certain emotions no longer give you grey hair!
  • The Iop spell Celestial Sword has had its description corrected.



  • Disciples of Osamodas have arrived to the World of Twelve! To learn the expected gameplay of these beast masters, please visit the Dev Blogfor more information.


Xelors have undergone a near-complete redesign. Please review the below information carefully before re-specializing:

  • Temporal Burn: Inflicts damage depending on the amount of Action Points spent.
  • Water Branch:Action Point loss starts around 30% and increases by 10% at maximum level per cost of the spell.
  • Slow Down:A small cost of Action Points to cause your enemy to lose a good amount of Action Points, however it inflicts little damage.
  • Clock: Requires targeting a fighter. On an ally, the spell will give him one Action Point. On an enemy, the central cell causes the loss of more Action Points and Health Points compared to the lateral cells.
  • Air Branch:Complete revision, along with a new mechanism: the Tick-Tock. Once the corresponding passive ability has been leveled (Temporal Wave), the Xelor has two new states: “Tick” and “Tock”. At each turn, the Xelor will switch between them. Each spell of the Air branch now has effects depending on the state of the Xelor.
  • Parching: Inflicts mild damage. In the “Tick” state, it pushes back the Xelor one cell. In the “Tock” state, the Xelor pushes the target back one cell.
  • Shriveling:Spell effects alternate depending on the “Tick” or “Tock” states.
  • Temporal Distortion: Inflicts little damage. In the “Tick” state, it lowers Hyperaction (resistance to Action Point loss). In the “Tock” state, it increases it.
  • Nine O’Clock: Teleports the Xelor. In the “Tick” state, it inflicts damage all around the Xelor before teleportation. In the “Tock” state, it inflicts damage upon arrival.
  • Six O’Clock: Certainly the most violent spell of this class, with a cross Area-of-Effect, it can however only be casted onto an hour cell. In the “Tick” state, it lowers Hyperaction. In the “Tock” state, it increases damage made to the target.
  • Dial:The current in-game hour now corresponds to the related hour cell with a glowing identifier. Such effects on the cell are doubled. In addition, the central needle no longer redirects damage on the Xelor and the dial will disappear if the Xelor begins a turn outside of an hour cell. Consequently, the dial also loses one charge upon:
  • The beginning of the Xelor’s turn
  • When the dial takes damage
  • When the Xelor casts a spell while on a hour cell
  • Timekeeper:Restricted to 6 maximum uses per turn. It allows the Xelor to stock Action Points and Initiative.
  • Devotion:Gives Action Points to the Xelor and his allies. It also makes his enemies lose Hyperaction.
  • Temporal Images:Arrangement of image clones has changed; in the event an image clone has been attacked, the attacker looses Action Points. If he’s lucky and manages to hit the Xelor, the inflicted damage is increased.
  • Temporal Amor:Addition of an effect: using the same principals of the Iop’s “Power”, event of Action Point loss, the Xelor will gain increased damage during the next attack.
  • Temporal Waves:Passive specialty accompanying the Tick-Tock mechanic. Furthermore, it boosts chances to remove Action Points or a percentage of Initiative removed from the target.
  • Rollback:No longer issues Wakfu Points and is limited to one use per turn.


  • An interface has been integrated to the left-side of the Health gauge which indicates the amount of remaining plates.
  • When under the Peace Armor state, the animation triggered has been corrected.
  • Pacification:The damages and resistances are of the target are reversed correctly.
  • Explosive Glyph:The description of the spell has been corrected.
  • Fecablade Armor:The armor no longer trigger on a totem.


  • Flea Love:The Wakfu Points are properly returned to the Ecaflip when the Flea carrier dies.



  • Fear Flask:The range has been increased.



The description of the Water Branch spells has been revised: the information about the consumption of the barrel has been added.

Death System

Previously, death has never truly been a factor to consider for the adventurers of the World of Twelve. Now, greater meaning and a sense of achievement has been established: the revision of the death system.

For those level 15 and above, death in combat can happen in two situations:

  • Upon the individual (or his group) losing a fight, or
  • Upon the player falling to 0 Health Points for three consecutive happenings

Upon such an unfortunate circumstance, the player’s essence rises to the heavens and leaves behind a tombstone. And while his Gemlin grieves, two choices are presented to fallen player: either wait for a generous individual to pass by and resurrect the befallen with a KenKO or simply respawn directly at his bounded Phoenix.

If the second option is chosen, De Darm will fall upon him and the adventurer will see his Health Points and damage reduced by 5%. But beware! This state is cumulative and can stack up to 10 times.

