Version 0.303 "The Political Movement" of the WAKFU Beta hits servers today, and it so happens to be one of the luckiest updates ever!

Character classes

  • The Enutrof and Ecaflip classes enter the World of Twelve!
  • A new haircut is available for each class and gender.



  • Pain Flask: The range increased.
  • Psyko Flask: The range and MP cost have been increased, and the chance to apply the state "Madness" has been reduced.
  • Lethargy Flask: The chance to apply the "Sleep" state has been reduced.
  • Expert Healer: Healing bonus increased.
  • Itsade Mark, Eting Mark, Amil Mark, Coney Mark: To highlight the supportive role of the Eniripsa, these Marks will now apply their effects to whomever kills the marked monster, instead of the Eniripsa who set the mark.
  • Word of Healing, Word of Invigoration, and Renewing Word: The range of these spells has been increased.
  • Word of Vitality: The range has been increased, but the spell no longer heals the caster.
  • Regeneration: Spell changed, it now boosts healing when the Eniripsa is hit.
  • Absorption: absorption rate stays at 10% of damage but chances are increased.
  • Heal Drain: The self-heal has been reduced.



  • Windy Beacon: The damage has been decreased.
  • Blazing Arrow: The chance to apply the state "Immolation" has been reduced.
  • Destructive Arrow: The damage has been increased.
  • Piercing Arrow: The damage has been decreased.



  • Wrath of Iop: The damage has been decreased, as has the chance of applying the "Explosion" state.
  • Earthquake: The chance of applying the state "Stunned" has been reduced.
  • Defensive Posture: The spell now only repels one attack per usage.



  • The Sadida's walking animation in combat has been reworked.
  • Mudool: The damage has been slightly decreased.
  • Bramble: The damage has been increased.
  • Fertilizer: Resist bonuses increased.
  • Wild Grass: The chance to apply the state "Bound" has been increased.
  • Wood Scent: The range has been increased.
  • Doll Seed: Can only be cast once per turn.
  • Tree: WP cost and regeneration percentage decreased.
  • Unleash O Doll: WP cost decreased and added a resist malus on the dolls Nettled state.
  • The Inflatable: The doll's damage at low levels has been decreased.
  • The Insane: No longer flees from fights.
  • The Sacrificial Doll: The Sadida regains 1 WP when the doll sacrifices itself.


Politics and Citizenship

  • A new Politics interface is being implemented, accessible with the Community button. This interface will acquaint you with all the Political aspects of your nation.


Government and Roles

  • Governors can now delegate some of their powers to other players, who will form the Government.
  • Governors and the members of the Government will have a special icon above their heads, visible to all the members of the nation.
  • Each Clan Member will be able to propose four weather bonuses that the Governor (or the Weather Engineer) will be able to purchase for a duration of 24 hours.
  • The Governor (and the Ecologist) of a nation can, like challenges and the climate changes, interact with the wildlife of his nation and reintroduce species as requested by Clan members. Such requests will not be granted for free, however…
  • The Governor (and Ecologist) can also declare a species as Protected for a period of 24 hours.
  • Only the local Governor will be able to sit on the throne of the nation.
  • You will now be able to get involved for your nation via the Roles of the Nation. Two methods are available: Soldier or Guard.


Administrative changes

  • Passports will no longer need to be validated. When the Archivist gives it to you in Atrub, it will automatically be validated, and it will no longer become invalid when you are in prison.
  • The Haven Bag will no longer be given to you by Master Owl, but by Hugh Jaxman or Jonk Lees, depending on the Nation you have chosen.



  • There's a slight modification in the calculation of lines of sight to allow casting of traps on large stairs.
  • Monsters who run away from battle (Snoofles) no longer give experience to their opponents.
  • A chat message is added for when a monster flees combat.
  • Combat is now group-locked by default.
  • The XP curve (solo and group gains) has been revised. Experience gain for spells is also affected.


