WAKFU Players unite! Ankama is offering you the unique chance to freely name your own server! Don't like the name of your server? You may let your imagination run free to choose a different name, in an exceptional and unique server wide contest! Don't miss this incredible opportunity!


This has never been done in this way ever before! A unique, server wide contest will allow every single one of you to suggest a name for the international server!

This contest will only be held once - now! And never again! So don't miss out on your chance to change the face of your game world!

All the servers honor the names of great heroes in WAKFU history.

Who will be YOUR hero?

Want to know how the contest works and how you can participate? Then listen up!

Here come the rules:

Participants may group up in teams with up to five members. Each member has to posess a WAKFU account in order to participate. In your entry, you will have to provide a minimum of three elements:

  • A name - this has to be the name of a hero. It has to be a one word name without any special characters and universal enough to fit an international server. It may not contain more than 15 letters.
  • A story - this has to be the biography or background story for your hero. It has to be deeply connected to the known and existing WAKFU legends.
  • A visual representation - what does your hero look like? Show us!


From this point on you are now absolutely free to submit any kind of media you like! Yes, you heard correctly! Everything is allowed! From a story to a painting, a video, a cosplay costume, a flash animation, a video game, a sculpture, an audio recording, to a miniature model, a haircut, a photograph, a website or a blog - everything is allowed! As long as you include the three elements described above! :)

Multiple entries are also allowed!

How to submit?

It's so very easy! You may submit your entries directly to our Inside Ankama On Air Email address : insideankama.en AT ankama DOT com

(Please refrain from sending large files via Email, please rather upload them somewhere and send us the download link, you are welcome to upload your contents to third party websites, as long as it complies with their terms of use.)

How much time do you have to submit your entries?

Your entries may be submitted until the 5th of December 2011 at 11.59 pm GMT. Not a millisecond later!

What happens then?

Our qualified judges, your honorable international Ankama team, will choose their five favorites from all the entries submitted. Note that the judges will pay much more attention to carefully executed and original works rather than to technical know-how. These top 5 entries will be then made available for you in a server wide poll and you may vote for the one you like best! You decide everything!

So what are you waiting for? The contest starts right now! Go get your team mates and start brainstorming! The future of your world lies in your hands!


Detailed contest rules and regulations may be found here. By submitting your entry for this contest you agree with those terms of use.