Just as everyone is wrapping up the last few presents and enjoying the holiday season with their family, Kwismas is arriving on Wakfu's shores. We wish you a very merry Kwismas and invite you to visit the Amaknan Archipelago starting December 25, where awesome presents will be waiting for you!  



Official Announcement of the CUGAA

(Committee for the Unification of Governments of the Amaknan Archipelago)

It's with the greatest pleasure that the diplomats of the CUGAA have managed to convince a number of Clan Members* to lend their support to the joyous Kwismas festivities. And what would Kwismas be without presents?

Starting Descendre 25 and for 10 days only, the ground will be covered with presents!  What is hidden under that shiny wrapping? Sweets to make your palate rejoice, clothes to warm up your hearts, and decorations to make your home as homey and kwismasey as you’d like! Everything to warm you up on those cold snowy nights!

Snow, you heard us! The weather forecast suggests that with the temperatures dropping, it's highly likely you'll see large amounts of snow falling from our beautiful Amaknan sky!

The CUGAA wishes you a pleasant Kwismas Holiday! :)

* Clan members taking part
Emelka: Primus, Tertius, Quintus
Mork: Första, Tredje, Femte
Ohm: Unua, Tria, Kvara
Sevamor: Kentan, Trede, Peware
Amakna: Fertilizator, Hogmeiser VIII, Fripon, Count of Cripp