A brand new adventure is about to arrive in WAKFU’s World of Twelve! Here is just a taste of the upcoming content that’ll be made available on September 21st – just a few short days away!

Carrousel Brakmar

Ah, the nefarious Brakmar. A nation with a heart of molten metal and a brain of rich iron ores. Oh, and you can’t forget about the whiffs of sulfur that overwhelm the senses and stalk you anywhere on the continent. But alas, what really makes a place a home is of course the inhabitants: Clan Members who each are a little more unhinged than the last (and quite possibly competing for the title of who holds the most bats in the belfry).

From the famous Morporg, well known Gobowll All-star who only lives for the glory of the stadium, to Viscera, a genius alchemist who utilize his talents to concoct quite questionable potions with very suspicious properties, and ending with a passing glance at Phullup, the old and wise Sadida who meditates over the true value of life (hint: Kama makes the Twelve-go-‘Round), the island of Brakmar is definitely a territory of miscreants!


And as if you couldn’t catch a break, the local wildlife is also to be watched: the Striches, scrawny birds capable of laying eggs as oversized as themselves in addition to the Scaraleaves, giant beetles, rather unappetizing we might add, are but only a few examples of the creatures that you may encounter roaming the back lava of Brakmar since Ogrest’s Chaos.

Scarafeuille Truche

So to summarize on a good note, beginning September 21st, find yourself taking a nice leisurely trample through the Volcanic Beach, scrape elbows with new beasties while filling pockets with Kamas by putting all your principles and ethics deep down your Haven Bag; a new life awaits at the legendary new nation of Brakmar! Break a leg (not your own)!


LeroyoreL - Member - 16 September 2011 20:17
BardoVoodoo|2011-09-16 18:33:06I'm glad they are releasing Brakmar, but we need high level content more than low level content.

Pandawa + Brakmar on the next week, right?
That's sound interesting.
LittleGunhild 16 September 2011 21:28
Hopefully, fingers crossed, more classes than just the Pandawa.
But if not it's still going to be a good update it seems!
microundeas 16 September 2011 23:14
Aweosme can't wait to explore this new world biggrin

BardoVoodoo , they are trying to release all nations first, since it takes longer to do, then they will build more higher lvl islands wink
Scab - Member - 17 September 2011 00:11
hope skill reset inc
taragatsu - Member - 17 September 2011 00:33
YAHOO!!! FInally, Thanks Ankama
Trololocke - Member - 17 September 2011 00:42
I am expecting more for bug fixes and class balance than for Pandawa + Brakmar.
-Joker 17 September 2011 01:11
Brakmar finally, I just hope Ankama release in this patch the content lv 80+ for me and a lot of players come back to play wakfu :3
LadyTea - Member - 17 September 2011 02:12
I just can't wait :3
Lionheart2010 17 September 2011 02:34
Me too! biggrin 
ChaosSyco 17 September 2011 02:50