Sephy has been around for almost 3 years as a very talented Graphic Artist. He’s renowned for wearing bizarre hats indoors, and most importantly, for all of his artwork (just look at the cover of the Café Salé Artbook or the WIP sign you see all over!) To unwind, this timid fellow has been known to sing a few tunes when times get tough, but only when the mood and the crowd are right. His repertoire goes from old corny French songs, to well-known TV ads. He must be more famous than we know, on a recent trip to Japan, they wouldn't let him in to the Karaoke boxes… apparently due to the flu… Mmm. Click here to read Sephy’s post on Arsenals!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my turn to do a bad turn!

Gather round, for your glittering, mesmerized eyes only, I will now reveal the new, the amazing, the terrible – arsenals.

Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t but from now on, for (almost) every powerful monster family, there will be a pack of six weapons.  Some will be dropable, and other may be crafted, but all will be handpicked from the following list: One-Handed or Two-Handed Sword, One-Handed or Two-Handed Staff, Wand, Dagger, Clock Hand, Shovel, Bow, Card or Axe.

Without further ado, and to better illustrate my wandering words here are three arsenals, each linked to their own monster group. Can you guess which belongs to which?


Remember that each and every one of these must be balanced to a T. Creating such beauties requires the skills of a craftsman, but also a keen eye for balance.

Also, making sure that all weapon types have equal representation and stick to the spirit of the mobs is a must… for example, the Boowolf Set will have tough, heavy weapons (swords, axes, shovels, hammers.) while the Crow Set will have lighter, long-ranged weapons (bow, needle, card, dagger).

I’m keeping a private inventory of all the different weapons - I’ve made sure to hide parts of it, so as not to spoil it for you ;).

For now, there are 13 different arsenals, so no less than 84 weapons (the larva set is an exception with 12 weapons instead of 6, 3 weapons per larva type). Only yesterday, I added 4 new arsenals… it really is endless!


Anyway, that’s it for now!