The penalty can only be removed under these conditions:

  • Resurrected by a KenKO
  • Consume a chef-created “Rad Bool” item
  • Wait patiently for the effects to wane after 7 minutes

Creatures & Clan Members

  • Crabs and Albatrocious have been added to Tofu Canyon.
  • Ghostofs have been re-balanced.
  • New animal-types, the Arch Beasts, have been added:
  • Crabbinson Crusoe, Stodgy the Podgy, Moothane the Gas, Boarnigen the Damasker, and Puddleton the Bare.
  • Moogr animations have been corrected.
  • Scaraleaf and Whirlibig corpses have been corrected.
  • Headstone animations have been corrected for the Blibli and Van Koopeur.
  • A picture was added in the combat sheet of the Gigantegg.
  • Clan Member Billon Stroud (Sufokia) has had his portrait and animation corrected.
  • Queen Sheran Sharm now only offers one replacement Herbalist Billhook.
  • Clan Members Flesh Breath and Sarko-Phagus are no longer reversed.
  • Replanting Toads in Amakna’s Holey Forest no longer incorrectly issues the error, “The area is full.”


  • All items are now defined by two new parameters: type and rarity.
  • Type is identified by the frame color surrounding the icon: blue for Wakfu-imbued items, purple for Stasis-imbued, orange for relics and pink for event-related. “Classic”-type items do not have any particular framework.
  • Rarity is identified by name color. Five levels of rarity are present: Common (grey), Unusual (white), Rare (green), Mythical (orange) and Legendary (Yellow). Furthermore, the rarity of an item is defined according to its crafting complexity or drop rate and therefore representative of its power.
  • Canoon Powder now has a chance to drop from all creatures.
  • If a Haven Bag is lost, it can be re-obtained by a local territory manager.
  • If a Passport is lost, it can be re-obtained by your government Archivist.

Economics & Politics

  • The Governor of Sufokia now has a Governor cape.
  • The taxes set by the Government of each territory are again properly applied for the sales via the Auction Houses.
  • It is no longer possible to allocate an Ecosystem budget to territories which do not have one (Merchant Bridges).
  • Breaking out of jail now cost 30 Citizen Points.
  • The Auction Houses taxes are now depending on the sale taxes set by the Government.


  • All territory challenges have been reworked.



  • The achievement “Turfmania: Canyon” has been added to the World category.
  • The achievement “Nowel” has been added to the Event category.
  • Using an Auction House validates the corresponding step in the achievement linked to its territory.


  • Pressing the “Enter” key within the search field of an Auction House will now initiate a search.
  • It is no longer possible to delete an item being sold in the Auction House from within the Buying tab.
  • It is now possible to buy a specified quantity of an item from a stack (no longer limited to 1 or all).
  • Invalid Auction House searches now produce a visual system message.
  • It is now possible to replace one or more characters with a * (star) when using the search function in the Auction Houses.
  • Various feedbacks were added to the Auction houses.
  • Viewing updated taxes when consulting the showcases have been corrected.
  • States now have a color code in order to quickly identify its benefit or lack thereof: positive states (green), negative states (red), or neutral (white).
  • The display signs of dates for the Shustuft Crust dungeons have been corrected.
  • Governor’s term display has been corrected.
  • Clan Member names can now be displayed on a second line in order to prevent portrait overlap.
  • The system message issued during the loss of a challenge has been modified; challenge name is now displayed in white.
  • A fix has been made to the timer displays between two challenges and during a current challenge.



  • Both sound and particle effects have been added to the animations for Feca glyphs and armor.
  • Both sound and particle effects have been added to the Osamodas, its Gobgob and its Dragonic form.
  • Sound effects have been added to the following creature families and their invocations:
  • Crab
  • Trool
  • Albatrocious
  • Localized music and dynamic atmosphere for Tofu Canyon.
  • Music for Sufokia has been redone.
  • Sound effects have been added to behavior animations of the following creature families:
  • Tofu
  • Bow Meow
  • Gobball
  • Addition of audio feedback and sound effects to the start of challenges.
  • Improvement and various fixes made to the sounds of Rascal.
  • Sound effects have been added on the Tofurby of Incarnam.
  • A new checkbox is available in the Sound options: “Continuous Playback” (unchecked by default).
  • If unchecked, zone music ceases after a few loops; either until the music changes or until the time of day changes.
  • If checked, it won’t stop ‘til you get enough.


  • The visual effects for mine blocks have been redone.
  • States applied in the world are no longer converted to number of turns when entering combat.
  • While in combat, the symbols on the cells during a spell casting have been differentiated according to whether the spell is able to be cast or if there isn’t a line of sight.
  • Addition of a pop-up system message when an action triggers the Partycrasher law.
  • The unintended system message of “The undefined player doesn’t exist or isn’t connected” no longer appears.
  • Experiencing an error while in the Haven Bag no longer traps a user within.
  • Customs no longer highlight when hovering the mouse over them as they are not interactive elements.
  • The profanity filter has been added.
  • Several security exploits have been corrected.
  • The bug returning the message “The targeted resource is too far away”, even though nothing was present between the character and its target has been fixed.
  • Miscellaneous text fixes have been made.