Today’s Dev Hour features Tonio, the newest addition to the Game Designer team.

Like any GD worthy of the name, Tonio is a Gamer through and through who plays games like DotA almost every day. You’ve probably heard urban legends of a guy who broke up with his girlfriend to finish Final Fantasy©, right? Well guess what… it was true!

Don’t be fooled, despite his shadowy past, Tonio is quite the people-person and a real sweetheart - they say his shoulder’s been cried on more than any other! Truth be told, he even went as far as to pose in the buff for a school fundraiser... Now that’s dedication!

Click here to read Tonio’s post on Ecosystem Repercussions



Hello everyone!

Today, rather than to burry you in new game patterns and obscure concepts, I'll leave you with this little enigmatic text ... Don’t worry – you’ll understand soon enough.

Happy reading!

“ Ohm is going through a period of plenty. The term "Age of wakfu" is taking on its full meaning and the ravages of the Chaos are fading gradually.
Recently the gods have entrusted us, poor mortals, with the ability to control our environment. I started to specialize in harvesting and planting crops, yearning for total balance in my nation.

"Respect Wakfu" - that is my motto!

Recently, I managed to unlock the secrets of breeding creatures in the world of 12, returning Tofus to the fields to create a peaceful balance. When the balance is perfect and the Wakfu is maintained, a celestial Tofu rides abroad and carefully protects our crops from the swarms that lurk in the doldrums of stasis...

In these times, farmers can cultivate wheat freely and warriors train on Tofus, my task is simple, to revive the creatures they fight in order to maintain the balance. What’s more, spring is on the way, along with the mating season. I look forward to summer’s heat and its eager wheat.

The world has changed a lot lately - the clan members who were once in the shadows have become more active and insistent when guiding us in our actions. Meeting their demands is often difficult and requires greater involvement in the ecosystem’s management, but it's worth it! Since the Gobballs abound in the meadows, Gus Sant bestows his blessing on Ohm, increasing the power of our spells and ensuring a better defense against the relentless onslaught of Mork.

Mork... the perfect example of a stasis nation! My last trip there left me with an apocalyptic vision… devastated planes, overexploited fields swarming with horrible creatures that spread their negative energy to every corner… one could almost forgot about the rampant Putrid Gobballs. And to think, I have memories of the island when it was similar to Ohm…

I must say, their clan members are much to blame. Their wishes are as far from the principles of balance as you could get, they don’t hesitate to demand the virtual extinction of a species just because the latter does not appear to "pretty enough" or "handy"! The governor of Mork established laws against the proliferation of Wakfu recently. Many Ohm expatriates abandoned their adopted nation, exhausted by incessant persecution...

War between our two nations seems likely, but we must avoid it at all costs! We still need each other – they have the best craftsmen, while we have better resources, for being so respectful of our environment. Hopefully the next Ohm governor will negotiate a treaty with the Morkmen, otherwise the clashes that occur on the dark pine forests of Amakna will spread throughout the archipelago.

Oh. Night is starting to fall. I have to reach the Emelka cemetery as quickly as possible! I heard a rumor off a wandering merchant… he told me that sometimes, at night, under certain circumstances, a skeletal rat appears in the crypts... I wonder what they could be and if - like the gigantic Royal Piwis - this has anything to do with apple trees…

I'll finish my story later... The call of discovery consumes me already. ”

Book by Choam Nomski, farmer and trapper - End of Chapter I


Zeorus will shed light on this text sometime soon... In the meantime feel free to extrapolate/ dream/ comment!

I wish you all a great day and especially GOOD GAME!