Here we are, the WAKFU Beta goes open ! Everyone can join, all you need is an Ankama account.
Dive in a devastated World of Twelve ! Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect…

WAKFU Bêta ouverte

From now on, you can:

  • Play the first 6 character classes: Iop, Cra, Eniripsa, Sadida, Ecaflip and Enutrof
  • Start your journey on Incarnam: there, you will learn everything you need to know about managing the ecosystem (after you have met with Wolfram) and fighting, after setting foot in the Kanojedo.
  • Freely explore the continent of Astrub, the City of Mercenaries, to make up your mind about the present forces.
  • Choose your Nation: Will you pledge allegiance to the glutton Amakna or to the proud Bonta ?
  • Start a political career, with the brand new system in place. It’s up to you to become a Guard, a Soldier or even Governor.
  • Conquer islands: Push back the borders of your Nation by conquering new territories.
  •  Influence the ecosystem as you wish. Hundreds of animals and vegetal species are at your mercy.
  • Mint your own Kamas and spend’em in nice furnitures for your Haven bag !
  • Try the 16 professions offered, all of which are already ingame: Trapper, Poster, Master of Weapons or Baker... everything is possible!
  • And many other things... but we’re not telling you anything else: you’ll have to find that out in game !

The game will be regularly updated with new characters, exclusive locations and never seen before challenges.

The Open beta is a very important step in the development of a video game : the WAKFU team expects you to report even more bugs (we love that, please do) !

As you can see, you have a lot on your plate and quite a few islands to explore!

Have fun testing the game...