Professions: Crafting and Harvesting

  • A revision of nearly all crafting recipes (ingredients and quantities) for all professions.
  • Miners will now have crafting recipes. They will be able to polish stones dropped by certain monsters.
  • An experience multiplier was added to certain professions:
    • Harvesting professions will have normal experience when crafting.
    • Professions that create equipment will receive double experience on a successful craft.
    • Cabinet Makers will receive five times the experience on a successful craft.
  • The bonuses granted by food have been reheated. I mean, revised.
  • Harvesting tools are now equipped automatically if they are in the player's inventory.



  • The Drago-Express will need a community investment before a nation’s citizens will be able to use it.



  • The City of Mercenaries opens its doors and welcomes you with open arms as you leave Incarnam. You will now choose your nation here, not in Incarnam.
  • Discover a new Dungeon concept in which monsters appear in waves: Blue Googoo. Will you be overwhelmed by the sheer number of creatures descending on you?
  • The "branches" where the cannons to Incarnam (to return from Bonta or Ankama) used to be are gone. You will now be able to take a Zaap back to Astrub, and from there return to Incarnam. Moreover, you will arrive in your new nation at the entrance to the nation's castle



  • The Crows are now part of the ecosystem of the Moors of Kelba. But Hadibal Toot doesn't really seem to care one way or the other about them.
  • The Taurs and Bully have reappeared in the village of Puddly Village.
  • The new territory Emelka has opened, overseen by Clan Member Alibert. The local fauna is composed of Treechnids and Araknees. (Wait, do Treechnids count as "fauna"?) But take special care to avoid the Polters that lurk in the shadows… In order to access it, the whole Nation will have to pay the toll.



A new species of animal has appeared in the Cania Fields: The Moogrrs. On the other hand, someone forgot to deliver the animals'_ brains. It'll just have to make do without any…


A new island emerges from the mists, waiting to be conquered! Come party in Bilbyza, the island that never sleeps. Meet the King Jellix and try some of the island's culinary specialities.



Pappy Pal is slightly less cheap, demanding merely a single kama to pass. Of course, he'll now only give you enough minerals to mint a single kama. Nobody said making money was going to be easy.



  • The Community interface has been revised to directly show the choice of subsections without opening a separate bar.
  • The direction indicator associated with the compass has been redesigned: it will now have a medallion in the centre of the screen giving an indication of the distance between the player and the target.
  • The banners showing the name of the zone into which the player is entering were reviewed and customized.
  • Various improvements on the generation of world maps (mismatch problems, management of zooming, blur on smaller maps, etc).
  • Improvements have been made to the system of writing personal notes on the world map.
  • It is now possible to stop following a member of the group without going through the map, by using the Group interface.
  • A yellow bar has been added to the timeline in order to mark the end of a turn, in order to avoid misunderstandings about situations that occur "at the beginning of the next turn".
  • The last character played is automatically selected on the character selection screen.
  • The levels of the states applied by spells are now listed in the spell descriptions.
  • The Citizenship Gauge changes its appearance and will now directly display Citizenship Points.
  • The minimap now has a background based on the world map.
  • The minimap only displays characters in groups and the markers.
  • The crafting interface has been revised: free crafts and crafts using recipes now use two different interfaces.



  • The continents of Bonta, Astrub and its mercenaries as well as Bilbyza have been almost entirely given sound effects: music, plus dynamic and localized ambient sounds.
  • The sounds of emotes can now be heard by everyone, not just the character performing the emote.
  • Certain ambient noises are no longer audible during combat (e.g., monster actions from monsters near but not part of the current combat).
  • The following Clan Members now have sound effects: Forester, Justice Knight, Crocoburio, Root, Macrobio and Alibert.
  • The following monster families now have sound effects: Moogrrs, Moskitos, Rats, Treechnids, Dhrellers, Plant monsters, Boos, Polters, Taurs, Jellies, Mercenaries and Toads.
  • Eniripsas and Sadidas' sound effects have been improved.
  • The new classes Enutrof and Ecaflip do not have sound effects. (Please don't report this as a bug).



