The beta’s doors will be closed to new players as of Wednesday January 20, 2010. At this stage, it is difficult for new players not familiar with the DOFUS/Wakfu universe to grasp the final concepts of the game and have a global idea of what the game will be like in its final stages. That is why we decided to close the doors of the beta for the time being, until the game lives up to its reputation! But you need not worry we will not block the current Wakfu community! Those of you who have been with us since the beginning, who have been with us through the ups and downs – you are more than ever welcome ingame! You will still be able to connect to Wakfu after Patch 0,210 on January 20th if you have an active character today.   Our desire to build a game for you and with you hasn’t changed! We will endeavor to work with you in that aspect and will continue on to collect your feedback and impressions on the game’s evolution.