Wakfu v0.213 will be online on Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

Pandawas have finally made a comeback! Discover them all over again in the new Incarnam area where the Kano Master, Chauchanne and Gargawolf are waiting for you!  
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Happy Gaming!

General Modifications

  • A new class of characters has been added: the Pandawas! They drink, carry, and throw!
  • An illness system has been added – See the Alchemist profession (Pharmacy) for more details.
    • Creatures from the World of Twelve can now give you a virus.
    • Be sure to get vaccinated, remedies will be costly!
  • A new customization system has been added – See Alchemist profession (Illusionism) for more details.
    • Change your appearance to go with the season, or follow your mood!


  • New Incarnam areas have opened – You'll be able to meet Gargawolf and his sons who will teach you about the ecosystem, the Kano Jedo Master who will teach you the art of fighting, and the lucious Chauchane with her flaming hot bread that will melt your heart, to teach you about crafts.
  • You can now return to Incarnam through your class portals.


  • Growing monsters or destroying sprouts can now influence your Wakfu/Stasis Gauge.
  • Harvesting resources from monster corpses now makes them disappear.
  • To avoid huge monster concentrations, monster seeding is now limited in any given area.
  • Some creatures now have new behaviors
    • Eating (Tofu, Gobball, Piwi, Bow Meow, Boar, Araknee)
    • Reproducing (Tofu, Gobball, Boar, Araknee)
    • Sleeping (Tofu, Gobball, Piwi, Bow Meow, Boar, Araknee)
  • New monsters linked to the ecosystem have been added
    • You’ll find the majestic Sand Castle, in sunny, warm places... 
    • The new Crawlies seem to be attracted to environments set out of balance by Stasis.
    • Blops live and can be found in harmonious, Wakfu-balanced areas...
    • A mob of skeletal rats haunt the cemeteries at night, but where?
  • Special Monsters have been modified to be even more powerful.


  • The governors’ mandate has been prolonged by a week and the voting period is now 48 hours.
  • A new law has been added - Governors can now give criminality points to players who don’t follow the Clan Master’s orders.
  • The time that criminals have to spend in jail has increased!


Two of the four Alchemist sub-professions have been completely revised. The former recipes for Toxicology and Pharmacology have disappeared, there will now only be very few items which can be used in combat. We have created to new orientations in the Alchemist profession to replace these potions and poisons.

  • Pharmacology - create lots of potions with various effects:
    • Vaccines and remedies to counter disease
    • Boosting potions for crafts
    • Recall potions
  • Illusionism - lets you customize your character for a short period of time
    • Change skin color
    • Change hair color
    • Change eyecolor
    • Change the color of clothes
  • The drop rate for resources used in Alchemist recipes has been modified to fit the modifications made to the profession.


The achievement system now gives players specific goals and is a testimony of their adventures in the World of Twelve.

  • For each accomplished achievement, at least one reward will be given
    • You can earn Jemlingems to customize or boost your Jemlin
    • Titles to make you the talk of the town and to show off your accomplishments will be given
  • You can access the Achievements Interface with the ‘L’ shortcut or by clicking one of the buttons in the bottom menu bar. In that UI you will be able to see your progress, the achievements completed and those still left to achieve.
  • Achievements cover every aspect of the game, from politics to donjons or to the ecosystem. Will you manage to accomplish all of them?
  • A pop-up will now appear when you complete an achievement.

Because of these modifications, the Jemlingems have been reset. All gems previously received will be lost.

Class Balancing:


  • Absorptive Arrow: the percentage of life stolen has been reduced


  • Wager: now has a 3 turn cooldown
  • Gambit: the effects are no longer stackable. The spell can be recast to change the effects.


  • Vampiric Word: the percentage of life stolen has been reduced


  • White-hot Glyph: The damage has increased


  • Frenzy: the percentage of life stolen has been reduced
  • Mark of Clumsiness: the critical failure rate has been reduced


  • Myotoxin: the poison is now triggered when the target uses a spell – no longer when they use a weapon or item


  • Slowdown: the damage has increased. The mental defense and random AP loss (-2ap for critical) have been removed
  • Time Theft: the damage has increased
  • Temporal Burn: the targets now lose health points when they lose initiative and no longer when they lose AP
  • Empathic Burn: The maximum range was reduced by 1. The effects last one turn and have a target-locked 3 turn cooldown. (It can be cast on different targets)
  • Hydrand: The Hydrand attack now has an AOE effect when removing initiative. A new spell, “Out of Phase” gives the hydrand the ability to teleport itself close to an enemy that is 3 squares away.

