The first episode of Frigost begins… now! A gigantic, ice-bound island was recently discovered, and a boat is waiting in Cania Bay to transport you there. Prepare yourself for an epic journey into the mysterious! Poke your nose into every corner of Permafrost Port and interrogate the villagers about their island stories before you start exploring outside of the village walls. The events that have shaped Frigost defy the limits of a sane imagination. If you investigate, you might discover what happened… but beware! Count Harebourg is watching you from his castle at the volcano’s summit. You’ve tested your strength against the creatures of Sakai, now you can sail to Frigost and discover our content-packed first episode: six untamed new environments to chart, four unconquered dungeons suitable for players level 100 to 180, and one of six wild new monster families will confront you in each new area – from the frozen plains to the edge of a volcano. You won't have to worry about getting bored as almost 80 exclusive quests will have you exploring the history of the island and its inhabitants and unlocking different areas to gain even more tempting rewards. Moreover, in this first episode of Frigost, you’ll reveal recipes for four new sets, and over 30 other unique objects to wear! There is almost no end to the adventures that are possible in Frigost and it all starts today!