Wakfu Beta 0,210 will soon be online! Remember that, as of today, the Wakfu Beta is a closed beta. Lots of modifications and additions have been made to the game, you can read about them in the Patch Note! Happy Gaming!



  • The Xelor makes an entrance with its spells based on time and combat control.
  • The Feca and his shields have arrived, to protect allies or neutralize opponents.
  • There is a new addition to the Piwi family -> the Royal Piwis.
  • New Mini Wakfu content was added.
  • This update requires that all characters be reset.

Prison and Politics

  • The Governor’s mandate is now 72 hours (i.e. 3 days) and the voting period is now 5 hours.
  • The Governor can now choose which challenges are used by the Clan Master.
  • Motionless Clan Members were added to maintain the prison’s order. They will be animated in a future update.
  • Criminals now have the possibility of giving themselves up to receive a lighter sentence.
  • Political messages are now announced in the chat.
  • Governors now have the possibility of changing a whole panel of laws by interacting with their nation’s Clan Member.
  • A new interface to consult the laws of the land is available under the menu’s ‘Community’ tab.
  • Players now have a criminality gauge specific to every nation.
  • The prisons have been enlarged.
  • Prisoners can now reduce their jail time by doing challenges while incarcerated – There are presently 4 challenges available, more will be added in updates to come.
  • Prisoners now have the possibility of escaping.


  • Incarnam’s overhaul has begun! Patch 0,210 brings new features and players will be able to discover to first part of the new scholastic zone.
  • Players will now receive a Jemlin (Gelutin) colored to their karma that will follow them all through the Wakfu adventure. More features for the Gelutin will be available in future patches.
  • Players will be able to discover the four corners of Incarnam through the new treasure hunt.
  • An interface to display your character’s goals has been added. For now, it can only be used in Incarnam.
  • A new rendering system was used to make the starry background in Incarnam.
  • A new dialogue interface was added under the Clan Member’s one (on the top left).
  • There is a new monster in Incarnam, the Wodent (Wapin).


  • There is a new interface for smileys and emotes, with about 20 new emotes. You can find it on the item/spell bar. (Keyboard shortcut: E)
  • The chat has been reworked completely. It is now modifiable through its own options menu.
  • Monsters can now express themselves while fighting through emotes or even text for humanoids. The concerned monsters are the Wodents, Tofus, Gobballs, Treechnids, Cracklers and Gostofs of whom you’ll have to discover the secret ... Just a hint - It seems that alchemy is involved in the process!
  • In combat, right clicking on a character’s timeline portrait now reveals detailed fighting information about them.

Items and Equipment

  • Arsenals for the Piwi, Tofu, Rat, Meadow, Arakne, Treechnid and Scarecrow have been added.
  • A Wapin set has been added.
  • Arsenal linked to ecosystem resources has been added -> Ash, Iron, Hazel, Copper, Walnut, Tin, Zinc, Pine, Buckthorn, Wakfu Follower Arsenal, Stasis Servant Arsenal, Wakfu Devotee Arsenal, Stasis Follower Arsenal.
  • Player designed arsenals have been added – Ropy and Cloudy Arsenals.
  • Miscellaneous player-designed sets have been added –> the Hansewn (Cousumin), Kickass (Kicasse), Gobboy (Boufboy), Cloudy (Nuageuse), Ropy (Cordée) sets.
  • Various equipment has been added –> accessories, amulets, rings, weapon bandit sets.


  • Depending on their location, crafting machines will now offer different recipes.
  • Secret recipes linked to the islands surrounding Amakna have been added.
  • It is no longer necessary to equip harvesting tools to use them, having them in your inventory now suffices.


  • The sound system will soon undergo a big overhaul. Because of it, all sounds except those of the interface have been removed. They will be reintroduced progressively with future patches.


Character Class

  • Unlocking spells –> elementary spells will now unlock slightly slower. Instead of obtaining them at level 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the element, you will receive them at the element’s level 2, 4, 7 and 10.