  • Interactive elements (Kama collectors, torches, etc.) state is now saved between each server reboot, as well as the amount of monsters in each zone.
  • Some transports and transitions now have animated loading screens.


Bug Fixes

  • Problems loading certain pictograms (the origin of the problem with "Only One In The World" or black areas of the map) should be fixed.
  • Movement of monster groups has been improved: they move smaller distances and no longer separate.
  • The Tooltip of information of the characters is now shown in the proper person's window.
  • Corrected the effects when two identical rings are equipped.
  • Changes to characteristic bonuses on item tooltips are correctly refreshed when you change equipment.
  • Only characters who were members of the winning team at the beginning of the fight are shown at the end of the fight.
  • The state "Heavy Legs" has been corrected.
  • Killing the Incarnam Bow Meow indirectly (with a summon or bomb) now correctly activates the Zaap.
  • Life bars shown with the CTRL key no longer remain permanently displayed.
  • The tooltip on the heart showing Life Points is removed when a character is KO'd. (It was displaying incorrect information).
  • The last monster in the fight is no longer revived if affected by the Mark of Renewal. The fight ends properly.
  • A target revived by the Mark of Renewal is now considered an ally of the player.
  • Whoever kills a character with a Renewal Mark will control the revived character, not the Eniripsa who placed the mark.
  • A monster brought back by the Renewal Mark will no longer be Tackled by his controller.
  • The amount of life taken by the Itsade Mark has been corrected.
  • An Eniripsa can no longer revive himself using a totem a Sadida placed on him.
  • Cra beacons no longer transform into dolls when they are placed.
  • Mousing over a Cra's beacon in spectator mode no longer freezes the client.
  • Fixed the spell Ranged Combat, which wasn't working correctly.
  • The bonus from a Cra's Precision skill will now activate correctly.
  • Sadida's spell Rust can no longer be cast on an empty square, to prevent abuse.
  • Sadida's Voodool spell can no longer be cast without creating a link to a character.
  • Chat feedback announcing the application of a state no longer appears to cast the Defensive Posture spell (Iop).
  • Corrected the chat message (feedback) error when attempting to invite a player who is already in a guild into another guild.
  • Corrected the Challenge interface that was sometimes not reset after a failure of a challenge.
  • Challenges with no winner no longer display a "fake" winner.
  • The anchoring of the shortcut bars has been improved.
  • Situations where the Options button vanished seemingly for no reason have been resolved.
  • Very small fonts are no longer blurred, to improve readability.
  • The parchment of the exploit interface is no longer larger than its frame.
  • CTRL + left or right arrow will now browse word by word.
  • The APS indicating criminal and citizenship status are now visible to the player himself.
  • You no longer need to double-click to collect the URM when in prison.
  • The fishing rod no longer vanishes while fishing.
  • Having a tool equipped no longer prevents harvests which don't require tools.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can now be used for planting seeds.
  • Trampling as part of a harvesting chain no longer stops the chain for no reason.
  • The weather no longer has any affect on fish, so "affinity" feedback has been removed from fishing areas.
  • The weather interface can no longer be used in combat.
  • The icon of a Clan Mamber's nation is no longer displayed when they don't have a nation. (For example, for conquerable islands that haven't been conquered yet).
  • Adds a confirmation dialogue when a player attempts to remove the gem of a non-empty room from his Haven Bag.
  • "Double-Click to equip" is no longer displayed on items for sale.
  • Empty boxes in shop windows are correctly displayed.
  • Objects used out of combat on an empty cell no longer generate feedback in chat.
  • The Gemlin's sound effects are now silenced when it is put away.
  • “Huss” emote sound is now fixed.


Lexicon of note for this update:

Rollover: to hold the mouse pointer over an object.
Tooltip: Informational message that pops up when an object is rolled over.
URM: Universal Radial Menu, the menu that pops up when you right-click an interactive object.
Feedback: a message transmitted to the player indicating the result of interacting with an object.