Added Equipment

Tentacle Items

  • Headgear
  • Shoulder pads
  • Belt
  • Boots

Incarnam Items

  • Pandawan apprentice equipment (X4)
  • Pandawan equipment (X4)
  • The ‘Miches Miracles de Chauchanne’
  • Gromulet and Mimi rings

Crawly Items (for levels: 30, 60, 90, 100)

  • 4 weapons : needle, dagger, sword and axe
  • 1 shield
  • 3 pieces of equipment : belt, shoulder pads, and hat

Blop Items (for levels: 30, 60, 90, 100)

  • 4 weapons : staff, cards, hammer and dagger
  • 1 shield
  • 3 pieces of equipment : belt, shoulder pads, boots

Sand Items

  • Headgear
  • Boots
  • Amulet
  • Shoulder pads
  • Daggers

Equipment - Modifications

  • Royal Gobball Hammer
  • Larva Wand
  • Green Larvabelt
  • Orange Larvabelt
  • Shika Amulet
  • Gobbly Tears
  • The Pluswon
  • Farle's Wedding Ring
  • Terrdala Wedding Ring
  • Kitsou Ring
  • Conqueror’s Boots
  • Frail Boots
  • Lechouque Belt
  • The Cloudy Arsenal was removed. The weapon and shield are now independent, and have undergone a few modifications.


  • 11 new Body Jemlingems have been added
  • 10 new Face Jemlingems have been added
  • Modification and balancing of the Ecosystem and Craft Boost Jemlingems
  • New dialogues have been added.
  • Because of the modifications made to the achievements system, the Jemlingems have been reset. All gems previously received will be lost.



  • 46 titles obtainable through achievements have been added.
  • You can equip titles in the customization interface (“P”)
  • Titles appear when you mouseover the character, next to the player’s name and nation.


  • The prairies and Amakna meadows have been revamped - You’ll find an old camp site, the ruins of a legendary farm, and many other unique sites.
  • The Amakna Mines heart is now open!  Be careful of the lava!
  • The archipelago prisons have been revamped.
  • Village Clan Masters have been replaced by statues that represent famous characters.


  • Chat bubbles now follow the characters direction.
  • Thought bubbles now appear when writing a message surrounded by double asterisks, no longer single asterisks (e.g. **hello**).
  • NPC dialogues are now visible in the chat window.
  • A message is now sent in the chat window informing you that it is impossible to attack and enemy from your nation on his/her original island.
  • The error message received when planting fails has been improved, telling you whether an area is overloaded or if the surroundings are.


  • On the world map, areas are now named properly.
  • The URM (Universal Radial Menu) text which appears when an interactive element is right-clicked has been modified.
  • When planting is impossible, the character now shakes his head to visually warn the player.
  • There is now a 15 minute delay between challenges and a minute’s time to accept the challenge.
  • A new animation, showing characters at a ¾ angle, has been added for mining.

    Bug Corrections

    • Correction of bugs affecting the appearance of Scarecrows, Corbacs and Smares when players use des semences
    • The sales history in the Haven Bag no longer causes the client to freeze when it is full.
    • Bugs which freeze the player when mass planting ressources should no longer appear.
    • Various corrections to prisons and removal of the prisoner status.
    • Display cases now remain 'published' the correct amount of time at the marketplace.
    • The bug causing disconnection when certain searches were made in the marketplace has been corrected.
    • Jemlins now move around the Haven Bag correctly.
    • Problems activating certain interactive elements (teleportation flagstones in Incarnam, for example) should be corrected.
    • Unexpected shutdown of the client has been corrected.
    • The AI problem that caused monsters to stop attacking Srams after their loss of invisibility has been corrected.
    • General corrections were made to the monsters' AI.
    • Monsters no longer change colors while reproducing.
    • A bug that randomly caused certain spell animations to play twice as fast (xelor, monsters) has been corrected.
    • The community bar no longer pops up under the chat window.
    • The mouseover function for characters, monsters and objects has been improved to enhance visibility.
    • Information bubbles found in the Command tab of the Options menu have been removed for increased ease of use.
    • The walking and running animations of player characters have been repaired.