  • Tricky Trap (Piège Sournois): Slight damage increase
  • Penetrating Blow (Coup Pénétrant): Damage increased from behind
  • Frozen Trap (Piège Glacial): Slight damage decrease and -1 Range
  • Myotoxin (Myotoxine): Castable in line-of-sight and only once per target, reduction of the standard and poison damage and of the poison one
  • Arsenic (Arsenic): slight damage reduction and now lasts only two turns
  • Lethal Contact (Contact Létal): slignt reduction of the standard and poison damage
  • Explosive Trap (Piège Explosif): Slight damage increase and +1 range
  • Life Theft (Vol de Vie): reduction of the % of life stolen
  • Surujin (Coupe-Jarret): Slight damage increase
  • Divine Larceny (Vol Sacré): +1 range
  • Invisibility (Invisibilité): Requires 3AP and 1 WP at level 1, and 1AP and 1WP at level 4
  • Double (Double): The spell’s power was decreased. At level 4, it reaches 100% of the Sram’s potential instead of 120%
  • Smoke Bomb (Piège Fumigène): The cooldown is now 3 turns
  • Deviousness (Sournoiserie): The kama theft function was removed


  • Provocation (Provocation): the cooldown is now 3 turns and can only be used once per turn

Clan Members

  • Clan members of the peripheral islands now have new names.
  • Dialogues of Clan Members from Prisons, Amakna and Amakna’s peripheral islands have been finalized and are now in their definitive versions.
  • The majority of Clan members are now animated and capable of fighting, to the exception of the Osamodas on the peripheral islands,  Fetilizor (Fertilizator) The Beacher (Le Plagiste) and Bashark (Bash Squall) on Amakna.


  • Balancing was done on the following mobs (levels 1 to 25): Wodents, Piwis, Tofus, Plants, Rats, Gostofs and Gobballs.
  • The drop rate was leveled for those same mobs.
  • The resource drop rate on monster has been increased


  • The amount of water that can be drawn from a well and their respawn rate has been changed.
  • The amount of resources obtained through harvesting has changed.
  • The amount of resources obtained by hunting has changed. There now is a shorter respawn and better drop rates.
  • All of the game’s recipes have been simplified to make them more accessible, fewer ingredients are needed for their fabrication.
  • For more clarity, merchant showcases have been modified. There are now more of them, and they are now separated by specialization.
  • The shapeless, imperfect and normal item types have been updated. For crafts, shapeless and Imperfect items now have lower requirements than normal items.

Equipment and Items

  • Bonuses for all equipment level 1 to 15 have been revised.
  • The bonus percentiles have been enhanced to be useful from the beginning but to stay balanced as the player levels.
  • The levels, recipe levels and number of slots allocated to bags have been modified in order to be more accessible and for a better progression.
  • Buff potions can now be used on allies.
  • Modifications and additions have been made on different equipment and sets, like the Kama Set or Lead Arsenal.
  • Two-handed weapons are no longer part of arsenals.
  • Missing images on weapons and equipment have been added.
  • Certain items' default image has been modified.


  • The chat bubble’s design has changed.
  • Weather forecasts and meteorological bonuses interfaces have been revamped.
  • The PvP system to flag criminals has been updated to make them more noticeable.

Bug Fixes

  • User preference backups and settings have been improved. Certain options are no longer available when it is illogical for them to be game-wise. Preferences are now saved properly.
  • Conquered nations are now properly displayed on the world map.
  • Bugs on death have been corrected. All monsters can now properly die at the end of a fight.
  • When trying to flee, monsters now avoid the combat bubble’s border.
  • Monsters now try to avoid negative effect areas as much as possible.
  • The Tofoone’s AI has been corrected.
  • Inventory bugs when putting on items has been fixed.
  • The lag when activating certain teleportation cells has been fixed.


  • Optimization of various client functions, correction of a memory leak and enhancement of the particle system.
  • General server optimizations

Please note that the changes made on the Closed Beta are subject to change.