Wakfu v0.215 will be online on Wednesday, April 28, 2010.

Curious about what the new Osamodas are like? Wonder just how the ecoystem has changed? 

Read the Patch Note to find out!

Happy Gaming!

New Playable Class - Osamodas

  • Its gameplay is based on the capture and summoning of creatures in combat
    • Capturing and summoning is made through the Gob-Gob familiar, prized possession of any self-respecting Osa.
    • Only creatures from the ecosystem can be captured, provided that they have a level equal to, or less than that of the Osa. The weaker a creature is, the easier the catch. There are whispers that Will is also involved.
    • The captured creature can then gain levels, becoming more powerful. Once a creature is fully domesticated, it is possible to rename them.
  • Osamodas use Leadership points in a slightly different way from everybody else
    • Each creature has a points value of Leadership points.
    • For the sake of balance, summoning a gobbly only costs 1 point of Leadership, but a Gobball Warchief costs 3.
    • To compensate for this, the Osamodas can always use the Animal Benediction spell, to temporarily boost his Leadership points.
  • Control of the creatures is indirect but flexible
    • Using their support spells, an Osamodas can boost their pets, but can also modify their behaviour on the fly.
    • What to choose? A dancing Tofu with boosted MP who will attack and then flee, or would you prefer to boost its tackle, so that they can keep an Iop far away?
    • If you think the only way to do things, is to do it yourself, then you can take direct control over your summons with the Possession spell!

The World

  • Discover the remains of old battle sites and many other forts in the Amakna pinewood.
  • The temporal-spatial flaw which switched the position of the 2 beachside taverns has been fixed. The old vessel of Bash Skwal has returned to its owner’s heartland.
  • Some rare resources now appear on the outer islands. Ready for you to find!
  • In the secret mines, zirconium has been replaced with gold.


  • Blops and Crawlies can now appear in all the ecosystem-enabled areas
    • A zone which is completely Wakfu-balanced will attract Blops.
    • A zone which is completely Stasis-imbalanced will attract Crawlies.
  • It is now important to protect the monsters of your alignment. The Wakfu and Stasis spores they provide are essential for many recipes.
    • Blops and Crawlies create Wakfu/Stasis plants in the zone, from which the player can gather more spores.
    • A skilled trapper can also collect spores directly from the creatures themselves.
  • Attacking Blops and Crawlies is also possible… but it is not without consequences
    • Attacking a Blop is considered a Stasis action. This is obviously not recommended for Wakfu fans, but perfect for the opposing Stasis!
    • Attacking a Crawlie is considered a Wakfu action as they endanger the ecosystem’s stability.
    • Doing so can provide Wakfu/Stasis ashes. But even the greatest alchemists of the World of the 12 are wondering how to use this resource with its obvious great potential.
  • Appearance of Polters, cleaners of the World of the 12?
    • When too many corpses accumulate in a zone, Polters will appear to clean them away.
    • They cannot be attacked, but they do have some secrets to discover…

Items and equipment

  • All Wakfu/Stasis equipment can now only be gained through crafting:
    • All these recipes require Wakfu/Stasis spores, so Blops/Crawlies are important. Both spawning and protecting them.
    • The equipment bonuses have been boosted, along with alterations to the Wakfu/Stasis requirements. Fighting for Wakfu or Stasis has real stakes in play.
  • Consumables that have a Wakfu / Stasis requirement have been added.
    • Like for equipment, these recipes require spores...
    • ...but their unusual or very powerful effects are well worth the effort!


  • The Illness system has undergone a big change.
    • They are harder to catch directly from creatures, but are easier to transmit between players.
    • Vaccines are more effective and last longer.
    • The duration of low level diseases are shorter.


  • Each smiley’s appearance now matches your class, gender, and have added colour and sometimes animation.
  • The drop rate for Gobbal Tongues has been increased.
  • The Adrenaline state, enhances your chances of a critical hit by 50% and no longer 100%.

Bug Corrections

  • Corrections to APS (particle system) of Gostofs so they no longer appear on top of the buildings behind which they are located.
  • Corrections have been made to certain animations.
  • Corrections were made to the "Hoax", "Crime" and "Hit-and-run" achievements.
  • The feedback when you cannot equip an object has been enhanced to distinguish required level/other conditions not met.
  • The animation of resources that are being eaten by monsters is now fixed (it now reverts to an earlier state instead of growing further).
  • Monsters should no longer appear on inaccessible cells.
  • The Feca Spell “Transference” can now be cast on empty cells.
  • The bug that required Xelors to cast on a target standing on an Hour Cell has now been fixed.
  • Traps should now trigger correctly.
  • Cyclone Palm now hits all targets within its Area of Effect.
  • The Karcham spell can only be cast on a valid target.
  • The effect of Traps and the Battle-edge is now applied properly after Tipsy-Turvy.
  • The spell “Chug! Chug! Chug!” can now only be cast if the caster is not in the drunken state.
  • The Battle-edge is now applied correctly after a target has been thrown with Chamrak.
  • An enemy who is Knocked Out from the MP-damage effect of Pandemack will no longer be able to give a final blow after they’ve been KOed.