Let’s start this week’s Dev Hour off, with Poolay. Lead Level Designer, graphic artist at heart, you’d have a tough time not stumbling across one of his works. Details here and there have been punctuated by the acidic humor of this video game junkie. Did you know that Poolay is a spicy and original way to write ‘chicken’ in French?! For such a fearless individual makes you wonder what he’s so afraid of… Click here to read Poolay’s post. =)


Hey y’all,

Having trouble talking with your mouth full or tearing yourself away from that oh so yummylicious pizza? Noooo problem!

Lookie here - a new, revolutionary, never-seen- before invention in video games... smileys!

Yeah you heard me! Wonder what those are, eh? The first sightings date back to 1953, deep within the equator forest, they say that… HEY! You at the back, stop dozing off!! Fine... Duncan, hit the slide.


Poolay's smileys


The goal, of course, is to enhance communication, to ‘yap without words’, as smileys cross the language barrier. An interesting suggestion is to have a class - or nation- specific smiley to express cultural differences.

Srams would have a “hypnotic gaze”, Iops, a “bewildered” look and the rest…

Shall I let you guess? ;)


Talk to you soon, kitties